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I have a feeling Putin already knows what he will need to do. All our Western leaders are aligned against him like the pack of jackals he has been quoted as saying they are. Clearly this is not fortuitous and Putin knows it. He knows now there is no negotiating with them and no world forum to turn to. He is going to have to bitch slap them and bitch slap them hard.

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You should watch the film threads to get an idea of what the post nuclear war utopia would look like.

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Very few movie dystopias are actually worse than what we have now.

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You can despise the modern world and want and work for it to change not saying you can't or shouldn't try to solve your problems, but you must be seriously delusional and childish to think scavenging for food and water to survive, dying from single cuts and sleeping on the ground is a superior alternative. Learn some gratitude and get some perspective on the world.

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Woman moment

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Yes woman and anyone who isn't a delusional edgelord moment

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scavenging for food and water to survive, dying from single cuts and sleeping on the ground

Our ancestors did this for literally millennia. We're just too spoiled.

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Why do you want that lifestyle? You talk hard all you want, if that did happen you would be crying for the modern lifestyle again, guarantee it. I'm sure folk in Syria and North Korea are thriving under their hellscape regimes which is similar to the future you want.

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God please make it happen 🙏🙏🙏

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    Yep, that's me.

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    Nobody is going to use nukes. Nukes are not used in conflicts against nations without nukes so why would they be used in contexts which would guarantee retaliation nuclear strike? I never understood why people assume war between nuclear powers leads to both of them nuking each other to death.

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    Do you have any idea how close we came to nuclear war during the 1960s?

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    Arguably we're closer now to having a conflict between major nuclear powers than we ever back then. People just have no restraint anymore and western policymakers aren't as smart.

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    Are you referring to Soviet submarine who's officer thought nuclear war began so he was going to fire nukes at the US? That was a mistake. If there was war between the West vs USSR I don't believe nukes would fly because there is no logic in it.

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    If you think the Jews are dumb enough to literally shoah themselves in a nuclear war, I really don't know what to say. Not to mention the fact that a vast majority of the people killed would be White, and the vast majority of the destruction would be of White cultural achievements.

    The system wouldn't be "destroyed", it would be strengthened, and significantly so. Russia and the USA (and many other countries) have set up designated defense systems for continuity of ZOG in the event of basically anything short of planetary annihilation; a nuclear war would make White Genocide exponentially easier, and they wouldn't have to worry about even the rudimentary and half-assed covering up that they do nowadays.

    You and a few others on this site constantly try to look for a "easy way out" by latching onto a group like Russia, China, or some other flawed group that is only partially aligned with our interests, or some event that is similarly a doubled edge sword (or, in many cases, a single edged sword pointed firmly in our own direction...) thinking it will magically save us, when in reality it's up to us to actually do our own work and organize, which is something we've been doing a fine job of as of late, and I foresee we will have plenty of success in the future at the current rate.

    I too wish there was an easy, instant, and violent solution to our problems, but unfortunately the cards don't seem to be dealing out that way, not at yet, at least.

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      Your third para is basically what some people (especially Martinez) rail against all the time. There is an extreme tendency on the DR to embrace saviourism ('based China', 'based Russia', 'based Trump', etc.) that plagues the messages of numerous content creators, e.g. Keith Woods' 'China is really NatSoc in all but name' narrative, and particularly those of all of the non-racial 'third positionists' who go out and make videos praising Kim Jong-Un, Mao, etc. as though they themselves are simply Marxists a few decades removed, simply less-pozzed Marxists.

      This was exactly my point; embracing our enemies for convenience or a misguided attempt at "speedrunning" the establishment of a dissident society (or the foundations thereof) is a popular but fruitless theory promoted by a lot of people on the DR.

      Your second-to-last paragraph is also very compelling, and it definitely falls in line with the jewish mentality which seems to be "drag others down with you". I had always thought of that attitude from a religious perspective, but you're correct in that they have doomed themselves by their own spiteful attempts at destroying the White race, the question now is, will their society decay and destroy itself before ours does. I would say the answer is yes, save for a few degenerate jews at the top of the food chain, the oft-cited "oligarchs" of the West and East alike, but at that point such 'people' will be easy to deal with.

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      Generally I believe that the causes of this 'X is secretly on our side' are psychological, in particular, for the purposes of psychologically coping with what generally seems an ever-uphill battle by overestimating one's true support. Let's look at more recent examples:

      Spencer: The Russo-Ukraine War will force the EU to move closer to being a based pan-European ethnostate. (EU good)

      David Duke: Russia good.

      Fuentes: Red China good. China needs to dominate so that they will support dissidents like himself. Their part of the internet will also be safer for us with less deplatforming than the Western-dominant internet. (This narrative is particularly laughable, and even that libertarian called 'styx' totally owned Fuentes when they talked about this, with 'styx' rightly claiming that Fuentes would already be in jail if America was actually Chinese-controlled).

      Millennial Woes: There must be disgruntled parts of the elite that we could approach. (This form of cope arose around the time that people started talking about how revolutions do not succeed without a sympathetic portion of the elite. Collett ably counter-argued against this on his last Millenniyule appearance).

      The Fascifist: Red China good, DPRK isn't just good, but a sort of successor to the Japanese Empire. The argument: Many of the WPK leadership were in the Japanese military or Japanese-educated, and thus the WPK version of Communism and post-Communist Juche is heavily influenced by Imperial Japan. Some of the Japanese Socialist Party were also really nationalists (this latter narrative is totally false and is based on a mistranslation from Japanese of their party platform).

      A lot of the TRS people are also accused of 'Duginism', 'Eurasianism', etc. However, I've never followed that group to know what Striker and those others believe. It also relates to the 'God Emperor Trump' meme and how from 2015-17 he was seen as a sort of saviour until this narrative reversed with the rise of terms like 'Zionald', 'Zion Don', 'Zognald' and 'Trumpstein'. These terms all share in common that there was an increasing understanding of Trump's too-close-for-comfort connections with Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, Kushner, possibly Epstein, and various other Jews.

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      I think you're right about the psychological part, and there definitely seems to be a pattern (or rather, a couple) where the mass movement of the dissident right will to some extent deify or rally behind a person or group, but then later as new information is revealed their popularity will either even out and they'll stay relatively popular but not to the previous extent, or even in many cases such as Spencer, Fuentes, Trump, etc. they will become hated once their utility fades and/or their grifting or controlled opposition roots come into view.

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      I would say the answer is yes

      The real question is: Will our societies still be salvageable by then?

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      Likely yes. As long as our monuments and history still exist, then Whites can survive. In the scenario you describe, history and monuments of our past will be largely lost, at least to large swathes of Europe and the world as a whole, making White identity much worse off, as well as creating anarchy that can be exploited by our enemies and degenerate natural impulses.

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      The system wouldn't be "destroyed", it would be strengthened, and significantly so. Russia and the USA (and many other countries) have set up designated defense systems for continuity of ZOG in the event of basically anything short of planetary annihilation; a nuclear war would make White Genocide exponentially easier, and they wouldn't have to worry about even the rudimentary and half-assed covering up that they do nowadays.

      I don't buy that.