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I don't know what a UX is.

I love the idea of using more than just /s/link. I've been saying almost since arriving that we could have a whole shortcut system, as on Wikipedia, where for example LV:link would take you to the Latvian Wikipedia. InfoGalactic I think has a WP:link.

I'd hope to see thinks like:

  • /r/Reddit
  • /wp/Wikipedia
  • /ws/WikiSpooks
  • /ig/InfoGalactic
  • /yt/YouTube
  • /ddg/DuckDuckGo

And so on. One thing I just came up with, excepting the Reddit standard, is the idea that 2 or 3 letters means off-site. In this way the single letter could be exclusively for SaidIt purposes. For example, maybe /w/Topic could be a shortcut substitute for /s/Topic/wiki/ (regardless of an external sister wiki), or in the future maybe there will be something like /b/Books, /i/Images, /m/Music, or /v/Video. And say in the future, maybe I'll wear them down enough to start their own MediaWiki-based sister-site. This whole /123/thing could be developed in a sub and people could submit their requests for the SaidIt equivalent of DuckDuckGo !bangs.

As for your /e/ I don't know what the "e" means. External?

I don't know what you mean okay if they look like that. Looks aren't critical. It looks confusing and redundant. I'd need to know what the purpose for so much extra stuff to approve it.

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UX is User eXperience. It's like UI but more, it means the whole flow of using the product, it is easy or is it stressful, surprises or intuitive, etc.

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You'd think I'd know that having delved into that dating back to the SoftImage flow in 1996 or so and being keen on ergonomics.

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The purpose is that, ultimately, you can use your Saidit account to read and post on any Saidit-like site, or Mastodon instance, or Prismo instance…

I also think it looks redundant and confusing, but I can't think of a better way of doing it.

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I don't know what Prismo is. There are a lot of them.

I like the purpose.

Why configure it so that:…

Automatically implies something like:…

And just have the /e/ and /s/ essentially equivalent on local SaidIt and mean whatever elsewhere?

e = Everything? External? Excelsior?

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We've already got /s/ for that purpose, and since it's possible to make a sub called /s/ that URL scheme is (sadly) not feasible.

A possible alternative to having that /e/ scheme is having a longish hex string. I don't like the idea of that, though.

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Your first sentence makes no sense to me.

I don't know why you're reinventing the wheel, again, again, again.

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… Ok.

Imagine that we have two completely different websites. One of them is The other is You can access from with the URL:

and the other way around with:

Do you think that there's a better way of doing this?

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How about:


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The whole point of decentralisation is that anyone can set a new Saidit up and it'll almost seamlessly connect to the others, so there's no reliance on a central entity like m7d3. How would this scale to, e.g.

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You gotta break down the components of that example address for me. What does what and why?

Without knowing that...

How about, just as there are my examples, there could be more alternatives: = with home / other content = wizz4's home / referencing wizz4's content = looking at stuff = wizz4 looking at = looking at wizz4's Porn

I see how it begins to get a little long.

If everyone used a dot net then we could shave that off. But if "they" decide to shut down all dotnet sites then there might be a problem. Or we could go ZeroNet or onion, or have them as backup. Obama gave the domains to the United Nations for some reason, not in America's interests. Still don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Doubt it's for the best.

I was thinking that if we all got "saidit" variants we could shorten them. But that would also be like a target that could be censored. = wizz4 = d3rr = AssTroll

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Hmm… Maybe could be implemented and would always work, but then the site hosts could add shorter versions like if they wanted to.

That seems to satisfy both requirements: true decentralisation and usability.

Obama gave the domains to the United Nations for some reason, not in America's interests.

Nitpick: Nobody ever owned the domains, except by consensus. Anyone has always been able to run their own DNS server where points to the 4chan servers, and with a little configuring you can teach any computer to treat that DNS server as an authority for the .gov TLD.