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I don't know anything about shady shit. I'm willing to hear it.

Let's just not do that.

There's no way I'm setting up a wiki.

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No one is making you.

I can set up another one again, if I hear support and later get support. I can buy the domain on May 1. I'll need to find a good server. Maybe I can test the waters for some new servers M7D3 want to try, buy some hosting there, let them co-admin so they can play with the buttons and maybe tweak the controls. Invite Robin to co-admin. Maybe invited Crew from InfoGalactic too. There are a few there that are decent but mostly it's sparsely populated.

I can try to do some extensions, addons and stuff, but I really don't want to delve into time sucks there when I know there's a better use of my attention and skills to create agitprop.

I wonder if is taken.