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Won't somebody please think of the glorified crossdressers? 😭

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Someone should do something about the genocide that’s happening, just the other day the police brutally shot to death a stunning and brave transman and they were called heroic for doing so! Those poor, poor transman babies.

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I don't think it counts for mockery when the line has already reached the point where that is being said 100% sincerely and unironically.

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People at protests have been holding up seven fingers and saying "Seven fingers, seven victims" about the shooting. I can't remember any other school shooting where the shooter gets counted as one of the victims

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It's disgusting. All this positive attention and people coming out in support of trannies totally won't make them more likely to do shit like this again in the future. What the fuck is wrong with people

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When the 7/7 bombings happened I think the press, when reporting the death toll, initially included the bombers - Wikipedia still includes the four bombers in the total killed whereas the BBC etc are careful to say 52 killed plus 4 bombers.

Including the shooter as a victim though is an insult to the families affected and those doing it deserve a slap.

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This is consistent with her long history of degeneracy.

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The shootings will continue until trans acceptance improves.

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What a tone-deaf ghoul.

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Yeah that's right, fUcK tHoSe StUpId Christian children! The real victim here is this poor oppressed shooter! My god what non sense.

Madonna is such an asshat. The only way she is going to see her name in any context of relevance is with something like this.

This was a hate crime though and though and anything beneficial should go to supporting the family of those whose children were murdered. As for Madonna, she should be booed out of the public spotlight for ever.

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Well she's so plastic surgeried that she's essentially a troon at this point.

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So if a Christian shot up a pride parade she would raise money for Christian charities right?

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I mean, who else do you think is still going to her concerts? Probably just a bunch of drag queens, I'm guessing this is a strategic financial move on her part

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    Hey, jew

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    In a move even more disgusting than her botox-filled face, Madonna is heading to Nashville, NOT to fundraise for the families of victims of the Covenant School shooting, but for "trans rights" groups.

    "With anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passing in Tennessee and other states, longtime social activist Madonna announced an additional stop on her The Celebration Tour in Nashville on December 22nd. A portion of proceeds from the show will go to trans rights organizations. In regard to the over 100 anti-LGBTQ+ bills currently before state legislatures," Madonna's website reads.

    Presumably, Madonna's PR team is referring to the laws that actually protect children - recent bans on child sex changes and public drag performances.

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    I mean it's basically obvious she's doing it in response to legislation there. Though of course if you're going to decry their legislation you're going to have to defend why it's a good idea to allow literal children to make permanent life altering decisions regarding hormone intake, sterilization, and invasive cosmetic surgeries.

    Rather than simply making them wait a few years before they are able to make those decisions.

    I don't consider it to be a good idea all around to let kids make permanent decisions concerning their future especially when it concerns their reproductive potential. I'd even argue that people in their 20's are too young.

    Putting the trans issue aside for a second and just focusing on the sterilization part of it. I've had plenty of conversations with young women that say "I never want to have kids" and they hate the argument of "well you might think that now but in ten or twenty years it's likely you'll change your mind. Which I get, you might not, but older people aren't talking out their ass, it's pretty normal to be a different person concerning this ten or twenty years on.

    I think the generally logical approach to this is to think, right, I don't want kids now, future me might want kids, therefore, I shouldn't do anything that I can't reverse in the future if and when I change my mind.

    I get that we need to allow adults a certain amount of leeway here to make their own decisions, the issues though come down to crazy people who will basically hurt themselves due to their own mental illness, and the problematic nature of amoral capitalism driven by short term profit over all else that would gladly provide surgeries with long term regret with no care beyond their own profits.

    I really need to study more about the imperial Chinese eunuchs I think. There seem to be a myriad of parallels there with the current situation. You'd have men lining up to get their organs chopped off in order to pursue what was considered a lucrative career in the imperial city.

    I wonder if the equivalent of the women chopping their breasts off and trying to present as men? Lack of testosterone in the ancient world would have made that difficult. Too say nothing of women's rights (or the lack thereof) preventing them from having free agency in such matters.

    Regardless the older I get the more I feel like there really is nothing new under the sun. There's echoes of history in whatever new phenomenon come around and it seems like the naysayers are often correct to the disappointment of the progressive types that see a need to push forward yet are consistently frustrated by an inability to avoid the problems that have been pointed out to them before hand.

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    I'd say boycott Madonna, but who listens to her music nowadays?