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it's pretty easy to add a new attribute to posts and comments that defaults to empty. you've gotta deal with subs though too?

existing federated reddits:

and maybe notabug?


i like this idea of baby steps into the fediverse, like with using your saidit account elsewhere, sounds pretty cool.

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Subs are easy; you just cache basic data for the listings and then request it from the external site when you need to view it. Any content on there is stored on the external site, and maybe a copy's kept for convenience on user pages but that's non-canonical.

Does SQLAlchemy let you add a new attribute to the magic Table object, run the code in prod and automatically update the database? Or do you have to run SQL commands to add the column manually?

Hadn't seen Lemmy; that's cool. Also, it reminds me of one other issue:

Other sites have different voting systems. If we're going to federate with them, we need to genericise the way we represent votes or everything will fall over when we try to pass content to and from somewhere with only one vote, or with upvote and downvote, or even with three types of vote.

Here's one possible way of doing that: we have a votes table, where each vote has an id. Then we— wait, that won't work.

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Does SQLAlchemy let you add a new attribute to the magic Table object, run the code in prod and automatically update the database?

Yes, new db columns/rows are happening automatically based on changes in code.

genericise the way we represent votes

we can just call our points whatever the protocol wants to call them, upvotes or likes or whatever.

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No, I mean…

Let's say (and this wouldn't ever happen) that we convinced Reddit to add federation support identical to our own. When you're viewing Reddit posts from Saidit, and find something funny, and click the fun button… they get a downvote. And conversely, if you don't like something on Saidit-from-Reddit, you want to downvote it, but accidentally mark it "fun".

What do we do about that?

Incidentally, /s/CringeAnarchy has CSS'd in up and down arrows, which isn't such a smart move as the mod probably thought it was. Do you want to try to explain, or just leave it?

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What do we do about that?

Well since only SaidIt clones will have the same voting model, the best we can do is work around it. If a downvote comes in, it's discarded (edit: or subtract downvotes from the upvotes if both are present). For a fun vote to go out, it either counts as another upvote or it's discarded. Etc. etc.

Do you want to try to explain, or just leave it?

I'm just gonna live and let live. Maybe they like it because it ups the cringe factor. Surely they will notice the score in the sidebar not subtracting points on "downvotes" sooner or later. Edit: they have already changed them anyway.

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I didn't know about these! When did these happen? Worth reposting with details, how they work, and a run down on /s/DecentralizeAllThings

Also, have you considered them? Looked at their code? Etc?

What are the pros and cons of each?

This seems huge! It's exciting to say the least.

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They are both very early projects. Prismo is a little further along and has been live for a year. They used to have but then dude accidentally deleted the DB and lost a year of content. Now they're at

I'd certainly entertain switching if the feature set was right.

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I hope you have backups.

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