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Here's a fun game. Next time you meat a spic, ask them how old they were when they got their first DUI arrest. You will always get a number back.

Here's another fun game. Take a normal name like "Kevin" and put a "la" in front of it, like "Lakevin" then search for that name and enjoy the police reports.

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sucks how old ladies specifically are targeted.

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When you think of the average 65 year old woman there's no way they'd be my victim of choice.

Especially for a car jacking, literally the worse backseat driver demographic.

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Thanks for posting this.

I'm a writer at The Justice Report, and we really try to highlight cases like this that the media ignores.

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Going to have to disagree about the race thing.

Ethan Couch was a drunk (white) 16 year old who killed 4 people in a collision, and nine people were injured. Two passengers in Couch's pickup truck suffered serious injuries, with one passenger suffering complete paralysis. The judge gave him probation because he considered him too cuddled to understand what he did.

Of course back in 2014 no one really gave a shit about what someone race was.

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A drunk driving crash and a carjacking and murder are two very different things.

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I disagree and I feel like you are glossing over that he killed 4 people plus injured 9, plus the two others in the truck with him one of whom is completely paralyzed. IMO being drunk is no excuse. He is just as guilty as someone who intentionally commits a crime.

Both crimes are beyond salvation and both people should (should have rotted) rot in jail for 25 years no parole.

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both people should (should have rotted) rot in jail for 25 years no parole

If you simultaneously believe that he committed multiple homicides and is guilty of murder and still believe that 25 years in prison is an acceptable punishment then I'm afraid the nature of these crimes are the very least that we disagree on.

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One was a accident and the other was premeditated.

also, Drunk drivers should hang.

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Slightly off topic questions about that case.

Weren't Couch's 4 victims White? If the judge who sentenced him really was acting with racial intent/bias, wouldn't she drop the hammer on him?

Also on her wikipedia article - , it mentions she sentenced a 16 year old called Eric Miller to 20 years in prison, the page doesn't mention Miller's race and Miller is a pretty European surname, is there any mention of his race in any article or photo of him?

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I don't know the race of the victims and I don't believe the judge was being racsist. I do believe she was influences by the boys wealth and status. Something that is "suppose" to not be taken into consideration. Had he been anything but rich, he would be rotting in jail right now.

As for Eric Miller, I'm not familiar with the case at all. If he was white it goes towards supporting my theory that the judge was lenient on Couch because of his wealth and status.

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You're non-White and you benefit from living in a society where White people don't act in their racial interests. Which is why you want to divert Whites away from racialized thinking.

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Ummm what? For the record I'm white but I don't quite understand what you're trying to say?