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The trick is to become a mod and just ban them on false pretenses.

Seriously though, I went to Gab for 6 months and came back to Reddit briefly and it still amazes me how much more cooperative of an environment Gab was. It’s known for it’s trolls but I didn’t really see much of anyone getting into fights they didn’t help instigate and I had 90% positive interactions as someone who only tried to build people up. Whereas, if I even just search for info on Reddit, I can find old threads where people literally are picking on children for not understanding how the world works or mocking the grocery store people use or fighting over their own misreading of comments. This is the “mainstream” outlet. They’re not even acting like children, they’re below children.

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The trick is to become a mod and just ban them on false pretenses.

Tha's transphobic or something. You've been banned from Saidit.

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Purple? Oh sweetie, you're wrong about that for 8 reasons, and here they are in increasingly condescending detail...

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Had this happen to me today. Made an innocuous comment on r/worldnews after 3 months of not commenting outside a subreddit for a game I play.

Came back to dumbasses picking a fight because they made ignorant assumptions about my comment.

That's what happens when a social media site is filled with pseudo-intellectuals who love drama.

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Reddit has been systematically banning anyone with a spine or half a brain for years now. Not surprising they're left with the bottom of the barrel.

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Why does it have to be the bottom of the barrel why can’t it just be the top of the barrel without the excess shit.

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What is shit, who determines that? That's the problem with a curated moderation style. One or more people are determining what they want to see which determines what you see, and if you're allowed to speak. And what they want to see is affected by their own intellectual abilities, prejudices, ideology.

I don't know why reddit mods bother at all, the upvote/downvote system somewhat organically (it is prone to being manipulated) censors content by the community. The only thing that really needs to be removed is illegal material like CP and stuff like spam, etc..

And it's such a big community, they have been able to get away with mindlessly throwing away users like they were nothing for at least a decade now. Like there's some endless sea of interchangeable contributers that you can whack-a-mole on whim and another will pop up. But it's not like that, the pool is large, but eventually you select for mediocrity long enough and you end up with mediocrity.

Moderation is hard even with people talented at it, and most people are not suited to it. Fuck, I certainly have royally dicked up before, and those reddit mods are not me.

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That's what happens when a social media site is filled with pseudo-intellectuals who love drama.

They're a big part of the reason the world has shifted to so much idiotic sophistry IMO.

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Pseudo intellectuals, yes 100%.

I think if you removed assumptions from reddit you'd have maybe 3 arguments in totality.

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politard subs with over a mil is higher efficiency for those who are attention whores

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ye I'm all FOR arguing but if you're gonna argue with me about dumb shit at the very least do me the respect of making a half decent point that isn't proven wrong upon re-reading my comment

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LMFAOOOOO this is why I deleted my account. Everyone is on a mission there. It's exhausting like some ppl just want to comment and move on. Not write 36 page dissertations.

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The dissertation thing is on point. Its bad enough I have to do it in an academic setting.

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Do you have a source on that?


A source. I need a source.

Sorry, I mean I need a source that explicitly states your argument. This is just tangential to the discussion.

No, you can't make inferences and observations from the sources you've gathered. Any additional comments from you MUST be a subset of the information from the sources you've gathered.

You can't make normative statements from empirical evidence.

Do you have a degree in that field?

A college degree? In that field?

Then your arguments are invalid.

No, it doesn't matter how close those data points are correlated. Correlation does not equal causation.

Correlation does not equal causation.


You still haven't provided me a valid source yet.

Nope, still haven't.

I just looked through all 308 pages of your user history, figures I'm debating a u/spez supporter. A moron.

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your favorite color is purple and why the fucking sky is blue.

Your favorite color is purple?
The combination of red and blue?
You must be a traitor to both sides of the US political duopoly.
You can go to heck.

By the way. Have you noticed that the sun looks white in the late morning/early afternoon sky, instead if yellow?

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By the way. Have you noticed that the sun looks white in the late morning/early afternoon sky, instead if yellow?

White supremacy

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Solar supremacy is so hot right now. So hot!

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Yes the sun has changed color and we live in a simulation.

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we live on a simulation.

Maybe, but the sun is changing for ad different reason.
We're at the end of a ~13,000 year dollar cycle.

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Yes it is, you just have to be further to the left than them.

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You don't have to respond. But why do you expect them to just accept what you say if they disagree with you? It's a public forum and discussion is the point. Otherwise you could have not left any comment too.

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I dont expect anything, I just WISH they could disagree in a productive manner rather than start attacking because they're triggered.

Thats what I do when I disagree. The former I mean. Unless of course the person is being awful towards me then I don't have to give them any respect.

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Hit block on retards?

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My block list is suuuuppppppeeerrr long. At this rate I'll be responding to my own posts.

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Why would anyone still go to Reddit? When a company tells you what they think of you, believe them.

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Because all the niche communities you could ever ask for are there. I know reddit is a shithole but it has its positives too. And at times, those positives outweigh the negatives for me.

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What the hell are you trying to imply with that, bucko??

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No.. redditors are the worst people on the planet. They don't deserve breathe.

This place isn't much better now since the Bern faggots invaded

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It's gonna happen here too. Already is. I saw a transfer of fake "gold" yesterday here, and all it was missing was a "thank you kind stranger." I threw up in my mouth.

Or they will succumb to it, or, they will hide in their sub once they realize people don't get banned for hurting their sensibilities.

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The bernie bros will be converted to our ways in no time. This always happens when migrations happen outside of the mainstream judeo-controlled matrix system.

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Why do you think you should be allowed to say what you want But others can’t respond how they wish? What’s with the rules for thee but not for me mindset? What makes you so special and your opinions untouchable?

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People are allowed to respond, doesn't mean theyre not fucking autisitc weirdos always looking for a fight. And I'm allowed to complain about their responses.

Youre part of the problem faggot.

Also this isn't a rules for thee whatever the fuck you said. I don't try to start fights, nor do I demonize people who think differently than me, solely on that basis. What I DO do is get snippy with people like you who are niggers and give me attitude from the start.

And look at where that got us: nowhere.

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    Yeah I agree saidit is better. Also agree it's an ideal and not really attainable. It's really the "better" that makes it more enjoyable here.

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    When you say debate, do you mean a reasonable discussion between civil adults? Or do you mean brigading and just just looking through post histories to find any "problematic" posts you can cancel someone for? I haven't seen a reasonable debate on reddit for over a decade.

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    Neither of those. More of being nasty to someone and responding emotionally negatively rather than…actually asking someone to elaborate or saying “I don’t agree due to xyz”. They demand rather than ask and want to shut you up and change your mind. When I get bombarded like that, the last thing I wanna do is be flexible and walk them through my thought process or justify anything (as evidenced by a moronic comment elsewhere on this thread where I ended up calling the moron derogatory names because they were being a cunt rather than trying to understand that I was making an observation about a prevalent pattern on Reddit, NOT holding people to standards that I myself cannot uphold).


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    You expect others to remain silent to your comment? A comment you are posting to a pubic forum where thousands of people can read it. So, you are expecting to be heard, and that no one else is to have an opinion, or information to express to you. 👌

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    I 'expect' none of that you stalker. It's an observation that everything on Reddit seems to be a court case. Hop off my clit.

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    Amazingly weak skinned weren't you?