The Eiffel Tower lights up with renewable hydrogen energy by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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Energy Observer To Light Eiffel Tower With Renewable Hydrogen

The Eiffel Tower will be illuminated with certified renewable hydrogen electricity on Tuesday evening.

In order to showcase the company's carbon-free technology, Energy Observer, based in Saint-Malo, France, wants the iconic site in Paris to be transformed into a showcase.

“The objective is to mobilize all French people, the general public as well as businesses and local authorities, around the hydrogen sector,” Energy Observer CEO Louis-Noel Vivies said.

A number of French officials are attending the evening event including Finance Minister Bruno Lemaire and Minister of the Ecological Transition.

Inside the world's first hydrogen-powered ship. We went on board the Energy Observer, a repurposed racing catamaran that's 100% energy-independent, producing its own power with hydrogen and solar technologies | CNET by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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Replace that shit with sails and you'll get where you're going a lot faster.

If you don't understand the difference between sails and hydrogen fuel cells then any further discussion is a waste of time.

Oman targets 25GW wind and solar mega-build 'for millions of tonnes of green H2 a year'. Consortium led by state's energy company OQ says massive renewables deployment would turn Middle East state into global energy transition fuels hub by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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No matter how many times you repost it, this is still a very poorly thought out idea that will fail spectacularly.

That's your opinion. We'll see in a few years. Batteries are yesterday, H2 is the future.

Toyota Is Building a Futuristic Prototype City Powered by Hydrogen by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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So, tell me, how do you plan to produce all that hydrogen? Oh, and don't try to give me that "with renewable power" bullshit. If you had the "renewable power" you wouldn't need the hydrogen in the first place.

World's largest solar powered hydrogen plant in China begins operation. The project, owned by Baofeng Energy Group, uses a 200-MW solar power plant located in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to electrolyze water to make hydrogen, which replaces coal.

Hydrogen power plant for the garden. The idea is that private customers will, in the future, be able to produce the hydrogen they need using small wind turbines. by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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What is the benefit of using wind power to generate hydrogen instead of electricity? Is it because of storage?

100% green. "Electricity" can be green or not, depending on how it is produced. In the US, around 2/3rds of electricity is made by burning coal or natural gas.

Wind powered green Hydrogen station in Yorkshire, England

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announces goal to make hydrogen power, EV batteries more affordable. In particular, Granholm said that she wants to reduce the price of hydrogen energy by 80 percent before 2030 and said this would make it “competitive with natural gas,” by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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So, dumb bitch thinks that she can replace natural gas with hydrogen? I wonder how she thinks we are going to produce that hydrogen? Is it going to be through pure fucking magic?

If you read some of the posts here, you might have an idea.

For example:

Construction begins on world’s largest solar powered hydrogen plant in China