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White Mooslims are still white. The non-white thing probably comes from people that have noticed that albanian Muslims tend to imitate arabs culturally. It's kind of like your white wigger friend who tries to act black. He's still white, but he acts like a nigger.

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DNA studies show they descend from Balkans and Slavs, and speak a 'Proto-Indo-European' descended dialect. The haplogroup R1a is considered an aryan haplogroup and includes the balto-slavics. They would seem to be white from a brief look at the evidence. I realize the Ashkenazim and Sephardim can have R1a, but thats from mixing with Europeans quite recently, and they have middle eastern genetic markers as well, neither of which appears to be the case with the Balto-Slavs.

What is the argument for them not being white? They seem to meet the standard qualifications for this categorization, though I am certainly no expert on Albanians in particular and could be missing something

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Slavs are white now? When did they even get classified as full humans?

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Albanian Christians are white, Albanian Muslims are not. End of story. I'm joking, Albanians are white but like Bosniaks and Turks they tend to culturally align with the middle east due to the Islamic influences, and not with Europe. They have a rich yet tragic history and recently they haven't been the best examples of whites, especially the diaspora. I also see whites as all native Europeans, from Portugal to the Urals, Svalbard to Lampedusa.

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Aren't most of the atheist now?

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Probably not most, but a substantial amount, yeah. That's a general trend among former communist countries, generations of state atheism will result in many people without any religious affiliation or connection.

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It may be due to their behavior and general characteristics.

Italians/Greeks/Portuguese are

They don't appear to be White. Southern and southeast Europe turn into some other types of races, the further you go.

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Utter nonsense. Meds are white.

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Maybe I've only seen the others. The Italian neighbor, for example, topped out at 'swarthy' at best. Ethnic characteristic maps of southern Europe don't look all that White.

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Being "white" isn't really about the color of your skin. That's a very superficial way of looking at it. It's why I prefer the term Europeans. That's who we are. "White" is an American term. It's mostly about genetics. Genetic clusters are clear. Meds are Europeans. This is basic race realism 101.

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Go away.

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Albanians used to be white. But then the Ottomans invaded, and they got Turkified. Same story as the Bosnians. They aren't all race mixed, but alot of them are.

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You have to remember that people in the US (and Japan for that matter) have a very loose grip on geography. That's too bad because knowledge of geography is finite. How many times have I been asked by an American, "What part of China is Japan in?" I haven't been back for years but when asked I just say, "The eastern part."

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Depends what your definition of white is.