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There was one sane voice in a sea of insanity:

No. You can’t be made to feel like you have a uterus when you don’t even know how it feels to have one. This level of delusion has to stop. It’s ok to be trans and accept that as your reality. No need to pretend you have imaginary organs. Y’all do yourselves no favor by doing this.

The level of delusion on that thread is stunning. Those dudes actually think they're having symptoms. Crazy fucking troons.

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It’s ok to be trans

You're giving them their inch. They will take a mile. The slope is in fact slippery.

Heterosexual monogamy or GTFO.

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Yes it's fine if we awknoledge gender disphoria as a condition. And it's fine if we have empathy towards those who suffer from it. After all strongly believing that you are something that you are not and cannot ever be is a distressing proposition.

But much like telling an alcoholic their desire to drink should be celebrated, or a pedophile desires are natural and should be celebrated, we shouldn't tolerate it, even if we can empathize with the individual and their distress.

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Toleranting bad habits is enabling them.

That's exactly the opposite of professional advice for dealing with alcoholics.

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"We just wanna get married! Now let us touch your kids."

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"We just wanna visit each other when we're dying in the hopsital! And adopt kids! And have sex with them!"

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Most trans people are hetero. As in, transwomen (males) are into women and transmen (female) are into men. This whole thing is driven by pornsick hetero men.

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There was one sane voice in a sea of insanity:

Already deleted.

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There are several sane voices in there. Tranny Jannies were working overtime on that thread.

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These people are no different than otherkins and their astral wings and tails

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Somewhat off-topic note. Am I like the only biologically female actual gamer? I mean actual gamers that play difficult console games (for me I like a lot of Nintendo games including a lot of Retro ones), woman that just play easy mobile games like Candy Crush, I don't count. Anyways, I tried to join an online group of female gamers once, and almost all of them turned out to be men that think they're women (and usually had disgusting fetishes as well). I left immediately. It was nightmarish.

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Identifying as a gamer is your first problem as you'll lump yourself in with all the cringe losers.

If you like video games but don't care for pseudo gambling nonsense that just makes you normal.

You've got to abandon this weird identity bullshit. Your sex is irrelevant for what games you choose to enjoy, as it is for everyone, so joining a sex based group for it is as stupid as joining a "Men's book club" or what not. Women can read too.

We can discuss demographic differences they certainly exist. Reasons for it range from a number of things, cultural attitudes, sex based differences, can argue any of it, but none of it is relevant to you at an individual level.

I've noticed personally that there's a lot of gays who are nintendo fans. That alone in and of itself is fine as it's irrelevant. But some of them are convinced it is relevant and they start specifically gay gaming groups. If it's a pick up spot? A place to meet up and date, I understand it, but in the past they've claimed that the "gay" gaming group is open to everyone. Despite there being zero reason to call your group gay if it's just about games.

The women's groups are similar. Anyone can play a video game, sex is irrelevant, so any group that delineates sex with video games is automatically needlessly exclusionary and stupid. As such, it's bound to be infested with stupid people who care more about sex than games, and the normal game groups are sufficient for normal people who do not feel a need to be special.

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Your sex is irrelevant for what games you choose to enjoy, as it is for everyone, so joining a sex based group for it is as stupid as joining a "Men's book club" or what not.

Men and women aren't interchangeable; men's only, women's only, and mixed groups all have different dynamics. Also, by avoiding the opposite gender you can avoid any issues that arise from sexual or romantic feelings.

it's bound to be infested with stupid people who care more about sex than games

I find it weird you feel video games are more important than sex. Although you gave me a great idea. If I let the wife play the Nintendo Switch during sex I might get laid more.

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Men and women aren't interchangeable; men's only, women's only, and mixed groups all have different dynamics.

Well that wouldn't be so if those stupid groups didn't exist in the first place.

Also, by avoiding the opposite gender you can avoid any issues that arise from sexual or romantic feelings.

Well fuck all of that.

I find it weird you feel video games are more important than sex.

Sex is nothing but pointless primal drives. Video games are really fucking cool.

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It's not the existence of single sex groups which drives different behaviours, it's normal human instinct.

People preferring to associate with members of their own sex is common in every culture in the world.

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And human instinct is not only stupid but evil

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It's an online group. Nobody gives a fuck or knows about your sex unless you make it their business.

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Lots of people have met their partners through gaming online, shit happens. And it's not all just women not wanting attention from men, which is the only time hiding your gender would be practical, since everyone assumes gamers are guys anyways. It is possible, although rarer, to receive unwanted attention from women, such as if you're in a relationship or she's awful.

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No you aren't the only one. There are more out there. My best friend's wife is into military-style FPS and also ARPGs. A coworker's wife is into Far Cry and Fallout, and her sister is into Skyrim and Breath of the Wild. We all kinda have a small gaming group of IRL friends, and there's no way pervs are going to breach it as long as we keep it small and tight-knit.

Honestly I think that's the best you're going to get these days, is a small familiar group of people you trust. Any semi-popular gaming space for women these days is going to be instantly overrun by AGP tranny pervs and lovelorn anime nerds desperately looking for a girlfriend. Good luck to you.

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Thanks. You're right. The internet tends to draw in all the weirdos. I'll ask more people I actually know.

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It’s just entertainment, like watching TV. I don’t call myself a televisioner and I don’t call myself a gamer.

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Ah, a "not like the other girls" girl.

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Strange how almost all of them seem to be. But surely the stereotypes about women couldn't be wrong. Could they?

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It's more that if you are gender non conforming as a women you tend to be outcast from female social groups full of agreeable people who just get along.

Then you internalise that and think there must be something massively different about you when it's actually nothing special.

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That too

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I was just in a men's group for mental health, I feel like I would have had a better experience in a women's group. It almost felt like a new male showing up a lion pride, might have been in my head, but you don't have the same concern for pecking order with women, well sometimes.

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Settle down. I'm a female gamer and I bet I'm even more hardcore than you. We're so rare it's a bit disheartening, but we exist. You're not unique. I don't play Nintendo, that's for kids. I play Doom, Mortal Kombat, Forza Horizon.... I particularly like playing fighting games competitively, although there's a lot of trannies and incels in the fgc.

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. I don't play Nintendo, that's for kids

I used to think that also, but on the Switch, Legend of Zelda: BoTW and Smash Bros. were excellent games. And their mario platformers are the most challenging games I've played in recent times.

They're all more difficult than those with a more serious gamer cred like the classic Witcher 3.

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Nintendo has pretty consistently made good games over the years. Though the childish brand is certainly on point as they don't make their games near as violent or mature seeming as is common with most western games, this is rarely a problem so long as the core gameplay is competently done and the game isn't a cheap cash in designed to trick parents and grand parents into buying it for their kid.

Problem with Nintendo is the same problem with Anime. Fan base is horrendously immature and socially awkward. Probably because it's filled with loads of kids and teens that are going through their stupid phase and are doing the "I'm not like other kids" hipster shit. There's good stuff out there so it's best not to write off the whole genre outright, but you'll be forgiven for doing so if your only exposure is due to the weirdos online.

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My wife is a gamer.

actual gamers that play difficult console game

We beat Gears of War co op on Hard mode, and she can kick ass in CoD, but she also likes her phone games.

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That's cool.

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Yeah, I don't play much anymore because my hands are arthritic, but it's nice to be able to hand off the controller if one of us is getting stuck or frustrated.

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No, but there are likely more transwomen in America now than adult women who play console games without male encouragement.

And this situation was created on purpose for marketing purposes. The same reason toys were divided into pink and blue around 20 years ago.

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Games got marketed hard to boys as the marketing teams seemed to greatly misunderstand the appeal of games in general and therefore the kinds of games that would appeal to most girls.

It's pretty easy to take an existing property, say spiderman or something, and make it into a "boys game" where you focus on action. So the marketing teams thought they could take something like Barbie, and market it as a girls game but with toned down violence or whatever in an attempt to appeal to girls. Usually resulted in something boring that neither girls nor boys wanted to play. Course the problem is they were going about trying to make a "girls game" in the first place rather than just a game.

Most games that do the best with female demographics are indeed the kind of puzzle games, Tetris or whatever, but that's true of the so called "casual gamer" demographic in general of people who don't spend that much time playing or learning more complicated games. I think most of the difference in game use by sex is mostly going to come down to the same reasons why boys are usually more interested in sports. Competition and willingness to devote energy to less social pursuits tend to be more common in males than females, course women do like sports and the top levels of anything is always going to be a bunch of very competitive people so sex does become irrelevant at that point beyond physical differences since it's down more to individual interest and you're far abstracted from the level of large scale sex based trends.

Women as a whole seem to be more interested in games like the Sims or other so called life simulation type games. These have seen a pretty substantial female player base.

Course I think the main thing is open ended games appeal to a wider variety of people since you can play it however you want. If you prefer to play something like Skyrim as s violent criminal thug you can do that, if you want to play it as someone who just goes out and picks flowers and cooks food you can do that. Most people will do some of both, but the wider the game the more likely it's going to appeal to a broader audience which of course will also include women.

Reason why trans-women are overrepresented is because of the internet. Also the gamer phenomenon where the most useless and anti-social types escape into fantasy worlds vs interacting with real life and spend all their time online. So no surprise that gamers that don't really have a life and spend all their time online get sucked into the trans cult.

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I've never actually played any sim games, but I used to play a lot of games like Mario and I'd roleplay more than I'd actually try to beat it. I was thrilled when I found Minecraft, and all I ever did was play Creative Mode.

Unfortunately as I got older the male hormones destroyed all my creative abilities, along with virtually every talent I had. My mind is always blank and I can never think of anything, never have fun, never accomplish anything, never do anything well. We were assured we'd quickly grow to like the "new me", but it's ruined my life and I say that long after the fact. I don't know if that's a gender problem or if every other man is just hiding these struggles. I feel like if my body was going to change all its abilities it would be nice if it could also change my interests to fit them and not leave me as the mess I am.

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Literally every great work of art pre-1900 was made by a man but somehow male hormones destroyed your creativity.

And then stopped you accomplishing things?

More like, if you don't use it you'll lose it.

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It doesn't hit everyone as hard. All I know is it was definitely caused by puberty, and the different skillsets make sense for living in the wild.

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Well I'm not surprised, who else would care about gender in a gaming group?

I'm sure you're not the only one. What probably happens is the men end up pushing women out of their circles, because they've been raised to fear even being in the presence of one unless it's about sex, lest they be called effeminate. That's probably how most "male-dominated" subjects came to be. And indeed, children don't really have these disparities. Where they do you'll usually find a bunch of complaints about parents and authority figures restricting them.

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Cramps...where? Some of these people seem to be indicating severe mental instability, or side effects from wrong sex hormones. What they're describing doesn't sound like a period at all.

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Placebo/Nocebo is a powerful effect, it’s not beyond belief that they are suffering some symptoms purely because they believe that they should experience them.

What they can’t know is what it’s actually like to experience because they’re not women. So their description is based entirely on cultural stereotypes.

None of this is any reason to have any sympathy for them, validate them in any way or humour their delusions.

I’m sure that in a couple of decades the psychiatric and clinical psychology journals will be filled with articles questioning why neither stepped in to help these people and in fact prolonged and worsened the problem.

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Poe's law not withstanding. I assume it's a retarded teenager engaging in histrionics because that's their idea of what it means to be a woman.

Perhaps they lie to themselves enough to believe what they are saying. Perhaps not. Regardless reality will come a knocking when they ask their doctor why they can't get pregnant.

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Said like they wouldn't end up as one of the Goodbye Horses types and "I'm not pregnant yet? Better get barebacked and bred by more people- eventually it'll happen."

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“Cramps” - dude relax it’s probably just gas.

If you read that thread and your skin isn’t crawling by the time you are done, then something is wrong with you.

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This sort of stuff makes me wonder about all the normies who just go along with the demands. All the Labour conference goers who were happily saying TWaW..etc completely unaware that this is the insanity that they’re supporting. The police “checking the thinking” of people who refuse to say that the Emperor’s clothes are the finest that they have ever seen.

I see this stuff, and all the other craziness from both MtFs and FtMs and wonder how did this become something that people don’t just go along with but go full jihad over.

I mean, it has to end at some point doesn’t it?

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Emperor’s clothes

I sincerely wonder if this is still read in schools.

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I’ve seen it in lots of schools in London. Not read it to a class myself because I teach an age range slightly too old, but down in infants (4-7) I wouldn’t be surprised to see it being read.

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That story is best read to teenagers imo. Satire and metaphor go way over young kids' heads. I found it delightful as a 15yo.

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I love the story now and often find myself humming the Danny Kaye song whilst reading this sort of shit, that, this song and occasionally this.

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These old stories are wonderful as their true meaning is only able to be seen by the wise. The foolish completely miss their meaning much like the Emperor.

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When it ends, it's NOT going to be pretty, no matter how.

If it ends because the pendulum shifts...when that pendulum shifts, it's going to shift back REALLY BADLY, in the "and then one day, for NO REASON AT ALL..." sense.

If it ends without the pendulum shifting, it'll end because trans people have so much power that they're no longer the most oppressed people, and as we're starting to see now, then they'll move to pedophiles.

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They’re trying really hard right now to change the messaging on sex offenders, that Vice video the other day proves how hard they will lay it on….even when they themselves are being victimised by the very sex offender whose images they’re laundering.

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I'm not sure if the reason is "when the dragonslayer has slayed all the dragons, they have to invent new dragons to keep their job", if it's "they're overgrown high schoolers in an era where the oppressed are the cool kids" (it's notable that the only downtrodden sexual minority that no one's willing to fight for are incels...which, by an astonishing coincidence, is the only sexual minority where not being one of the cool kids goes hand in hand with being part of that minority), or if it's some mixture of the two.

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The modern version would be "Johnny the Walrus".

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Nope. JtW is a decent story, but it’s no where close to The Emperor’s New Clothes.

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Funny, they deleted it, despite nearly all the comments being supportive. Maybe they had a moment of sanity after all.

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Probably because it's best not to leave evidence that you don't understand what a gender transition involves and are therefore not mentally capable of consenting to one.

Also definitely paints the doctors square in the cross hairs of anyone looking to criticize them fast tracking individuals and not sufficiently carrying on psychological profiling before the transition starts.

God I wonder if we'll see lawsuits in a few years along that vein, "they didn't tell me I couldn't get pregnant".

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I expect there will be some, yeah. Especially from people who started medical transition under 18.

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What in the ever-living fuck...

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Omg you fucking bigots. Yes trans women have periods are you insane? I get one every week because I shove eggs up my ass which causes them to crack leading to the shells scraping my inner butthole this inturn provides me with a dripping bloody yolk mix that I then need to shove 3 - 4 tampons up my butt in order to stop. Its really inconvenient and I hate that my body does this to me. I cant even get anymore tampons up there anymore because there's already 12 - 16 and they have practically glued my anus shut.

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bunch of dudes with terrible diets and bodies pumped full of drugs getting together and convincing themselves that their indigestion and diarrhea is actually PMS lolololol

even the descriptions of the periods are hilariously sexist and undeniably male.

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Sounds to me like the body is not happy with the hormones.

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This is just amazing.

My daughter is at that stage and has just started menstruating.

It's amazing how many of her friends also want to do the same. And her male friends don't really get it despite having had sex ed in school.

These filthy bastard troons are just so disgusting. When I think of a grown man insisting he feels the same thing as my little girl, I just feel so disgusted. Fuck these things, they have nothing in common with mine or anybody's daughter and never will.

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Listen here you backwards old fashioned person. Just because I bleed out of my penis doesn't mean there is anything wrong with me! My periods are just as valued as non-cancerous periods. And they validate my decision to identify as a slim nubile teenager and you're an agist fatphobe if you point to the drivers license stats. Weight is a social construct.

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If any man would like to bleed out of their penis, I can sort you out no problem! No anaesthetic necessary, trust me I am a Trans God in that regard, I'll make you bleed badly! Come near my kids with your bullshit and you won't even need to ask. It'll just happen!