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    Thinking you will lose is demotivational. Every successful revolutionaries have always believed they would win, even when the odds were really against them. If the revolutionaries don't have religious style belief in their eventual winning, they won't win. People will need to stop putting too much trust and focus in the democratic system and start focusing more on other ways of making impact.

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    Why do people even trust elections? When we see how important world changing effect elections can have, why would the oligarchs not try to do everything to decide the result themselves, keeping it in reasonable limits? Example in Finland the votes are calculated by system that was developed by private company (TietoEnator) which has most of its stock shares owned by Goldman Sachs. Then you get the secret club guys like freemasons in powerful positions and they can cooperate with how they are going to scam the people.

    I have myself manipulated some online polls and people have not suspected anything even when you bring some option from 10% to 50%. People will think its not possible to cheat when they themselves don't understand how it could work or they thinks its too hard because they haven't found easier way.

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    Nationalists like Meloni?

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    Meloni will be a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong I love Brothers of Italy as a party, they have moved the Overton window far to the right but it takes a very strong leader to stand up the western world’s establishment and I don’t think Meloni is cut out for it. She’s already shown submission by taking America’s side against Russia.

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    Her minister wants to bring in 500,000 migrants each year to Italy and she's let in hordes of boat migrants into Italy already.

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    The boats issue is mostly because of the EU juristocracy.