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It wasn't already?

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Attaturk transformed it into a museum as part of his modernizing and secular reforms.

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Why'd they build the minarets?

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In 1453, the Ottomans massacred the Orthodox Christians who had seeked refuge in the church and immediately hang their religious signs (green shields with islamic writings) on the wall. Afterwards, they turned the church into a mosque, which was generally their policy: Ottomans turned Christian churches into mosques, and now Turks claim that "their" mosques in the Balkans were turned into churches while the truth is that the liberated people took back their churches.

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Why? Well probably because it was a mosque for nearly 500 years before it became a Museum.

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Completely irrelevant.

Turkey is fucked and this is desperation move to stir up his populace and prevent another coup. They have millions of Syrians still residing in Turkey which was originally thought to be a temporary measure but has now lasted almost a decade and Turkey is deep in the red because of it. Erdogan never anticipated this; he took in the refugees hoping to use them as leverage against the EU but this mostly failed and everyone in the EU and NATO rallied against him.

Erdogan also fired on Russian aircraft and ground forces; his only saving grace preventing Putin from buttfucking Ankara in retaliation was being a legacy member of NATO from the Cold War. Then he fucking invaded Syria as a show of force only take losses from the rag-tag Syrian Army and get pushed back to Idlib, the last area not controlled by the Syrian Army in Syria. He has been borderline genocidal towards the Kurds who control all of Western Turkey on the Armenian Highlands (who were seeded there by Ataturk to prevent Armenian repatriation). And that's not even getting into the clusterfuck that is Cyprus and Greece and Turkey's relation/aggression with them.

In short, Erdogan is fucked. Istanbul is turning against him and I suspect the Bosporus will break away from Ankara in the coming decades when the next coup inevitably occurs. Once that happens, the Mediterrainean shores might break away too and return to their Greek roots or declare independence. Armenia will get back Ararat and their ancestral highlands although they may be in for a new turf war against the Kurds who will wish to declare independence as well.

You heard it hear first, Anatolia is dangerously close to Balkanizing.

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What a scumbag. For a while I thought he might be decent. But that was years ago.

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For a while I thought he might be decent. He's a turk, he traveled in european countries where there's a lot of turks and told them to not integrate and make a lot of children and that eventually europe will be theirs, how did you think he might be decent?

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Probably because he seemed more "European" than muslim.

I've known quite a few Turks, they were all very nice people and integrated very well into my small Québécoise nation. But they were all Christians, so that "might" have something to do with it.

EDIT: Wow, I just looked it up and Turkey is now almost exclusively muslim. I could swear it used to have a large proportion of Christians.

Yep, according to shittypedia:

Christianity in Turkey has had a long history dating back to the 1st-century AD. In modern times the percentage of Christians in Turkey has declined from 20–25 percent in 1914 to 3–5.5 percent in 1927, to 0.3–0.4% today[1][2] roughly translating to 200,000–320,000 devotees.

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Maybe they were Turkish citizens of Greek nationality who had to flee Turkey because of their religion and nationality?

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Dunno maybe, or Turks of Turkish ethnicity and nationality who fled Turkey because of their religion? Very likely, given how many Christians used to live in Turkey.

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Those Christians were not Turks, they were Greek, Armenian and Assyrian, which is why they were victims of genocide by the Turks (who considered Islam to be a vital part of their identity and non-Muslims were considered inferior). After the Turkification period many were obliged to use Turkish names and speak Turkish.

So there were (and still are) many Christians who have to keep their faith secret. There is also a small number of Turks who decided to become Christians and faced severe prosecutions, but this occured on an individual basis.

During the Ottoman period, the punishment for a Turk who decided to become a Christian was death, usually after torture.

EDIT: Here is an account of a family that had to flee Turkey:

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Wow. Thanks for the education. That is not a nice outcome, but very consistent with many things we still see today.

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I know some Turks, they tell me all the smart ones are fleeing the impending hardening Islamification of that society.

There's some awesome historical / tourist locations there that you can still probably safely see, not sure about the future. It's a shame.

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Shitty but what can you do, Turkey is their land won through right of conquest, they can do as they wish.

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    Agreed on the first part but I beg to differ on the second. Indians are by and large, peaceful and not prone to creating trouble in the communities they emigrate to. But yes, we are talking muslims here. They are, after all, technically Aryans, just VERY tanned Aryans.

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    That isn't their fault though. It is the fault of the white traitor, the Jewish subverter,Fake Conservatives and the Christian faith.

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    At the same time, Erdogan demands that Greeks build mosques in Athens and elsewhere for the muslim illegal immigrants he sends over.

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    Source for that story? The last time he tried that Europe banded together to stop him.

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    Which story? About the mosques or about the illegal immigrants?

    Europe supposedly stopped Erdogan from sending illegal immigrants through the crossing of river Evros. At the same time, Europe welcomes the "refugees" arriving by the hundreds at Greek islands. Here are some recent sources and you can check the dates and draw your own conclusions:

    Here are some recent photos from Athens:

    You can also check Greek media about the "refugees" reaching the Greek islands every day:

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    The place was basically a de facto mosque anyway, regardless of its status of a museum and whether or not it was in use. Its interior is decorated with Islamic motifs and it has minarets. See here. The move is quite nominal, they're only opening it up to allow formal use of the Hagia Sophia during certain times and they're not going to destroy any of the iconoclasms inside, I believe they're covering them up with a movable curtain which will show them during tourist times and hide them during prayer times.

    I know a lot of people are upset that the place is not a church but it's almost impossible this place would ever be a church again under Turks, even under secular ones, its a symbol of their capture of the city which ties a lot more with their nationalism than even religion. I doubt Turkey would ever let Greeks dictate to it what they can or cannot do.

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    I was so disappointed when I went there, it is just a big empty cube. Hagia Sophia lacks so much of the decoration that a big church should have so it doesn't have the feel to it.

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    For sure, given that Turkey is a more powerful nation than Greece. Muslims don't do Christians ANY favors.

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    And a large part of it is because of American (and British) foreign policy through the decades, as USA always insisted that Greece should avoid confrontation because of the important role of Turkey in NATO. Now the problem has reached American and British soil and the people will suffer while the governments will continue insisting that there's no reason to worry about Islam.