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"reddit" is a deepstateshit-cia asset, it is a front for the cia's domestic american guerrilla war movement waged by the cia against its own citizens with the intent of replacing the countries "culture" ... "guerrilla wars" are political/propaganda wars who's main weapon propaganda using face-to-face propaganda "indoctrination" exchange tactics as being key, the intent of all "guerrilla-wars" is to replace the targets countries "culture", per cia manuals!!!

Obviously, adam schwartz, one of us, saw this as being founder of reddit, he watched the cia-deepstateshit guerilla war operatives move into his organization, he remained independent and they did not like his rejection of their "philosophy", adam soon became "the man who knew way to much" ... and the cia using hard weapons, as a back up to failed propaganda attempts(per cia manuals), suicided him... for all we know this "mit bookdownloading" bit was the cover and may have never happened... meanwhile we have learned through "epstein" that "mit" is the cia's domestic-american-headquarters for waging a political/propaganda-guerriila-war with it's targets being caucAsian/Asian american citizens, you, me and our children, .... the cia/deepstateshit is devious at best while having a little bit to much hutzpah for their own "good"!!!

here's another clue: nearly all "medical research" is absolute fraud and only exists as a means for money laundering and siphoning... the cia used to be more heavily involved in gaining financing in the "illegal drug trade"... though now the cia has moved into the "legal pharmaceuticals", they have discovered through the use of "fear propaganda" and completely bogus "medical research" that they can "chemically control" populations... this is why "vaccines" and "pharmaceuticals" are heavily promoted and protected on reddit.... reddit=cia=phamaceutical industry.... "vaccines" falls under the classification as a "hard weapon" employed as a cia "tool"!!!

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High IQ

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here's another clue: nearly all "medical research" is absolute fraud and only exists as a means for money laundering and siphoning...

Are you saying that there's no advancements in medical technology that come from research, or that the advances that we do see could be achieved with much less "research" and most of it is syphoned off

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let's look at what a "virus" really is...

a "virus" is no more than anomalies in cells, it's cell spot reading, the exact same "science" as palm reading, tea leaf reading, face reading... what you see "illustrated" as a "virus" is a connected pattern of "cell spots" representing a "shape" that some "gypsies" have decided that this "pattern" represents this person will have this "future disease", literally.... is face reading, palm reading and tea leaf reading an exact science also?, should we rely on them absolutely and "fund" them to the tune of "trillions"?!?. One could apply the same "disney cgi graphics", that the "pharmaceutical" industry uses for illustrative and propaganda images of "viruses" , to the soap spots on my bathroom mirror and represent something "menacing".... you ever notice how "mit", home of domestic cia activities, likes to promote images of "viruses" with their "special equipment"?!.

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I've worked with that 'special equipment'. Its real. Viruses and the germ model are real.

I'm not saying pharma funding of research isn't a massive con, with results being pushed in required directions, but you are simply deluded if you think that the atomic level images we work with, or the computations that we use to generate, say, protein folding models, are fake.

I watched the early STM machine being developed. Atomic scale resolution, from a tip floating above the sample. The CIA stuff was in a lab a few blocks over, developing iris recognition from low res (well, at the time, high res) CCTV. Back then, they already had a database of 10,000,000 people.

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Did you know that science is a jewish conspiracy?

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mate... "viruses" are as "real" as gematria-cell-spot-reading is real, do you also "believe" in the absolute gematria of everything else?....though its easy to hoodwink everyone when, until the "details" are revealed and whats exposed are gypsies doing gemetria-cell-spot-reading, with according to you, stm machines...

though now that we know that a "virus" is no more than gematria-cell-spot-reading, being the gypsy "research scientists" they are, what other gematria cell spot "patterns" do they consider "meaningful" or even "auspicious" that are recorded and logged for "other" reasons?!.

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whatever, dude. whatever. ohm shanti., motherfucker

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um huh... why does "medicine" need to be about "ego"?!.

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You tell me, you are the one whose ego has gone into full on verbal diarrhea mode. Projecting your single viewpoint out on the world and attempting to invalidate that of others based on nothing but ego.

You've never worked in a lab, you've never developed imaging software, you have no idea what is or is not being done in those realms, beyond your own projections.

Language can take many forms, and many different systems of language can describe the world. But, the ego is not known for keeping its utterances in line with reality. You've lost your grip there. You've taken ideas and spun them out of context to try and invalidate them. You've argued against the physical reality of atomic scale measurements using machines that someone here (me) has worked with, and talked nonsense about conspiracy around what they do. You've then tried to project your own ego based models onto a field you don't understand (gemetria-cell-spot-readings? like seriously?).

Gemetria is no more valid than anything else. It depends on an arbitrary discrete base system. Why pick decimal? why not base 6 or 12 or 60 or 260? why not base 273, my favourite?

The world is word, and the word is a continuous waveform, infinite in divisibility and pattern. Your imposed gematric grid is at best, as valid as any other attempt to impose order on the chaos, and in this case, fails miserably to meet the successes of the science mode of thought.

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You tell me, you are the one whose ego has gone into full on verbal diarrhea mode. Projecting your single viewpoint out on the world and attempting to invalidate that of others based on nothing but ego.

This coming from you is absolutely hilarious. Looks like some others are on to you and your "style" of "debate" lol

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word derives from the medici, they use it to help run the world

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This entire thread is a clusterfuck. Oh and for a good measurement: Virus term is a conspiracy made up by Microsoft to promote eating pills (/s)

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Just wait until the 2020 election, they'll game the number to make themselves #6 in the world again. I swear to god about 70% of reddit traffic is fictional and self-generated

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Especially since China recently invested 150 million dollars in it..

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Yeah exactly. They're about as globalist mega-corp sellout as you can be

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I don't think they were #6 in the world ever, it's #6 in the USA

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They were #4 in the USA and #6 in the world at reddit's peak, at least that's what I saw on Alexa during the election

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Oh yeah, you might be right. Thanks for the correction :)

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Good. I recommend everyone do their part to encourage users to move over here.

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Depends on how you are going to do that. Being a sassy bitch like me might not work perfectly, unfortunately.

Also you can just plant an idea that they need to move to another platform instead of telling them to move to saidit directly. That way you wont sound as a paid advertisement or something.

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Honestly I don't think we want to flood the site with those idiots. Keep them contained in their little retard pen imo.

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Looking at the top sites, it looks like it mostly moved down because Chinese sites moved up, and that overall traffic to Reddit is up. How do you reconcile that information with the idea that conservative censorship and shilling is destroying the site?

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The numbers are fake, reddit is faking traffic numbers for profit. Only thing that makes sense imo

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Do they count bots as part of their traffic?

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Almost certainly. I even wouldn't be surprised if they had their own bots to fluff up the numbers. The google trends line (which measures how many google searches) is unnaturally straight for the term 'reddit', look at it:

This is clearly a result of them gaming the numbers, because they have quotas to meet, because they're a for-profit company that relies largely on ad revenue and they have investors to please. That's why there is such an unnatural straight line upward for 10 years. Look up any other term or company and you will see much more variation in their growth and decline. Reddit is 100% gaming the system imo

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Most of sites with ads doing that ,they want to cheat the internet ad companies.

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Bans userbase

"Why are we losing traffic?"


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Reddit never had those numbers, it's just making you think it's popular.

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Reddit is supporting Chinese censorship.

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Their new interface is terrible to

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The main reason is, that Faggit sucks dick.

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The quarantining of r/The_Donald was despicable, just because the reddit leadership is hard left, bush league BS move.