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This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't support this. Why do we need an "approved wiki" anyway?

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Good question. I feel we ought to discuss it.

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I wrote another longer comment that address this stuff in more detail. I'd value your thoughts on it.

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I didn't think you'd want it, but thought you could speak for yourself on the matter (which you did!) so said nothing. This was the right thing to do, correct?

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Speak freely. Don't rely on my approval. But think, reflect, deeply, before you just start slapping that keyboard. Or not, and be alienated for not thinking first.

You could have opined or notified me. I found out via sawboss' reponse to d3rr.

I often value your insights, and being a Wikipedian I figured you might have some good stuff to say. Or not. Throw it at the wall and see what sticks.

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I'm not in favour of this.

"Endorse" and "approved" - meaning what?

Note everyone here would go for that. And once you start picking favourites or play the left-right crap, it all starts sliding downhill.

InfoGalactic is less transparent than Wikipedia though it's more free / unregulated. I have posted countless ideas through the last few years as to how they might better improve the site, content, functionality, aesthetics, policies, community, and their publiciity - almost entirely to no response or effect. Further, they are religious, alt-right, and not left or truthers, whether they are Corporate Dem SJWs or authentic left-leaning progressives or anarch-Marxists. I may be the only one there who leans left or be a truther.

InfoGalactic is NOT friendly as a site and of the interactions with people I've only had issue with one Ayn Rand fan, Froglich. I ignored him and he stopped arguing. My conflict solution remains:

I REALLY like the classic Wikipedia format and the deep, if outdated, encyclopedia to link to almost anything, or import it if still absent.

I'm all for collaborating and building bridges, but I'd rather "officially" team up with WikiSpooks, as /u/Robin (also as /u/WikiSpooks) is already SaidItron and posts primo content here on the regular. (FYI, Robin provides a weekly ZIP (<5gb) of the entire WikiSpooks content to download should anything happen to WS.)

Better still IMHO, would be to easily create a SaidIt.Wiki and manage it ourselves. I don't see a need to reinvent the wheel and decentralize information that will get out dated. While we could do the InfoGalactic thing and scrape WP for content or we could upload WS, maybe stealing it's thunder, I'd rather just start a new wiki.

There are other Wikipedians here too. We could start by saying that our rules are all the same as Wikipedia's, and then amend them as necessary. For example, instead of eliminating all "fringe" media we could allow it as sources to cite. We could also allow "fancruft" and long articles that delve into detail. We could allow other wiki-projects beyond the scope of an encyclopedia, like opinion pieces, essays, blogs, personal vanity pages, and open projects. The possibilities are endless. The encyclopedia might be the smallest part of it.

All this being said, it makes more sense, in my mind NOT to call it but something entirely new, and have it under the NET of (Being creative I could come up with a hundred names in a second but that's not what this is about, and it should be democratic.) I'd be willing to buy the domain on May 1 if we can come up with something by then.

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One more thought: The future is decentralization.

I don't know what that means exactly.

I've been so caught up in SaidIt that I haven't delved into Everipedia and it claims to be a decentralized solution based on Wikipedia.

I don't know if it's legit or not. Robin found an article there that would have been censored on Wikipedia so it may be legit, at least to some degree.

I hate the default look though, like Wikipedia and InfoGalactic, its skin-theme-layout can likely be altered in user preferences.

Everipedia also is developing a reward system for it, though I don't know much about that. I also don't know if that will be a corrupting force or not. While money is the root of all evil, I don't blame the rewards, as it's done off site for Wikipedia, so maybe Everipedia might be slightly more transparent in this regard. I don't know what their policies are regarding fringe, fancruft, vanity pages, and other projects.

I have great hope for it but I am prepared for the worst.

I would next delve into the Everipedia and its culture, or other decentralization things (ie Mastodon, PeerTube, IPFS, Holochain, ZeroNet, etc), if I didn't have 2 projects I think are more important to share with the world.

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I think we could add decentralisation to Saidit reasonably easily by slowly adding ActivityPub API support, and allowing people to navigate to, e.g., /e/ and read's Mastodon-compatible Saidit-flavour ActivityPub site – and eventually interact with it, though blacklisting sites will have to be accomplished first to prevent abuse.

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I don't know what any of that means. I have been consumed by SaidIt and yet to learn Mastodon stuff.

Maybe start a /s/SaidItDecentralization sub to discuss and develop all decent options openly. I'd start by proposing stuff to M7D3 for their approval. If they don't understand it then you can develop your pitch or come up with others. If they understand it they can approve it and you can code it for them to implement. They have their own lives and priorities and will implement stuff in time. The SaidIt logo was done in late January, maybe into February and in only got added a few days ago.

Sure and steady as she goes.

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Oops; I didn't mean to write that jargon. I was actually asking for your opinion on the UX of it, but didn't really actually ask that.

Do you think it would be OK to have URLs looking like this?…

(though obviously with the ability to write other site names there instead of!)

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I don't know what a UX is.

I love the idea of using more than just /s/link. I've been saying almost since arriving that we could have a whole shortcut system, as on Wikipedia, where for example LV:link would take you to the Latvian Wikipedia. InfoGalactic I think has a WP:link.

I'd hope to see thinks like:

  • /r/Reddit
  • /wp/Wikipedia
  • /ws/WikiSpooks
  • /ig/InfoGalactic
  • /yt/YouTube
  • /ddg/DuckDuckGo

And so on. One thing I just came up with, excepting the Reddit standard, is the idea that 2 or 3 letters means off-site. In this way the single letter could be exclusively for SaidIt purposes. For example, maybe /w/Topic could be a shortcut substitute for /s/Topic/wiki/ (regardless of an external sister wiki), or in the future maybe there will be something like /b/Books, /i/Images, /m/Music, or /v/Video. And say in the future, maybe I'll wear them down enough to start their own MediaWiki-based sister-site. This whole /123/thing could be developed in a sub and people could submit their requests for the SaidIt equivalent of DuckDuckGo !bangs.

As for your /e/ I don't know what the "e" means. External?

I don't know what you mean okay if they look like that. Looks aren't critical. It looks confusing and redundant. I'd need to know what the purpose for so much extra stuff to approve it.

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UX is User eXperience. It's like UI but more, it means the whole flow of using the product, it is easy or is it stressful, surprises or intuitive, etc.

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You'd think I'd know that having delved into that dating back to the SoftImage flow in 1996 or so and being keen on ergonomics.

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The purpose is that, ultimately, you can use your Saidit account to read and post on any Saidit-like site, or Mastodon instance, or Prismo instance…

I also think it looks redundant and confusing, but I can't think of a better way of doing it.

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I don't know what Prismo is. There are a lot of them.

I like the purpose.

Why configure it so that:…

Automatically implies something like:…

And just have the /e/ and /s/ essentially equivalent on local SaidIt and mean whatever elsewhere?

e = Everything? External? Excelsior?

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We've already got /s/ for that purpose, and since it's possible to make a sub called /s/ that URL scheme is (sadly) not feasible.

A possible alternative to having that /e/ scheme is having a longish hex string. I don't like the idea of that, though.

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Your first sentence makes no sense to me.

I don't know why you're reinventing the wheel, again, again, again.

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I've thought about that too wizz, I think it'd be possible.

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The hardest part would be allowing posts and comments from external sites to be posted on normal pages. How hard is it to add an extra column to the posts and comments tables, setting every row's value of the column to NULL?

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it's pretty easy to add a new attribute to posts and comments that defaults to empty. you've gotta deal with subs though too?

existing federated reddits:

and maybe notabug?


i like this idea of baby steps into the fediverse, like with using your saidit account elsewhere, sounds pretty cool.

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Subs are easy; you just cache basic data for the listings and then request it from the external site when you need to view it. Any content on there is stored on the external site, and maybe a copy's kept for convenience on user pages but that's non-canonical.

Does SQLAlchemy let you add a new attribute to the magic Table object, run the code in prod and automatically update the database? Or do you have to run SQL commands to add the column manually?

Hadn't seen Lemmy; that's cool. Also, it reminds me of one other issue:

Other sites have different voting systems. If we're going to federate with them, we need to genericise the way we represent votes or everything will fall over when we try to pass content to and from somewhere with only one vote, or with upvote and downvote, or even with three types of vote.

Here's one possible way of doing that: we have a votes table, where each vote has an id. Then we— wait, that won't work.

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Does SQLAlchemy let you add a new attribute to the magic Table object, run the code in prod and automatically update the database?

Yes, new db columns/rows are happening automatically based on changes in code.

genericise the way we represent votes

we can just call our points whatever the protocol wants to call them, upvotes or likes or whatever.

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No, I mean…

Let's say (and this wouldn't ever happen) that we convinced Reddit to add federation support identical to our own. When you're viewing Reddit posts from Saidit, and find something funny, and click the fun button… they get a downvote. And conversely, if you don't like something on Saidit-from-Reddit, you want to downvote it, but accidentally mark it "fun".

What do we do about that?

Incidentally, /s/CringeAnarchy has CSS'd in up and down arrows, which isn't such a smart move as the mod probably thought it was. Do you want to try to explain, or just leave it?

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What do we do about that?

Well since only SaidIt clones will have the same voting model, the best we can do is work around it. If a downvote comes in, it's discarded (edit: or subtract downvotes from the upvotes if both are present). For a fun vote to go out, it either counts as another upvote or it's discarded. Etc. etc.

Do you want to try to explain, or just leave it?

I'm just gonna live and let live. Maybe they like it because it ups the cringe factor. Surely they will notice the score in the sidebar not subtracting points on "downvotes" sooner or later. Edit: they have already changed them anyway.

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I didn't know about these! When did these happen? Worth reposting with details, how they work, and a run down on /s/DecentralizeAllThings

Also, have you considered them? Looked at their code? Etc?

What are the pros and cons of each?

This seems huge! It's exciting to say the least.

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They are both very early projects. Prismo is a little further along and has been live for a year. They used to have but then dude accidentally deleted the DB and lost a year of content. Now they're at

I'd certainly entertain switching if the feature set was right.

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I hope you have backups.

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You know the landscape at IG better than anyone.

I'll defer to your judgment.

One more thought: The future is decentralization.

I have a more ominous view. The open internet is under assault. Any possible future for the open internet as it exists requires decentralization.

Do you have any suggestions? Can something like a website be block chained; while ensuring Magnora and d3rr maintain admin control?

It is their ship.

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That's the zillion dollar question. Beyond my skill set.

Sharding is now better than blockchain. Blockchain requires the entire chain. Sharding shares only parts of the blockchain and the entire chain is not critical. This helps a lot, and though loss may occur if shards aren't maintained, it's likely solved by trackers that would equalize the distribution, or something.

Further, to add on to that, I think it might even be worth embracing the idea that there may be splinter groups from SaidIt who may get banned or do their own thing, yet continue to help maintain the code and thrive or die elsewhere. This idea is more about the SaidIt community being curated and cultivated by exemplar leaders, as others groups are free to do. I guess part of that would still necessitate some kind of list of who's in the community, maybe shared among distributions.

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I'm not in favour of this.

That's fine. I want to have the discussion anyway. Thanks very much for explaining your opinion.

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I've been monitoring your activities...

You are an Ayn Rand horcrux.

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That's nonsense and there's no reason for name calling. Furthermore, it's just plain false.

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Relax guard dog. I told him. It's Tom trolling me.

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Tom, the Froglich problem was mildly traumatic for me so fuck right off using this alias at me. I've repeatedly said as much in more diplomatic terms.

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Name calling is bottom tier. No need to reply. Just report.

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I'd be fine with that; if anyone had ever heard of infogalactic.

It's unfortunate. Seems legit.

A reasonable compromise may be to reference the infogalactic page in the top paragraphs as a "find more info here...".

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I wrote another longer comment that address this stuff in more detail. I'd value your thoughts on it.

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What does it all mean? It's not like we're linking to Wikipedia. We are linking to IG tho on the main wiki page:

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Three motives.

  1. Raise awareness that Wikipedia is a propaganda machine with covert political agendas, and there are alternatives.
  2. Raise awareness of InfoGalactic and the SaidIt content written there by u/JasonCarswell.
  3. Ask you to put a link to in some obvious place of the main page and confirm that SaidIt endorses InfoGalactic.

If you deny any of those three then I'd like to have the conversation here and now instead of going forward with false impressions of you and these things. Also, u/JasonCarswell has done a lot to promote SaidIt, and acknowledging that seems just.

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I'd be fine with all of that. If IG is considered to be extremist or far right though, we should have a vote about it. We don't want to sully our non partisan site with partisan alliances which may turn off newcomers.

And we'd need a plan for 3.

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If IG is considered to be extremist or far right though, we should have a vote about it.

I'm not aware of that. I have been told the dude who started it has had his fingers in shady shit, but it mostly sounds like sour grapes from political adversaries. Either way, voting is probably not a bad idea in a community this small.

We don't want to sully our non partisan site with partisan alliances which may turn off newcomers.

Absolutely. Keep SaidIt politically heterodox! I have more to say on that topic, but I'm still synthesizing my thoughts.

As to 3, if IG is believed to be overtly partisan then it's probably not a good idea. The reverse idea is still valid though: link to SaidIt from many wikis and social sites of varied political allegiances.

Jason mentioned establishing an independent wiki site maintained by himself, SaidItor volunteers, and (maybe?) selected outsiders. Nothing wrong with that, but it seems like an enormous burden and I personally lack the OCD required to participate in such.

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Either way, voting is probably not a bad idea in a community this small.

Well now that I think about it, going by this post, it's like 2 for and 2 against, so there's no clear consensus that we should pick an official wiki. If you feel like reposting to /s/AskSaidIt or /s/SaidItSurverys and making it clearly a Y/N poll to get some more feedback, that'd be cool too. Something like "Should InfoGalactic be the preferred external wiki site for SaidIt?"

The reverse idea is still valid though: link to SaidIt from many wikis and social sites of varied political allegiances.

Agreed. The more links to SaidIt the better.

it seems like an enormous burden and I personally lack the OCD required to participate in such


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Should InfoGalactic be the preferred external wiki site for SaidIt

Since both you and Jason have weighed in I feel like I've gotten a better feel for how it might go down. If you sincerely believe there would be something to gain then I'll do it.

Of course anyone who has an opinion can just jump in right here and have their say. There's no reason my dumb ideas should go unchallenged.

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Improvement: "Should InfoGalactic or WikiSpooks be the preferred external wiki site for SaidIt?"

But that's not even a great question.

Should we even have an external wiki preference?

Should we/someone make it or go with IG, WS, etc?

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Should we even have an external wiki preference?

Probably not.

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Who's for it?

Why would you go for IG over WikiSpooks, who's main man /u/Robin is a SaidItron and excellent contributor? Maybe he might even be interested in maintaining another wiki too.

IMHO, it's a little too soon for a Survey that will diffuse this thread, unless we all migrate there. We don't even know what the proper question is.

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It seems Tom is for it or neutral, so yeah maybe the consensus is no.

Why would you go for IG over WikiSpooks, who's main man /u/Robin is a SaidItron and excellent contributor?

Great point. Yeah I'm over this too, I think it's a non-issue. We endorse the built in SaidIt wiki above all others!

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Who's the other one?

I think it's a non-issue.

Mosdef, from the start. But a good convo.

We endorse the built in SaidIt wiki above all others!

That goes without saying. Unless we SaidItrons dev a sister site with crossover linking code and notifications. So far there's not too many wikis to copy paste over, if/when.

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The funder/founder of InfoGalactic is Vox Day. I've never seen him on there.

He's religious and alt-right. He has a sizable following. I've posted some of his interesting Darkstream videos. Most are tedious.

They are developing Social Galactic. I don't know any other details about that.

He's started to selectively host videos. You can't freely join. You have to build a following and be invited (or maybe you can apply). Owen Benjamin is a big draw.

They publish books. Milo just wrote 2 books.

I don't know anything about shady shit. I'm willing to hear it.

Installing a MediaWiki is so simple I did it on this box at home. I know nothing about maintaining or administering a wiki. I know there's an international HUGE amount of support resources.

Also, I don't want to manage it. I would contribute, and utilize it, and help out. But I intend to develop my own anti-establishment media content, not platform.

Honestly, I'd rather see someone develop a MediaWiki kit that would emulate the Reddit/SaidIt-style forum format, and port it over to that larger codebase with greater tools. Of course CSS themes would be entirely different, but the rest could potentially be made to appear similar.

There's already a WikForum ( and lots of integrations, patches, protocols, etc etc etc Stuff I don't know about.

FYI there's a /r/MediaWiki and I bet you could create a /r/PortRedditToMediaWiki. There are other things I don't know about too:

This is an interesting MediaWiki vs RedditWiki comparison discussion, though Reddit-biased I don't know how good WP:TiddlyWiki is, but I suspect it doesn't have the power of MW.

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I don't know anything about shady shit. I'm willing to hear it.

Let's just not do that.

There's no way I'm setting up a wiki.

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No one is making you.

I can set up another one again, if I hear support and later get support. I can buy the domain on May 1. I'll need to find a good server. Maybe I can test the waters for some new servers M7D3 want to try, buy some hosting there, let them co-admin so they can play with the buttons and maybe tweak the controls. Invite Robin to co-admin. Maybe invited Crew from InfoGalactic too. There are a few there that are decent but mostly it's sparsely populated.

I can try to do some extensions, addons and stuff, but I really don't want to delve into time sucks there when I know there's a better use of my attention and skills to create agitprop.

I wonder if is taken.

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Thanks for your praises and good intentions but I don't see much of this as necessary. I wrote another longer comment that address this stuff in more detail. I'd value your thoughts on it.

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Endorsing alternative wiki(s) would be an opportunity to draw attention to

Alternatively, installing a mediawiki is no great project these days, and the weekly Wikispooks snapshots offer 20,000 pages of content to get started. The more extensions/customisations, the heavier the maintenance. Wikispooks has a moderate amount of custom content. Its maintenance is reportedly only occasionally hard work (e.g. at update time or fixing random issues).

If the idea is to encourage Saiditors to collaborate on building a better WP, then would be my first name suggestion.

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If the idea is to encourage Saiditors to collaborate on building a better WP, then would be my first name suggestion.

If I'm honest I was motivated by a bout of paranoia brought on by WP's censorship and adherence to accepted narratives.

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WP is often a great reference for the official narrative.

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Glad you weighed in.

I like I wish I'd thought of it. How about or or Maybe all of them pointing at the same place.

Rather than starting a new wiki, it seems more practical to team up. Myself and other Saiditrons could help shoulder the expenses. But I don't know if WikiSpooks would like some of these other ideas. For example, hosting media, allowing for non-encyclopedic projects, personal blogs, vanity pages, essays, lists, stupid meme collections, whatever people want that abides by the rules. (I am going doing preproduction on an animated series and intend to use a wiki to organize it. InfoGalactic, for now.) Or maybe it's actually worth a second wiki for that, but still have all 3 partnered up - social SaidIt, encyclopedic Spooks, and random Stuff.

In particular I'd love to see things like /s/Sub also apply to /s/RedditLink or /ws/WikiSpooksLink and then vice versa. For example, on Wikipedia you can make a [[LV:LatvianWikipediaLink]]. Why not have a [[WS:WikiSpooksLink]] or [[IG:InfoGalacticLink]] and whatever else that we democratically determine is useful in a conversation thread or few.

FYI, even with all the SaidItrons and WikiSpookers and InfoGalaxians and Everipedians combined we don't have enough resources to rewrite an encyclopedia so I'm simply not interested in doing that. I think WikiSpooks is already off to a terrific start and would rather get behind that.

If SaidIt started another wiki it would be a secondary auxiliary site to SaidIt to replace the limited old Reddit-wiki and add more backup duties to SaidIt, like the IRC chat. I believe /u/d3rr is on board with this. I haven't heard from /u/magnora7 on this matter.

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Nah we're not going to buy another URL, that's just more unnecessary cost, but interesting idea.

I think we'll just use the existing saidit system rather than starting a new wiki.

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It's not a cost if it's paid for, provides services, and adds greater functionality with oodles of support and development around the world.