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Story time: first poster in picture says white people have the KKK. Is this Jew sure because the KKK was foudned by the banker Baruch's grandfather, a Jew. Christians fo not burn crosses.

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Lol completely made up Bullshit.

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Duckduckgo: Banker Baruch and KKK.

Bye now. Many books are written About this. Even the Judaica encyclopedia talks about it.

But your post history shows you are a partisan.

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So, yes, most of the Ashkenazi Jews are not caucasian but of a turkic-Asianic race. So, at least 80% of these people are wrong in saying they are "Fellow white" people but whiteness like Jewishness is a misnomer. Both are not races! But even then, caucasian Jews, are using this white privilege stupidity as a survival tactic of some sort, not on just whites or just blacks but on NON-JEWS! Malcom X exposed the process of this tactic.

Jewish supremacism is very real. But what defines judaism and who are these Jews posting on these twitter accounts. Many of them are atheistical LGBTQ+ Jews, lots say in their bio's they are communists, which isn't, I repeat, isn't Socialism. All of these Jews, who have no adherence to God, then, thusly, do not practice Judaism, if only in occasional family holiday gatherings. The degeneracy they push would be abhored by Talmudic and Laurianic cabala messianic Jews, who, under a Sanhedrin might behead these Jews, I say might because, as intergrationalists, chabad Jews will use all Jews to their benefit, think Kushner and Trump. Of course, messianic Jews think non-Jews aremonly born to serve Jews. So, why are these atheistical Jews Jewish Jews? They are Jewish because of ISRAHELL. They hold an ethno-nationalist, egocentric, ethnocentric belief, disposed of religiosity. That is Zionism.

What about the blue marked accounts? Most of these are also ethno-nationalist Jews, that base Jewishness on a terrorist nation-state welfare corporation, ie., Israel LLC. They are scared that nationalism is rising and anything that IS NOT JEWISH NATIONALISM is bad for Jews. Hence, white privilage.

Also, there are the Likudnik Jews. The Israel right-wing party that fund Trump. They are not crypto's. They have control over America and are proud of their ethnocracy and marriage to the US after the demolished the twin towers on 9/11.

So, screw Israel as a nation-state, period. And screw Zionism, and crypto-Zionism and Bolshevism and communism, and Talmudism, and Laurianic cabala Jews, and Chabad, and messianic Jews.

Humanist Jews are the only Jews that are working for truth.

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It's not a survival tactic when it's incitement to ethnocide. Also, your complex dissertation of all the sub-division of Jewishness lacks one very important clause: JEWS ARE INDOCTRINATED FROM BIRTH, yes, even the so-called non-religious ones, TO DECEIVE, FOOL CHEAT AND LIE to goys. It is INTEGRAL to their identity by the time they are 13. As such, one day they'll say one thing, the next they'll say something else, and if a stupid goy believes he can take any single thing as being honestly stated HE IS JUST PROVING HIMSELF GULLIBLE.

As such, I doubt any so-called "humanist" Jew is even humanistic at all. They just lie more.

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This is true, I wonder to what extent, but I have seen it as truth. Even though Norman Finklestein has done some good work in certain areas, he's been caught lying about his past before and has definitely flip-flopped here and there throughout his career. Even the Jews who talk about Jewish corruption are doubtful in many regards.

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Exactly! They'll denounce central banking and wars on their behalf, yet support communism. Or pedophilia, or ... vice-versa ... or ... whatever.

And sometimes they appear to denounce something, but subtle turns of language, when analyzed, reveal subtle normalization rather than denouncement.

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Subtle normalization, yes, that is what I see as well.

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You're not white, you're a Caucasian. Same with many Jews, even muslims and Christians. It the subversive Zionist Jews and crypto-Bolshevik zionist Jews trying to divide people. Humanist Jews are the only Jews I agree with, and they are mostly deemed self-hating Jews.

Humanist Jews like Pappe, Shahak and Menuhin laugh at these subversive Jews.

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Open borders for Israel!

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Only if the natives give it back to who they took it from?

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This question or revelation should deaden the pathetic narrative of their sick ideology

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Tell me who the natives took it from, please.

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well, the short answer is people which may have only been what now are thought of as indians, migrated from siberia through alaska. but there is evidence of stone age tools from europeans in the americas too. so natives took it from europeans ans russians.

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Dude, lmao. It's not that you aren't speaking some truth, but they were red people coming down through siberia/alaska, not white folk and although I don't readily dismiss the evidence of european people groups landing on the east coast long before it was accepted, I do not see in any way shape or form how you can think that amounts to a European society in america that was wiped out by red people. That's basically what you are saying, but there isn't any hardcore evidence that proves or even gets close to proving what you are asserting. I'm willing to read anything you may have to send on the subject.

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Obviously I don't know the answer. I really don't have enough time or interest to research the subject. One thing to consider, and I haven't seen many arguments on the issue in my few years here is that should the whole world leave a whole continent alone because a stone age people live there?

I'm getting way off the subject, but most of the continents are rich in resources. Why was n and s America colonized maybe n more than s, but Africa was mostly left alone. I think the tribes, probly most of them, we're more civil than African tribes.

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There seems to be too many typos for me to understand. I would love to be able to properly respond to this!

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second paragraph:

I'm getting way off the subject, but with most continents on this planet are rich in resources. Why was north and south America colonized maybe north more than south, but Africa(colonial days) was mostly left alone. I think the (american indian)tribes, probly most of them, we're more civil than African tribes. so why did european colonize the americas more than africa. from what i can remember there were expeditions around africa, but many more settles in the americas. thank you for your answer.

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Jews are literal masters of whites. How pathetic our lives became.

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The only good Jew is one that runs a deli.

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Right of conquest bitch

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If we were to attempt to sort out who has migrated from where, when, and piece together some sort of cohesive genetic group that has primacy over a geographic area, almost all of us would end up re-colonizing Africa, including, ironically, most of the people doing the bitching about white people and land theft. Myself, I'd be headed for Germany or maybe France- because you see, even though my ancestry is mainly irish, the British isles were repeatedly rape-colonized by germanic tribes, and fortunately there are essentially no neanderthal descendants left with enough genetic purity to claim Europe. My spouse, sadly, will likely have to return to Morocco, as while he is irish, he's 'black' irish - so north african dna via Spain. Most of the latinx and hispanics will have to return to Africa, Portugal or Spain as well. I'm sure we'll all be welcomed back to our pre-1400's homelands with open arms.

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I really don't know why the Palestinians don't just pretend to convert to Orthodox Judaism and get full Israeli citizenship. They'd even get a place in the queue above liberal Jews under the current laws. They wouldn't even need to get rid of any part of Islam to do this, the overlap between the religions is pretty complete.

No, I'm lying, I do know why they don't do that.

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spelling is bad and grammar, wrote this on the whim and never checked it over. Just seeing dogmatic ideaologies being promoted on twitter.

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You should, before you post things. People read what you write, maybe it's the first time they heard these ideas. Then they see weird grammar and sentences strung together and dismiss the whole thing.

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Except if it's on neocons, when I actually post something with all the evidence I'm told it is too long, which it isn't, or not persuasive enough by you.

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It's true, you're terrible at communicating information and persuading people to your side. You consistently commit fundamental errors. You really need to take an online course in persuasive writing, it would serve you well.

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I have had many users thank me for my posts. You post Breitbart and other propaganda sites and in thr past have called me insane, crazy and mentally ill for posting about Zionism. Those fallacious ad hominems only show your cards.

I'd happily take a course in persuasive writing but not because you asked me to. Presently, you are certainly consistent pointing out users who post ad honinems but I did not see that in the past. Instead, I saw someone attack the character of a person because he posted about the ZioCons who orchestrated 9/11. Why?

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What is the deal with you people and your 10,000 word posts?

That's your words... what is this "YOU PEOPLE" referring to? Those who expose ZioCons?

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The hypocrisy never ends, for anyone on Twitter. The brainless act like radiation, they poison those around them with the stupidity of Stans, BLM crusaders, blue check mark fags, and SJWs who act on behalf of the far left. I personally believe in Palestine, but that is unrelated. Also, the Jews you talk about always go “hurr durrr nation with strong borders = fascism”, then turn aro7nd and lecture you about having a Jewish ethnostate. The hypocrisy never ends...

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This is a retarded post.

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Even the Bible states that Jews were not the original inhabitants of that land, but instead slaughtered and enslaved the natives who were living there. Not to mention that most of "Jews" today have a different genetic origin compared to the original Jews.