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Everything relating to surveillance.



Welcome to this Surveillance wiki.

This Surveillance subsaidit's sidebox became crowded so starting this wiki seemed appropriate.

This editable wiki page is similar to a comment but anyone can edit and contribute, including adding internal links (include the entire SaidIt html path) and external links to other websites.

Assistance with Markdown code formatting can be found on this Commenting wiki page for common issues to advanced techniques.

If this wiki page grows too unwieldy then sub-pages can be made for specific topics. If this wiki page grows excessively unwieldy we may use the uncensored and/or wikis to add and curate content and/or do non-encyclopedic open-wiki-projects in coordination with SaidIt and this SaidIt forum.

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List of potentially topically related SaidIt subs

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Topics to add:

Topics coming soon:

Communities coming soon:

  • /s/Boot_On_Face - a fun sub to aggregate all things boot-on-face-ish - illustrations, stories, videos, etc. I will make many variants myself.
  • /s/Build_Our_Futures - for discussing our plans, goals, and dreams within any sort of purpose, practicality, sustainability, self-reliance, etc
  • /s/Find_More_Like_This - present something you like (music, movies, tv, images, ideas, stories, etc) and folks offer similar things in the same vein, genre, style, etc
  • /s/If_I_Were_Leader - hypothetical pontificating, whether as leader of SaidIt, your nation, or the universe


  • Black Ops
  • Brainwashing
  • Benevolence (Foundations, Charities, Orgs, NGOs)
  • Covert Ops
  • Crisis Actors
  • Cultural Engineering
  • Cyber Ops
  • Disaster Capitalism
  • Division_Tribalism
  • Espionage
  • False Flags
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Manufactured Consent
  • Military Industrial Academic Complex
  • Mind Control
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Police State
  • Predictive Programming
  • Prison Industrial Complex
  • Proxy War
  • PsyWar
  • Secret Agencies
  • Shadow Government
  • Social Engineering
  • Tradecraft


List of surveillance information on WikiSpooks

See also: /s/WikiSpooks


List of surveillance information on Wikipedia

All of these short articles have books about them, however Wikipedia is a limited hangout that restricts the freedom of information available to the masses, so this is an okay place to start fro the "official narrative" but you'll find more details elsewhere for a greater contextual understanding.


List of surveillance terms

Please feel free to add to this little list.

  • honeypot
  • limited hangout
  • red herring
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

List to import from:


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