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erryday until at least 12 pm est, and today happens to be one of the bad days for the front page too.

Reporting does nothing much either

Edit: give me admin powers to just remove spam and bs. I don’t need full powers or anything, I’ll clean shit up as I’m reading and posting. I’ll take all the smoke for “censorship” and won’t reply to any of it or take it personally either which only further stirs up drama and bs. I’ll silently nuke bs on sight.

I’ll be like the smoke monster of SaidIt from lost.

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Reporting is good, it helps us ID and remove the bad posts much more easily, and reduces our workload. Reports are very useful and very much appreciated. We can't have the report button result in automated removals or the trolls will abuse it and have legitimate things removed constantly. We get false reports attempting to do this fairly regularly.

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Whoa, false positives? That has to be done purposely...

Do we have a ban policy to stop this currently? It's a form of spam itself to try to deplatform legit posts and spam mods with known incorrect reports.

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Yes it's obviously being done purposefully. This site is constantly under attack in every way possible, I keep trying to tell people that. We're trying to these sorts of people every way we can. False reports are like 0.1% of the total problem we face of people gaming the system (votes, comments, alt accounts, etc). These people are deliberately wrecking every forum, it's literally their job. And I don't mean that as a joke or to be funny or whatever, they're literally paid to mess up internet forums so people can't easily have conversations about important things

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until at least 12 pm est, and today happens to be one of the bad days for the front page too.

I've been waking up after noon lately... I wonder if the other admins have as bad as a sleep schedule as I do.

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My sleep has been messed up off and on for a couple months. I've wondered if they turned on or ramped up the 5G or something.

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Do you go to sleep before 9 am? My only excuse for sleeping in late is needing to get at least a few hours of sleep per day. Whenever the sleep happens, the wakeup will hopefully be some hours later.

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Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I sleep pretty much all day, to be honest...

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It's pretty amazing to wake up around sunrise after having all the sleep you need. I'd recommend it if you can make that happen. Of course, that's more of a do as I say, not as I do. But still...

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Ain't gon'o happen; I have serious sleeping problems. If I try to lay down early: I just lay there for hours, wide awake — and wake up after noon anyways. Every so often I'll have a few days when I wake up before ten am, but that only happens about once a month at best.

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If I try to lay down early: I just lay there for hours, wide awake

I have a theory that goes like this: If one were to make themselves physically tired during the day, lying down and falling asleep before midnight could be possible. I know how ludicrous that may sound. but really, what if some kind of physical exertion during the day would lead to physical exhaustion and an earlier sleep time.

Who has time for that though, right? (posted at 4:03 am PDT)

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    You can solve this with just one click of your computer's power switch.

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      You make no sense. Not your forum and you're trying to wreck the site because you don't like the rules? Unless you can give me more information, I have to assume you are trying to not make sense and are paid to be doing this. Your messages are not even cryptic at this point, just purposefully confusing. I like to learn by trading information, but you're not helping your cause unless you're just trying to stir up confusion and drive site traffic away.

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            I just started blocking the users posting the spam. I didn't see but 2 spam posts this AM

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            I thought that you were the morning admin?!?

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            69 bro! Your reports get read and acted upon* in due time.

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            69 bro!


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            Does anyone remember Stewart from Mad TV back in the 90's? This kind of trolling reminds me of that, bless his heart.

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            "Look what I can do!"

            flails around randomly

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            I report them as "spam", refresh the page and they're gone. I can't explain why. Either I have powers, admin powers I wasn't told of, or they're only hidden from me like "blocked" I might assume (I don't block). Or everyone has this power.

            I did it today, and either yesterday or the day before. And of course often enough in the weeks before the last [voided].

            I would hope that all the stuff I or other users report as spam would be held and verified or restored ASAP to avoid accidents and abuse before they're permanently rmeoved.

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              u/d3rr did you know about this /u/me functionality? That's a new one for me. Neat.

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                    Can you please consider commuting Musky's ban to a week?

                    User has been banned for this comment. [or in this case, ignored]

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                    yep there's /u/me/upvoted too

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                      Yes, m7 should join us in doing it in public.

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                        What the fuck /u/magnora7?!?!

                        Why is /s/tits banned?

                        I saw no pornography there last time I looked a few weeks ago.

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                          I'm done with trying to affect change here. Consider joining the evolution.

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                          "All breasts are pornography" - TAM

                          Admins deem tits pornography.

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                          TAM confuses tits with teats.

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                          I suspect this could be used for nefarious intentions.

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                            Don't forget /s/friends either.

                            Edit: I'm following you on Gab. And to anyone reading this: feel free to follow me, my profile is here.

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                              I already mentioned why I don’t like the idea in the og post. There are trolls and shills crazy enough to go through every comment you’ve ever made to use that as ammo against ones character; why would someone give them access to things they like, agree with or align with their personal opinions, aka things they upvoted?

                              That’s giving away even more unnecessary information to users with possibly nefarious intent to use against you.

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                                Would you like me to add that as a warning in my next post? Would that be sufficient?

                                I wasn’t talking shit about you when I linked to that, I only linked to it to show how it could be used nefariously as I already made a joke about how it could be used to collect data in that thread.

                                Sorry if you took it that way, it’s up to you how you frame it - people should know of the pros and cons if you feel like it’s a potential con.

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                                Even so who cares? Even if I upvoted a nazi or a communist so what?

                                Has there ever been anything on saidit that shouldn't be upvoted?

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                                Interesting. TIL.

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                                or they're only hidden from me like "blocked" I might assume


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                                I’ve reported stuff, non anonymously tagging my name (and anonymously), doing 20 reports in a row, and the comments and posts stayed up for over 12 hours in the last week.

                                Ever since I got into stonks a few months ago, my sleeping schedule really changed as I wake up at 430 at everyday and do research and see what’s happened overnight with international markets, new news, new dd, etc. Then I wait for market open. While I do that I fuck around on SaidIt.

                                The spam and trolling attacks always start at around 4 am and are usually up until 12 pm, if not even longer. So is spam for prescription drugs and other shit. That’s kinda ridiculous.

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                                Heading out to work - but cleaned a bit out...

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                                Thank you!!

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                                Thank you!

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                                I wake up at 430

                                It's a challenge to get to sleep by 4:30. It was... a lot later today. How do you go to sleep so early?