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If only he'd have been as upset enough by all the endless, pointless wars maiming young men under his command or the military basically turning against right wing people and labelling them terrorrists. If only he'd been as upset by his army being Israel's bitch and used to destroy their enemies.

This is what pisses me off the most about the whole covid thing TBH. I don't have really strong opinions on the issue but why the fuck is THIS of all things the spark for white people?

Genocide? 'LONG aS IT leGAL'. Systematic and decades long humiliation of their people and their history and domination of their institutions by their enemies? 'JUSt VOte PUBLICAN in OnE MORE time'. Wear a mask and get vaccinated? RÈEEEEEEEEEE.

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Would it have killed the dopey fuck to have mentioned that he watched as a veteran like himself, Ashley Babbitt was murdered by her government, smeared as a terrorist and traitor, and then the murderer protected and giving glowing praise by the media and political class.

I'm getting increasingly suspicious of the people spreading this covid conspiracy shit 24/7 on alt sites. Saidit's front page barely mentions anything else these days and notice all the constant ddos attacks and open trolling of saidit stopped around this time. Even the Israeli ironleft troll hack stopped tormenting the site long enough to get in on the covid conspiracy action with one of his known alt accounts. That should really tell you something about what is going on.

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what if they shot the Q anon shaman instead, would you care about that clown?

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so why care about this girl, just cuz she didn't have a stupid hate on?

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We already know NPC's aren't applying any logic. They are just going with the flow of what their technocratic leaders tell them to think. The leaders don't have to be logical either because they've trained millions of people not to think too deeply about it.

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Speaking of his reasons for resigning his commission, he could have talked about how he watched antifa and BLM and other oligarch funded and protected terrorists destroying the country with impunity, or the rise of open discrimination and demonization of white people, or the loss of free speech and increase in orwellian "deplatforming of dissenting opinions in this country, or the suspicious circumstances of the 2020 election. But no. He apparently had no problem with any of that. Instead the final straw was some jew spread conspiratard anti vax bullshit and shit about muh commies.

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Good point. I always see these "conservatives" on TV and they are always fake angry about something stupid like "Biden just let the Taliban take over" or "look he's got kids in cages too" or "where's my metamucil and gold bond medicated powder?"

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Its been embarrasing watching conservatives revert back to their flag waving neocon tendencies and bitching about how biden let the “terrorists” win in Afghanistan and didnt get enough of our afghan “allies” out in time.

They've learned nothing the last year and still only spew kosher approved sean hannity tier bullshit. Pretty soon foxnews will be claiming Democrats are the real immigration restrictionists because they didnt bring enough of our afghan pedo “allies” to the US.

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I'm a bit concerned about conservatives. The boomertards and magatards are going to make things worse. Watching them walk into the capitol like that was painful. They were like fish biting a worm or mice nibbling on a piece of cheddar cheese in a mousetrap. I really wish there was more info on how and who created this qanon cult.

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foxnews questions the safety of the vaccine while requiring all their employees take it

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Thank you. I'm so glad someone else feels this way. See my other comment as well which essentially says the exact same thing. Our priorities are so tucked up.

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Well it's just an example of the kosher sandwich in action. Jewish elites prefer the democrats and would just as soon establish one party democrat control with them in charge behind the scenes, but they still hedge their bets and like to control the opposition, and the second things dont go smoothly for the democrats they will rush to control the Republican response and lead it into a direction of their choosing.

Who knows what actual conservatives or magapedes think because their media is just as controlled by the tribe as the shitlibs. Really anything that is shown on mainstream media/entertainment/astroturfed social media is suspect and doesn't necessarily reflect reality.

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It baffles me how retarded people have become. Why do you need a vaccine mandate?

Epigenetics and DEPOPULATION!!!

  • Eliminate the elderly and 'the traditions of a society, and usher in a "new normal".

  • Use Covid and the courts to destroy smaller business (and any competition) which aren't controlled by the oligarchy.
    This also ensures public dependence on the state.

  • Mandate routine booster injections, so the oligarchs can genetically modify the populations into mindlessly amicable slaves.

Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable**, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.

Bertrand Russell (2016). “The Impact of Science on Society”, p.45, Routledge

People don't realize this, but the oligarchy has been quietly working on this plan for decades.

It's no coincidence/accident that George Orwell and Aldus Huxley were both so close to the mark.
They both knew the actual strategy.

Infact, Aldus coined the term "transhumanism".

The Huxley family is as deep state as it gets.

His brother, Julian Huxley was the first director of UNESCO, and supported transhumanism publicly.

"I believe in transhumanism: once there are enough people who can truly say that, the human species will be on the threshold of a new kind of existence, as different from ours as ours is from that of Peking man. It will at last be consciously fulfilling its real destiny."
("Transhumanism." Julian Huxley.
In New Bottles for New Wine, pp 13-17.
London: Chatto & Windus, 1957).

If you still have any doubts, then there's a sample publication concerning population density straight from the horses mouth.

"Julian Huxley on Population and Human Destiny"

Most journals are behind a pay wall, but those guys can F themselves.

Here's the work around.
Enter this "journal paper's DOI #:

Into this free science journal site:

Also, please bookmark this link to access free scientific journals.
Pirate like a boss.

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People don't realize this, but the oligarchy has been quietly working on this plan for decades.

Who's oligarchy? Your conspiracy theory doesn't work because the Covid problem has been a global issue with lock downs all over the world.

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All of the oligarchies who work together, which are most of them. This is a lockstep-operation. Close your eyes much?

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So you believe the elite of China, Iran, Russia, and the West are all working together on this Covid hoax?

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Some of them are definitely working together, others are capitalizing on the charade. But yes, that is what I am saying. I'm not sure about Russia and Iran though, I know less about them.

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Who's oligarchy?

The international banking cartel.
Your oligarchy.

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Go read "Operation Lockstep" by the Rockefeller foundation. You need some education.

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What Marxists?

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What conspiracy?

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It baffles me how retarded people have become. Why do you need a vaccine mandate? If the vaccine is effective and protects you from corona why do you care if the guy next door is unvaccinated?

I will take a shot. First, the Covid have lost the very notion of acceptable or economically feasible risk. What do I mean by this? As a society, we accept so many tens of thousands of automobile deaths and injuries because, while it would feasible from a design and engineering standpoint to reduce these numbers drastically or entirely, it is not economically feasible to do so. A car could be built like a tank, but they would get terrible mileage, could not drive over 35 mph, and half the population could not afford them.

Beyond that though, the vaccine is not 100 percent effective. I think Pfizer is 90 percent effective. So if you are in the majority of the population where the risk is 99.8 to 99.7 (a survival rate which does not factor out high risk comorbidities like obesity, type two diabetes), your overall risk (which is then calculated by multiplying it by the point percentage of the actual chance you have of contracting it) is “only” reduced by another 90 percent. Throw in the chance of a healthy person then giving it to a high risk group, and voila, there you have the covid hysteria fuel to keep this shit going.

Another thing I have heard bandied about seems to stem from this naïve hope that we can put the genie back in the bottle. Covid zealots think we can eradicate this thing. They think this is like the Polio. Under their theory, the key is to get herd immunity very quickly so the virus cannot further mutate. The idea is that if you have a third of the country not vaccinated, that is enough room for the virus to mutate.

I am no epidemiologist. I doubt anyone here is. This rationale could be true but I doubt it. Since it is likely partially synthetic and lab grown, and seems to have an artificially high right of transmission, my guess is that you will never eradiate it. In all likelihood, it will continue to eradicate. I have heard and read commentary indicating that viruses adapt or mutate in part to be more benign. It is maladaptive for a viral disease to kill its host, so there is evolutionary pressure for it to “live amongst us.”

I am a lot more interested in what this guy has to say about a marxist military takeover, how he had the stones to throw away a pension like that. I wonder if there is a General Francisco Franco among the ranks…

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I am a lot more interested in what this guy has to say about a marxist military takeover,

He is just a dumb boomer, everything they don't like about modern liberal capitalist society is Marxism.

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they say they just don't want hospitals overrun so they want everyone vaccinated

but as anyone who has ever been to an ER knows, hospitals were always full before covid came around.

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vaccine isn't 100% effective

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vaccine isn't 100% effective

You're assuming we know the actual design intent of the mRNA injections.

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my conspiracy theory is the virus kills mainly old people, and the rich who run the world are mostly old people, so they're scared shitless. They could just self quarantine for life because they are most at risk but don't want to so they want the entire world to be vaccinated, even though the vaccine has tons of side effects, so that they can be free to go out and about on vacations. They released the bioweapon aiming to reduce the world's population but it doesn't kill very many young healthy people, just old people, so it is a massive fuckup by the eliites that they're scrambling to fix. The vaccine had been worked on decades ago as a vaccine for SARS but it wasn't used because 1. it has tons of side effects and 2. SARS wasn't that big a deal.

So the vaccine doesn't work that well at stopping covid, it helps young healthy people have less symtoms but that was already the case if they caught covid. But the old folks that are rich and run things, are not going to get the vaccine, they just want their servants to not pass covid to them. I'm sure they are working on better vaccines that work, and will require we get boosters of it every 6 months or so.

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What a silly theory, pops.

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my conspiracy theory is the virus kills mainly old people, and the rich who run the world are mostly old people, so they're scared shitless.

Your "conspiracy theory" sounds like the mainstream narrative.

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based on one sentence? and the MSM says rich old people run the world?

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No but most are not 100 percent effective either. 90 percent of 88 percent whatever Pfizer is) is lower than flu shots from what I understand. All of this is of course developing. They could prove to have much lower efficacy over time....

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I never got flu shots cuz flu didn't seem like that big a deal. I just checked, it says the flu shots are 40-60% at reducing flu symptoms, so I guess flu shots aren't effective at all at stopping you from getting it, just helps reduce the symtoms by about half. Great, but not even as good as the covid shot supposedly is. Now this is what cdc admits, likely it's worse.

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the vaccine is not 100 percent effective. I think Pfizer is 90 percent effective. So if you are in the majority of the population where the risk is 99.8 to 99.7 (a survival rate which does not factor out high risk comorbidities like obesity, type two diabetes), your overall risk (which is then calculated by multiplying it by the point percentage of the actual chance you have of contracting it) is “only” reduced by another 90 percent.

This sounds a lot like a Big Pharma shill.

I've had covid. I am obese and have type 2 diabetes and 5 types of cancer, all caused by heavy metal poisoning. According to your bullshit I should run to the vaccine. Ha.

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What are you talking about. I am setting forth how the risk is incredibly low.

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The "vaccine" is very effective at creating new variants and making people sick. You talk about 90% effective, which is Big Pharma propaganda. I agree on your assessment of the "risk" of "covid" (aka chinese cold), but attributing any effectiveness to the "vaccine" without quotes is spreading Big Pharma talking points.

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He asked what the rationale was. I told him. I doubt anyone really knows what is going or what they are doing.

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The vaccine doesn't prevent the variants very well, but the hospitals are full and they're so short on staff they're paying ridiculous bonuses right now.

The vaccine may not work on prevention but if it helps reduce hospitalizations it's a good thing. That's the logic anyways, it's pretty simple.

I'm not shilling for the vaccine, this situation indirectly benefits me.

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They are short on staff recently because of people quitting.

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People are quitting one place to go to another though, lateral move. Mostly, some won't take the vaccine. These places were already run without excess staff is I think the underlying problem. Any place that wants to add experienced staff has to poach it.

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it reminds me of flouride, but that is in the drinking water, something about their new substance they want in us doesn't work by drinking it, it needs to be injected for whatever reason. Maybe the acid in the stomach destroys it.

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Yeah and a red light simply means you have to come to a complete stop then go. People make up some dumb shit.

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military already required vaccines