Petition to Stop Disney Profiting from the Uyghur Genocide #BoycottMulan by [deleted] in politics

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Is mrwizardd an American? I'm curious, because if so, you're looking at the very essence of absurdity. Americans have sat around on their fat asses watching their government bomb and invade lands 8,000 miles away for 21 years, and if you go back to Iraq War 1, 30 years. A drone bomb here and a drone bomb there, some of them with DU. Yet, they all of a sudden claim to be concerned with a "Genocide" - told to them by the same criminal outlaws that lied about every foreign nation they talked about and then convinced them to sit back and watch them murder millions. It's beyond disgusting.

China has overtaken the US in every way- and managed to lift millions of people out of poverty. The US is a failed nation- and the only way out now is to demonize China (and Russia) to keep the idiot Americans thinking they are still "exceptional". Sad to see, but expected.

Here's the US Secretary of State [sic] happily telling everyone in the room he's a Liar, a Cheat and a Thief

Alstom to supply Italy’s first hydrogen trains. "These trains, together with the Coradia iLint that have already proven themselves in commercial service in Germany, represent another major step in the transition towards global sustainable transport systems." by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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hydrogen is not a good medium for short haul and most civilian transit.

"Hydrogen is at a 'tipping point' with $11 trillion market set to explode, says Bank of America. After decades of false starts, hydrogen technology is poised to take off as falling production costs, technological improvements, and a global push toward sustainability converge."

The Gospel of Hydrogen Power. Mike Strizki powers his house and cars with hydrogen he home-brews. He is using his retirement to evangelize for the planet-saving advantages of hydrogen batteries. by Chop_Chop in Hydrogen

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Scientific American 2008: Inside the Solar-Hydrogen House: No More Power Bills--Ever

A New Jersey resident generates and stores all the power he needs with solar panels and hydrogen