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The number of people, particularly young white women, calling men who date, above-the-age-of-consent, young women paedophiles is hilarious because the implication is that adult women should be treated like children.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see “progressive” women calling for women to wear burkas and abeyas within 2 years and acting like it’s the progressive thing to do.

Edit: And you know these are the same people who say that 13 year old girls can consent to puberty blockers and double mastectomies.

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I mean, it's one of the core tenets of certain ideologies--most of which tend to be on the left side, but there's occasionally one on the right too--that everyone is considered fit to make their own decisions, as long as those decisions are approved of by the majority. There's also a concurrent belief that anyone who doesn't follow the approved line of thought is being controlled by someone else.

Woman wants to date a man 10-20 years older than her? Clearly she's being groomed by her partner!

Minority votes Republican? Clearly it's internalized racism and "plantation" mindset!

Kids don't want to participate in gender shit at school? Clearly being brainwashed by their parents!

Woman wants to be a mother, homemaker, and "traditional"--I put that in quotes because it means different things to different people--wife? Clearly indoctrinated by a lifetime of misogyny and patriarchal supremacy!

Edit: Another interesting expression of this contradictory mindset is how people constantly tout that people under their mid-20s shouldn't be held to the same standards of responsibility for some things because their brains aren't finished developing yet (i.e., they can't fully and accurately evaluate risks and consequences). But, at the same time, we should also listen to this very same demographic when it comes to voting, social policies, and their ability to consent to permanent physical alterations?

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Oh, I have no problem with the idea that the infantilisation of people is a bipartisan effort.

I was a DnD player in the 80s and remember the religious right losing their minds over it, along with “video nasties” (essentially schlocky gory horror films that the Tory press disapproved of).

It’s just funny to me that currently the “my body my choice” crowd are so quick to shout “but not that choice” at women doing things they disapprove of.

A lot of the arguments I see from progressives are actually so similar to arguments made by Mary Whitehouse (think older British church lady complaining about sex and violence on TV and movies). They’ve become the censors we used to hate but they’re right because they’re doing it for progressive reasons and not Jesus.

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I think two competing agendas are in conflict. There's the "we're smart and independent and can make our own decisions even if they harm us" one, and it's running up against this other thing that goes "we're powerless and defenseless and easily brainwashed and need to be babysat" which is used as a cudgel to put unambitious people into positions of more financial security. If you trace their usage carefully enough you can almost reverse-engineer a person's yearly income.

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I mean 2020-21 they were pretty enthusiastic about school librarians doing selective "normal weeding" and pressure groups "nicely asking" publishers to cut or rewrite Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl postmortem: "now you stupid Tucker Carlson-watching MAGA CHUDs can't read racist books to your kids!" even booksellers were high-fiving that the wrongthink was being cleared after the sun rose again over Biden's Inauguration

then they hit the roof when the alt(?)-right jumped onto the "we have to root out pedos" bandwagon (which had started up on the LW, basically) and now lay parents without a degree in finding offense or a training program are appearing at school board meetings?!

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As a woman, here's me repeating once more that the biggest enemy of women's rights is other women.

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If only there was some way separate the ones deserving of privileges from those who can't be trusted. The only people in a position to judge who deserves those privileges (like eating food grown by men or sleeping inside a house built by men, or using tech invented by men) is men.

They aren't rights, your kind can't feed and protect yourselves without men's labor. You are not entitled to slaves.

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Sssh, we aren't talking about your mental issues here.

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Pray tell, how would you decide which women are deserving of privileges and which aren't, since you agree not all women deserve them.

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Please show that women can't survive without men's labour.

Even in hunter/gatherer societies women bring in more calories than men.

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Oh that show was brutal.

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"Even in hunter/gatherer societies women bring in more calories than men." That's a lie, you've been brainrotted.

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Man, you still here yapping psychotic nonsense? I'd explain you that I never ever talked about privilege nor did I ever mention that some women deserve different treatment - but that would imply you're a sane person capable of following a conversation and not a ranting madman typing random stuff.

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See here folks, this is the leftist way. Insults and shame and no objection to being called a slaver. All offense, no defense. They are incapable of having human conversation as they don't take in new information except from their cult. This is the kind of message that literally drags down the conversation.

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Are you..... are you having a psychotic episode? I'm fascinated...

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And you know these are the same people who say that 13 year old girls can consent to puberty blockers and double mastectomies.

If this was in a mid 00's fiction novel, nobody would believe it.

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Notice this whole tweet is also an excuse for a humble brag about being a nerd.

We all know how black nerds get treated, you weren't cool.

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Apparently it’s all a lie too as the woman in question went to a completely different all-girls high school.

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If she's 18 and consenting then what the fuck is the problem? Are you saying 18 year olds can consent or not? Make up your fucking minds.

And why is it the men are the creeps in these scenarios and nobody ever says anything about the women dating way above their age? IMO having a thing for old men is way weirder than having a thing for young women.

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Are you saying 18 year olds can consent or not?

I think some people want to think that women can't consent at all. Just look at the "believe all women" crowd- the type of people getting offended at songs like "baby it's cold outside" and acting like if a man wants to have sex then it's some kind of violation. It's convenient for them because they can constantly play the victim, even if it's by proxy because some 18 year old legal adult was in a relationship with a different legal adult.

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IMO having a thing for old men is way weirder than having a thing for young women.

That's because you're a man.

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Nah. Tell me do you think any of those Playboy bunnies Hugh Hefner banged were physically attracted to him? Fuck no but they gave him Viagra enemas and played with his leathery grey ballsack because he had power and money. To me that's way more fucked up and abnormal than Hugh Hefner wanting to bang 20 year old porn models.

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Tell me do you think any of those Playboy bunnies Hugh Hefner banged were physically attracted to him? Fuck no but they gave him Viagra enemas and played with his leathery grey ballsack because he had power and money.

It may come as a shock to you, but power and money are way more of a turn-on for women than mere physical looks.

Females want a mate who can protect them and is strong. A man with power and money means that his children will likely inherit both.

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The kids will need all of that money to treat the birth defects they got from dad's elderly sperm.

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Why do you sound as if you're bitter?

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Because that's what you're reading into it?

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The whole obsession with pedophilia is basically to have another way of shutting down rational conversation with emotional overload.

Once it's brought up you can't defend it lest you are seen as one yourself. It's the same tactic they ran to the ground with racist, bigot, anti-semite, transphobic, homophobic etc.

The right is just using the same tactic the left overused. Standards change and recently it's been happening at break beck speeds. 20+ years ago, 16 was basically considered what 21 is considered to us now. Pedophilia is supposed to have a very specific definition of people under 13. Ephebophilia is the attraction to teenagers. Genetically most men are wired to be ephebophiliacs which is 18 year olds were considered the most attractive age for women until basically the MeToo movement when suddenly that wasn't acceptable either.

I will say to me, I tried dating a few 18-20 year olds while I was in my latw 20s and I realized quickly that while I may find them physically attractive, there really is a HUGE difference in our lives and what we have in common. I was even into the whole dependent submissive girl concept at the time, but realized it had it's limits. Girls of that age are really just not ready for real relationships, which is probably also why boomers who on average got married younger than any other group in American history, got divorced so much. Mid 20s to early 30s seems like the statistic sweet spot.

The heresy lable I love that they are trying to set up is centrist. They create a strawman of centrists and always include the phrase "but muh both sides" as if it were irrational to try to look at the big picture. Yes there is a middle fallacy and you can't just always get compromise let alone even compromise. But MOST of the time the middle is more accurate than extremes. Bandwagon might also be a fallacy, but more often than not common belief is also right.

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There's an implicit sexism in claiming that woman cannot choose who she dates.

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Kinda my point.

In the rush to label men as predators people are robbing above-the-age-of-consent women of their agency.

They’ve been doing it to Leonardo Dicaprio for ages, making out that his dating of <25-year olds is some kind of indication that he’s a predator. (He might be, but not just because he dates young women).

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Like it's weird he keeps going for them but let's be real anyone involved there knows the trade off they're getting is his fame. They know what they're getting into so it's weird to put more on that than it being an agreement that makes both parties happy. They're legal and haven't known him beforehand so I'm confident there's no funny business there.

Now if we're talking about someone that's been talking to someone since they were thirteen and now they're in a relationship right when the person is of age? Suspicious and gross. Not illegal but not exactly something anyone would see favourably. But there are a lot of obvious differences between the two and I do think acting like they're the same could potentially muddy the waters for actual predators.

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In the rush to label men as predators people are robbing above-the-age-of-consent women of their agency.

Exactly. It's classical sexism. Women being objects without agency.

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If it allows a man to be bashed nobody will treat women more like children than other women, especially feminists.

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Having been immersed in child protection for more than a decade, it’s quite interesting to see child protection language entering common usage and then being used by women about adult women.

I do wonder if it is also to do with there being a generation of adults now that have grown up in the modern child protection environment and have had all risk and challenges managed for them rather than having to manage and mitigate it for themselves.

So instead of thinking “that dark alleyway isn’t a safe choice at 2am, I’ll take the longer but well-lit public road”, it becomes “there should be someone to protect me as I walk down this dark alleyway at 2am and don’t you dare say otherwise as that’s victim-blaming”.

It’s sort of like a kid bumbling around knowing that their parents will be there to protect them from any harm. The sorts of things we used to learn going to and from school on our own and out with friends in the evenings, getting into scrapes and situations and dealing with it ourselves.

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Having been in the generation that straddled corporal punishment in school being banned (it got banned here in Scotland as I went to high school) I think it may have been a mistake to fully get rid of it. I know I was more of a little fuckhead once the threat of it was removed.

I mean yeah there were asshole teachers that abused it, no fucking doubt. But it took away that instant short sharp shock for being a little dickhead.

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As a teacher there simply isn’t enough money in the world to make me want to cane a child. So even if there was corporal punishment I’d never apply it nor send a child for it.

Modern behaviour management techniques can work if it is applied consistently, fairly and no staff undermine it because they want to be friends with the students (or they think that there’s a racial bias in discipline, something I’ve actually heard said).

Too many new teachers, however, are young twenty something women who really shouldn’t be in schools let alone the kinds of secondary schools that they get sent to by the training schemes (Teach First). In primary it’s made worse by the fact that there’s an undergraduate route into it and it is 99.9% the people too thick to get onto a better undergrad course. (I did the postgraduate route in my mid-thirties).

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As a teacher there simply isn’t enough money in the world to make me want to cane a child. So even if there was corporal punishment I’d never apply it nor send a child for it.

I honestly don't really have a issue with this viewpoint, but being in school when it was a thing (well the belt, not caning) and I only got it once the embarrassment of getting it far outstripped any momentary pain it caused.

Hell one of the lest likely teachers to actually give the belt in the high school (from what I heard of) I went to was a teacher that on the first day would sit a full bit of chalk on a desk (standing up ) and turn it to dust with one whack of the belt.

But I am not saying it needs to be brought back, just that it might be better if it was still a option.

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This is the latest bullshit the purity pushers are beating their breasts over. It's not enough that romantic partners be adults, there must also be an "acceptable age gap" between them. They'll also attack women who look "too young" as well though, so we all know what the real issue is.

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Well, I thought they were saying the real issue is "but I WANT THEIR MAN!!!! I want them and I wanna famous sex symbol partner so I DESERVE Them and if she got them she must have CHEATED somehow and that means the man's a pedophile! Ruin his image so she'll leave him and I can have him!".

That explains how it's "any age gap less than "they were born same year, month, day, hour, minute, second. Literally their moms held hands and synchronized the births in the delivery room with synchronized nurses and doctors to make sure they're born at the exact same time and the birth certificate is signed the exact same time. And if they are, they're twin-coded so that makes it incest" is the way now.

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it's just another example of a geminophobic society (and if you're a twin and don't agree, you have internalized twinphobia)

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And of course she learned her lesson to never date older men who will just use her for sex and throw...oh wait.