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I'm not pro-Russia and I still think this sounds like ridiculous propaganda. There was no evidence given, and what the hell would be gained from torturing children?

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Don't you know that the enemy of jews always do completely nonsensical evil things for the fun of it just because they're evil?

Please ignore the fact that every actually example of horrifying studies (like the Stamford experiment) done on people were done by jews, also please ignore the fact that the only real torture and genocide camps in the 20th century were run by jews.

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Probably fake and gay

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Yea I bet they made lampshades out of their skin too.

If stories like this and other ones detailed in that thread are true, then I'd have to root for Russia's failure.

This is why they're pushing it.

They'll never give proof, but most people won't demand proof.

They'll read the article headline and just believe it.

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This is too stupid to even warrant a response. I was honestly expecting anti-Russian propaganda to be better quality than this. But I guess the average libtard has been lobotomized to such a degree that it doesn't matter anymore. You can literally say anything you want, and libtards will believe it if it confirms "Russia bad". These worthless sheep deserve the life of abject slavery that is waiting for them.

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100% bs.

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I bet they built rollercoasters to launch 20 quadrillion Ukrainian children per second into giant ovens too. Of course they'll tear them down and leave no evidence of these vile acts later, but TRUST ME BRO it's totally happening. How evil and despicable! Now vote for all the leftoid politicians and policies we push down your throat or else you too are LITERALLY HITLER, goy!