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please (re)watch the yuri bezimenov lecture on how kgb is subverting the west, the different steps and their effects, because this situation is exactly presented there. the sooner we realize this is subversion we are dealing with, the better. the 'elites' directing and exploiting this subversion are playing both sides.

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KGB? I think you did not read my post.

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There's a video of this guy explaining how other countries, particularly russia, use media and the internet to divide people causing the exact thing you are warning against.

The Black Lives Matter movement and the Blue Lives Matter movement were both influenced by russian agents playing both sides against each other to cause division in the country.

All of the things he says are terrifyingly true.

There's a ton of videos of Yuri Bezmenov explaining just how fucked America is.

Edit: Felt the need to say this. I do not agree with everything he says. There are multiple things he talks about that are straight up crazy and racist. That disclaimer aside, there are many things he's predicted that have come to pass. Enough coincidences to raise an eyebrow. Combined with proof that russia and other countries are intentionally creating bots on social media to influence people with fake outrage... It's enough string on a wall to connect dots. "The jews did it! No. Maybe they played a small roll in the 70's, but russia has been proven, with the possibility of china being hinted at. I don't believe the jews want to burn America to the ground. Russia? They would love to see us burn. It is my personal opinion that civil unrest will do what no other country can: A catastrophic restructuring of American government.

As soon as guns are gone shit will hit the fan.

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In my experience, the KGB does not do much. Can not do much either. It is the CIA he is talking about.

The CIA is actively manipulating the elections and politicians. They have the money, power and opportunities. They threatened Trump with "the CIA can back on you any sundays". And threats like that are pretty normal for the CIA. And lying to congress.

Everyone in politics is screened by the CIA/FBI and ONLY if you can be blackmailed are you allowed in. That is well known in political circuits, and there are quite some theories around it. Invisible Empire is a documentary that goes into some of these conspiracies with evidence. Also Sibel Egmonds has a lot of videos about her work for the FBI. Often the FBI would find a crime, which then was not reported, because the CIA did not want them to.

It is not strange at all that Epstein become a major figure in these circuits. (a "former" Mossad agent)

There are many interviews with Jesse Venture, who was outside the 2 parties, and became governor. When he was chosen, the CIA came to him directly. And they questioned him thoroughly. They told him, they wanted to stop any future candidates that were not of the 2 parties. He also had problems with the media. He was against the 2nd invasion of Iraq, because it was clearly based on lies. He had a contract for a show, but was forbidden to talk for 1 year.

This is all pretty normal business. But we can not see it, because the 2 party system keeps us busy fighting each other.

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because the 2 party system keeps us busy fighting each other.

My only fear with implementing something to break it (like preferential voting/ranked voting) is who wins. Australia (despite being physically on fire) has also become china's bitch and removed free speech from it's citizens. Preferential voting didn't give people a 3rd party like they hoped. Instead it gave 1 side 2 parties. I'm summarizing quite a lot, so I apologize for missing important details.

While this has helped some people in Australia, those opposed to it are screwed.

I want a 3rd party in America. We just need to find a solution that won't result in one of the two main parties gaining unlimited power.

To the inevitable: "What are you talking about Australia is fine!" people, you go live there then. I don't want to.

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Australia is still corrupt and the peopel have no freedom of speech and they banned guns because a retarded 60IQ patsy was blamed for hip firing dozens of people in the head. Trial for a retarded person? Noooo, of course not, there was no trial, lol. Australia is just as corrupt as any other country. It is up to the people, not the government to fix it, like here in America. Unfortunately nobody cares enough. They woudl rather scroll on their instagram feeds and look at memes or watch Football.

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Sheep. That is what everybody said we needed. Make stuff with it. Sell it.

The dogs will protect the sheep.

Then the dog starved and nobody cared.

Then the sheep starved, and the farmer bought more sheep.

Then the farmer got hungry. He turned towards his sheep, only to see his flock eaten by wolves, and him next.

He went to grab his gun. He had sold it for sheep.

No crop was planted. No meat of value grown.

The wolves reclaimed all the farmer had lost and nobody cared.

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Poetic... and chilling.

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Not really, I mean the problem is simple. The characters never did anything productive.

Farmer never cooked a sheep and that is why dogs starved and then the wolves got em. The farmer could have also eaten the wolves, all he had to do was trade a fuzzy one for a gun again and shoot the big bad. But didn't...

I would say laziness and indolence was heavily involved here. Yep, really speaks more to the mind-set that wrote such a poem and failed to give the characters any productive exchanges in life. So they all died except the predators.

Author must have been haunted, drunk and depressed!

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That is one completely valid interpretation.

From my point of view it's about how being a wolf will reward you.

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CIA works globally with Mossad and probably the KGB.

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Of course they do. And by the way, there is an "us" and "them".

US is the citizens, most of which are sleepwalking through this nightmare called "life" and can't help anybody.

THEM is the so-called "elites" controlled by the )3vvs. These "powerful" people are all puppets. So it doesn't matter if you point to the CIA, Mossad or the KGB. They're all controlled ultimately by the same hands with ONE agenda. It doesn't matter if you point to Putin, Trump or Macron. They are all controlled ultimately by the same hands with ONE agenda.

Basically it's this: the few against the many. How could they win? By making the many not realize they're being destroyed by the few. That they are being played. Most of us in this corner of the 'Net have pulled back the blindfold from our eyes a little. But most of "us" are sleepwalking, and the red pill is "conspiracy theory" for kooks and tinfoil hat retards.

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Did you mean the Jews?

Just wanted to make sure because there were some funky characters that appeared on screen there and appeared to be like such.

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Often the FBI would find a crime, which then was not reported, because the CIA did not want them to.

That would explain 9/11 and FBI investigators who suddenly died when investigating the Port Authority.

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In my experience, the KGB does not do much. Can not do much either.

Putin IS KGB... and he can do a lot and he is doing quite a lot..

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At the behest of... Come on...

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the commies, run by the jesuit vatican and/or the rothschilds, depending on who you ask. but imo they are one and the same thing.

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now that is a word i haven't heard in a long time :-)

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This is all pretty normal business. But we can not see it, because the 2 party system keeps us busy fighting each other.

And so, then, folks, we must come together and support this two party system for if we do not, the Russians will take over the country. Back to the old ways, back to neo-liberalism!

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My solution for the US would be:
The Democrats are like 3 parties, the Republicans probably 2. Split them up. Add a few more parties, and you will have a diversity of opinions. People of different parties will have to talk with each other. And I think that is a way to grow more democratic.

But it also needs to weed out the open and hidden corruption. This will be difficult, but with more parties, there are less "friends" to protect those misusing their power. And corporations need to be kicked out.

The EU is also corrupt, but in a different way. The voted EU commission can only vote on laws that are brought by non-voted commissions. So it is effectively powerless on the long term.

In a country with many political parties, people still can be fixated on minor things. There are other forms of propaganda. And corrupt people can still have the power to set things their way. The newspapers and media are more responsible for creating narratives and fake opinions. Usually they are run by the state too. There are other measures needed to fix this.

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You'd first have to get rid of congress and the government being incorporated.

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Well, who owns the media in the US, who are the newcasters, who does the writing? Is it Russians? Hardly, not many boomers or peopel spend that much time in teh alternative pro-multilateralist side of the internet. Mostly Jews own the media, particularly Zionists, and there is nothing wrong with saying that. It is a fact. Do they in some way support Russia or multilateralism? Or simply Israel whom will benefit from Russia and CHina.

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They "support" whoever helps them against us, playing to the "but you are not 'them', you are rich and powerful" black/white artificial dichotomy of the elites who stupidly fall for these schemes.

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please expand?

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The black/white propaganda causes you to see everything in black and white in your way.
This is a general problem with society, and the 200 years old 2 party system is a very strong basis for such black/white propaganda.

Your answer "how KGB is subverting the west", shows that you are converting my general story to a black/white one. In this case the KGB is black. And it seems that you are promoted it as the cause of a 200+ years old problem of the US system. Probably you did not, but that was the reason I stated that you might not have read it.

This shows how badly the black/white fallacy is dominating the way people think. How we all think. People start to think that it is from the outside. And that the other must be wrong. While the problem is the two-sided system itself.

I agree that people are playing into the fallacy of 2 parties. These are people in power, not some people outside the country. By promoting false black/white fallacies, people can get more power. And politicians and corporations use it to push ideas that people do not really want. They are forced to choose between two bad sides.

For example, even Trump often plays with the media this way, because it gives him publicity. His supporters may not care about him saying certain stuff, but his opponents can go wild to even crazy. Like saying "Rocket man" or talking about problems in democratic states or problems with immigrants. But more extreme: "bombing Iran to the stone age".

And Hillary claims that everyone agreeing with Trump is a Russian bot. A similar black/white thing. In her case she is distracting the people and media from some real corruption problems.

There is no third independent party to bring them together in any way.

Because the news is using the 2 party divide to get more views or clicks, the discussion gets more extreme. And looking deeper, you can see that the CIA and FBI also support the division. It is also present in their own agencies. Some of these people appear clearly corrupt. Maybe the division gives some of them more power. Some of these people go directly to the media or become politicians.

And then we have manipulation from the Military industry and the Banks (+Federal banks). By buying politicians they can just do what they want. The Pentagon spending is extremely high, and the national debts are also extremely high. This money goes mostly into their pockets. And thanks to the 2-party division, on every level, people can not even investigate it. Because as soon you want to do anything against the endless spending, both parties (and media) are suddenly against you.

Anyway. Sorry that I overreacted a bit. And thanks for reply.

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all i am saying is, when you are under attack - as the west clearly is - it is foolish to seek the problem in ourselves instead of focusing on the enemy. keep your eyes on the ball folks.

there is a reason there are no feminists, gays, trans people, refugees and terror attacks, drug epidemics in china, russia and other communist countries.

i still urge you to watch all the videos we posted..

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all i am saying is, when you are under attack - as the west clearly is - it is foolish to seek the problem in ourselves instead of focusing on the enemy. keep your eyes on the ball folks. there is a reason there are no feminists, gays, trans people, refugees and terror attacks, drug epidemics in china, russia and other communist countries.

Maybe you are under attack, because you never saw the problems in yourself? Also, with enough time; all those countries will be under attack for the same issues. The seeds are already planted from the look of things.

And how can you say: there are no feminists, gays, trans people, refugees and terror attacks in china, russia and other communist countries? That is so easy to disprove statistically, I won't even do it here.

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CULTURAL MARXISM - The Corruption of America

also, watch the other videos posted here.

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I think he must be an "agent".

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oh, thats fun! in the comments:


because it was so hard to rename the kgb!!

"oh, we call it something else now. so it's totally not the same organization."

WTF! why are people like this even posting to s/conspiracy? :-)

edit: oh right, you told me why.

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I was talking about Winnowing.

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Who is? Who the agent?

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whooosh You missed the point.

Blame the enemy for your own weaknesses.

Throw a link instead of arguing the point from your comprehension.

Admitting fault to better your reasoning; you like to call others wrong.

I actually kind of like trump and the conservative base and would REALLY! like to stand with you against the zany left.

But your tactics are poor and not conducive to the center of well-being, henceforth you are rejected. Poor fundamentals.

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saiditor for two hours said:

Maybe you are under attack, because you never saw the problems in yourself?

by saying this you also missed my point i stated here:

this situation is exactly presented there. the sooner we realize this is subversion we are dealing with, the better.

that's why i wrote you are wrong and posted antonio gramschi

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Weak sauce!

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so easy to disprove statistically, I won't even do it here.

wow. nice.

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wow. nice.

See that is an example. You argument is two words, and your original statement was thus:

there is a reason there are no feminists, gays, trans people, refugees and terror attacks, drug epidemics in china, russia and other communist countries.

Patently impossible. I guess I'm going to have to start spoon feeding you some of the obvious (Waste of fucking time!).

Examples of Feminism in China,

Examples of Feminism in Russia,

Examples of State of activism in Russia

Examples of State of activism in China

Examples of Refugees in China

Examples of Refugees in Russia

Examples of Terrorism in China

Examples of Terrorism in Russia

There is a lot more examples for drug abuses in communist countries but I'm not even going to bother sharing it because its beating a dead horse at this point.

And what is listed above are isolated examples of dynamic situations at play, but they are also seeds for something more in the future. I don't condone any of those things or even care of them but how a civilization deals with those examples shall determine its strength or weaknesses down the road. Longevity or failure. Innovation or Luddism? What are their logistics?

If a regime is too heavy-handed, there will be an inevitable reactionary opposition to reverse the scales. If it is too soft-handed, there will a reactionary opposition to reverse the scales. Am I establishing some basis of argumentation for you? Your ability to debate is too limited and you can't see the different points to an argument or something. Maybe you are very biased on your side of things but I am not :)

Excessive authoritarianism will give rise to human rights abuses and therefore reactionary blow-back towards liberalism down the road. And of course, vice-versa. Its the political pendulum and there are many of them throughout history. Now this is a throw-away account so I'll be outta here but I don't want to hear crap about being left-leaning or right-leaning "agent" "shill" or useful-idiot crap.

Don't care for either and just prefer to follow the facts wherever they lead, according to the different sides that are involved. Be seeing you again at some point "adversary".

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this is how the 'progressives' lie. every single link is pointing to a single story, but our disinfo agent here labeled them in plural. that's dishonest right off the bat. further it all supports my claim: that as always, the commie regimes are mercilessly clamping down on everything in their huntas, while they support it in the west.

further, these are all grassroots examples, not organized and financed as it is in the west. another indication of your propagandistic intentions.

Examples of Feminism in China,

the headline:

In a #MeToo age, censorship has largely shielded China’s citizens from joining the feminist movement

Examples of Feminism in Russia,

right from the top of the article:

The giant vagina didn't spark police action in 2018, but participants were not so lucky in 2019

Examples of State of activism in Russia

^ this is some butthurt soros funded hrw article:

Repression escalated in Russia during 2019 as the government answered rising civic and political activism with bans, repressive laws, and showcase prosecutions, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2020.

Examples of State of activism in China

they locked him up

Examples of Refugees in China

^ NOT islamic militants demanding sharia law and gibs!

Examples of Refugees in Russia

there is not even a single example here, it's just legalese

Examples of Terrorism in China

no, the commie state is doing the terror here. you are simply supporting the chines communist party propaganda!!! A BIG NO! A VERY BIG NO! :-)

Examples of Terrorism in Russia

as always, not examples, only one isolated isis attack after russia engaged them in the me. meh.

i wish i could say nice try, but no cigar, but this was not even a nice try. it was an ugly, pitiful try. why bother posting all this, knowing it wouldn't stand up to scrutiny?

if you would really believe in what you say you wouldn't have the face to serve us this crap.

you already proved yourself worthless when you attacked my post a week ago, based solely on the headline, without looking at the content. you don't have a mirror.

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I don't think you can even read posts or comprehend anything. The only dis-info agent here is you, trying to prove everybody else a commie and polarize fights! You better be real careful with that crap because the center (whose toes you are stepping on) is capable of maneuver and can see both sides of an issue with the fallacies involved. Your reply is as my user-name states: "utterly_garbage".

The only thing you are capable of is blaming the enemy for what you are guilty of.

Now let me prove you wrong, you retarded shill:

every single link is pointing to a single story, but our disinfo agent here labeled them in plural.

Your response^ to my statement below:

And what is listed above are isolated examples of dynamic situations at play,

I mentioned isolated long before your pointless shilling got triggered. They are not full blown civilization altering situations, and neither is it that bad here in the west right now. You dumb drones of the wanna-be shill regimes just don't even have your feet on the ground to think with a cool head. All you can do is pick fights with no basis and repeat your hysteria over and over again. Your post history is primary example of that!

Another one:

another indication of your propagandistic intentions.

Bullshit! I gave you isolated examples in response to your garbage statement earlier:

there is a reason there are no feminists, gays, trans people, refugees and terror attacks, drug epidemics in china, russia and other communist countries.

You said NONE of those things exist in communist countries, well I gave you some examples. I don't have "propagandist intentions" because I don't even care about those things. I didn't state those links because I agreed with the sources. I proved you wrong by large margin in showing you examples of those things in commie countries.

You know what, go around screaming Commies at the cloud you "dis-info agent". I'm not phased by your hysteria because I'm not a commie and could care less for your poor fundamentals of an internet movement.

Once again! Poor fundamentals; rejected. The only agent is you: shilling_aether. Thanks for wasting your time. And since I don't waste mine:

Good-bye and have a great day! Really, because you really are overcompensating for something. It shows. And I hope everything works out for you. In very general terms, you lack the center but you can't get one by defining your extremism as it.

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these are also very helpful: Multi-Decade Communist Deception and Disinformation Strategy

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Communism has its roots where? Not in Russia obviously...

Yes, Russian agencies are doing things. So are the CIA, and so are other secret services. Some of them might actually be warring with each other, who knows.

Maybe the organizers of this whole charade like to see such infighting and thus cultivate viciousness. It certainly wouldn't be out of character.

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It was a rhetorical question, of course. Who's behind the jesuits? Rhetorical as well of course. If you say the vatican, I'll ask who's behind them. And so on.

Christianity was corrupted very early on. It is that which made it a tool for (((them))) to give themselves the "right" to enslave Christians.

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i like to point fingers at satanists and gnostics, of which there is a kind for each corresponding abrahamic religion (rosicrucians, sufis and kabbalists). if you are in these circles, nationality is not important any more, only money, power and being a good satanist is what counts.

eg: trudeau is a sinclair, a scottish rite templar bloodline, they built the rosslyn chapel. so he is running canada using commie ideology..

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/u/zyxzevn /u/AnarchySpeach /u/zyxzevn

Yuri Bezimenov, wasn't always right. Though we must not write him off, for his teachings concerning demoralization and ideological subversion are intriguing. His lectures, although insightful, were quite opinionated and staunchly in favor of the oligarch fad of a faux free market system, and that could simply be his disillusionment of the closed off Soviet system. The Oligarchs in Russia, mostly Russian Jews had pillaged the corporation of Russia after Soviet Russia supposedly collapsed but some said went underground. One system of commerce and government after another doesn't change the fact that some bad people want to centralize the economy the bureaucracies of a government and its systems for their own benefit and those of their friends, like the plutocractic, oligarchic corportocracy of the CORPORATION OF THE UNTIED STATES. We must remember, that the Tsars were no saints. The Rothschilds owned nearly all of the oil in imperialist White Russia and had a strong business relation with the Tsars. I find it hilarious how the alt-right and the so-called media termed neo-nazis of the far right put Puti non some sort of pedestal, like the UNZ REview does, which is owned by what the media terms a self-hating Jew.

Some say the Tsars and white Russians are back in power, which might be true considering the Chabad-Lubavitchers are markedly close to Putin. This cult is staunchly racist and Zionist and the Bolsheviks were not too fond of nationalism, espeically Zionism. The transcriptions of the World Jewish Congress during the Bolshevik years perfect illustrate this division.

During the Bolshevik revolution (foreign revolution) instigated by Lenin and Trotsky, both foreign born and 1/2 apostate Jew and full apostate Jew; they, with Jewish banker Jacob Schiff's money in hand, NOT THE ROTHSCHILDS, left for Russia to destabilze and destroy imperialist Russia. It should be stated that Zionists in Russia, although not mass slaughtered such as the Cossacks were disliked by the Bolsheviks. They found them to be cowards in wanting a homeland in Palestine, and wished for Jews in the Diaspora to assimilate.

So, these Chabad-Lubavitchers, who Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu are very close to and have giving millions of dollars in funds for their cause in business and religious related activities, are back in Russia and are staunchly theocratic.

As for Yuri, he reminds me of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who was a rightful living and noble peace prize winner, a very religious Christian (not sure about Yuri) who suffered through the Soviet Gulag system. The former, Yuri, was a longtime agent of said system. His defection, was a noble move but he had not gone through the terrible conditions Solzhenitsyn did.

My question to saidit users: Why would Solzhenitsyn's book '200 Years Together' be banned in the US, whilst openly published in Russia? If Russia was communist today, they surely would want to ban such a book, but they do not do such a thing. Instead it is the US publishers that censors this book and the Russian government which prevents its transcribing into English.

Unlike Solzhenitsyn, Michael Wolff has never got a Nobel in literature, but he wrote a gossip book of Donald Trump, which made news all over the world. Trump wanted to stop the publication of the book, but the President of the USA does not have such powers. The President is not the most powerful man: there are those who can stop publication.

The reason for not publishing the book?

...American Jews have claimed that the book is anti-Semitic. I read the most criticized parts and I do not find is anti-Semitic. The book simply tells more or less correct history of certain events, which are not so flattering to Jews. Dark episodes, though maybe not so dark, can be found from the history of most peoples.

The publication of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: inside Trump’s White House had a different reception. It was not only in the daily news here in Finland, but I also saw it in the news of the satellite channel TV5monde. It must have been in the main news in many countries.

The revelations of Wolff’s book are maybe not quite as large as in Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn states that Bolshevik Jews were responsible of over 60 million dead Russians and he gives sources, which apparently were carefully checked by the Russian publisher, while Wolff’s main revelation is that Trump’s son and son-in-law met a Russian lawyer and discussed how to defame Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections. This is not disputed, but many other of Wolff’s claims come without a proof.

And we do know, as of today, Trump has many connections to Russian oligarchics, as did Clinton and Bush. On a side note, George H. W. Bush signed into law the Noahide laws, however, they'd only by enacted if martial law was imposed. Though, what's to say this was just a gimmick to appease the Chabad-Lubavitchers? We also have an old picture of Richard Spencer, the Jewish National Bolshevik, and falsely accused white nationalist by the mockingbird media with his Soviet born wife standing next to, yes, Laura Bush. These people might simply be playing roles to scare people more to the right, ie. to the Zionist cause, or it could be the opposite. Maybe they are true and tried Eurasianist Duginist National Bolsheviks and wish to subvert and demoralize and confuse the public in America to accepting Multilateralism.

200 years together demonstrates that the Russian Revolutions and the building of communism, including Cheka and Gulags, was largely run by Bolshevik Jews, especially in the early years. These facts have been known to anybody who has wanted to check their correctness already for some time. They were common knowledge before the Second World War, but after the war censorship of the winners did manage to suppress or cast the shadow of extreme rightist propaganda over much of correct information. It is very good that these facts have been rechecked by Solzhenitsyn, who was so appreciated as a truth teller in the West. There is a still ongoing effort to suppress these facts by silently forbidding the publication of Solzhenitsyn’s book in many countries, but there are web sites, which tell the story. More and more people will eventually know the facts and finally the official history must be revised.

Typically, if you mention that Jewish Bolsheviks were largely responsible for the terror in the early years of Soviet Union, and add that there is a good case for Israel being implicated in the 911 attack, and that one of the better theories why John F. Kennedy was assassinated was that he tried to sop Israel’s nuclear weapon program, and that in the First Worlds War Zionistic Jews turned the USA to the Allied side in order to get England promise them a Jewish home land in the Balfour declaration, people try to ridicule this by saying: so Jews are behind everything, what a powerful small nation, I don’t believe it. But this is a wrong reaction. It is precisely so, that today you cannot blame Jews for anything at all without being called an anti-Semite. It is fine to blame the Muslims for terrorism and treatment of women, it is fine to blame Germans for two world wars and the Holocaust, it is fine to blame the Whites or the Christians for black slave trade, destruction of the American Indians, selling opium to Chinese, and for everything else, it is even fine to mention that Sweden destroyed much of Germany and Poland by the live-off-the-land supply solution in the 17th century, though there were many Finns in the Swedish army, but criticizing Jews is not allowed, because that will lead to a new Holocaust. This is so, because the reasons and character of the Holocaust are not understood.

Jews are not behind everything bad that has happened in the world. They probably have a role in the Syrian civil war, but not in the Ukrainian or Yugoslavian wars. They were not behind the Irish or Bask terrorist, nor involved in the war between Georgia and Russia. Still, Jews, like other peoples, have been involved in certain events. Solzhenitsyn says in his book that Jewish Bolsheviks did not make the Russian revolutions, but they had an important role in the crimes of Bolsheviks. He is probably correct. Socialism started from the Enlightenment. In the beginning socialism was partially based on the ideas of some utopists with very Christian aspirations. But what happened was that the leftist ORIENT Freemasons tried to change the system by revolutions. Practically all of the revolutionary activity from the American war of independence in 1776 to the Paris Commune in 1871 was organized by subversive leftist Freemason lodges and Carbonaries, not to be confused with the benign Freemasonic lodges. After the Paris Commune fell, leftist revolutionary Freemasons were pardoned and largely disappeared from the scene. Subversive activity was taken over by communists, who were the direct descendants of Carbonaries and leftist Freemasons. Communists, who made the revolutions in Russia, were not only Jews, and ethnic identity was not important for Communists, yet the Jews were heavily overrepresented, especially in the leading positions of the Soviet system. According to Solzhenitsyn, in the early years after the Bolshevik revolution, in Russia Communism was identified in people’s minds with Jews, and this was not only in Russia.

Read his book, oh wait, you can't its banned. I believe it is in PDF form online, so duckduckgo it.

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