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definitely not on dating apps thats for sure. It's always happened randomly for me. I met my current girlfriend at the dog park

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How does that even happen? Lol

How did you know she was interested? How did she know you were interested? It feels like I'd have to wear a big badge saying "I'M A LESBIAN" for that to happen 😭 and my gaydar is very bad

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I think I just got really lucky. She was among the group of regulars who I'd see at the park everyday. It's easy to strike up conversations with fellow dog owners. I didn't know for sure that she was interested, but she responded well to subtle flirtation so I took a chance :)

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Most gay people where I live have rainbow/collars halters for their dogs, I haven't met a girlfriend that way but I've made gay friends hahah

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Several Redditors from different states/countries wanted to meet me in 2020, but I wasn't going to risk it. I don't understand people's need to date during a pandemic... even if you use safety measures. My sister is a nurse and was very cautious until she started dating a guy and contracted covid in December... had to cancel her xmas vacation.

Anyway, I'm butch and can meet women anywhere if gay/bi women are confident enough to approach me in public. I saw lots of lesbians/bi women at a women's rally a year ago before the pandemic. I went to the rally with a friend I've known since 2015 who approached me at a BLM protest for Sandra Bland. She (a 45+ year old black femme) simply walked up to me and spoke.

Also, since I'm not white... I don't have to worry about white men larping as lesbians nor white "queer" women with boyfriends looking for threesomes. That's one of the few perks of being a black lesbian... the only thing I have to worry about is attracting depressed women, unfortunately. I think 3 of the Redditors who wanted to meet me had been recently suicidal. I don't want to deal with that shit. One woman showed me a scar of where she cut her forearm down the middle (not across her wrist). I've never been suicidal and can't relate to self-hating women.

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Did she show that cut to you on a first date? That seems like stalker level kind of stuff.

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Some people seem too open about themselves. I've been suffering for mental health all my life, but I won't disclose it to someone after a first date, It would take months. You even ruin your chances of a relationship by appearing as a crazy woman who harm herself.

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Not a date. Online.

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Well I hope you have better luck this year.

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I met my partner at a lesbian bar!

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I have no idea. I have hardly gone out, let alone on a date, since covid started. I feel so disconnected right now. I had a thing with a woman who I met through (straight) friends I had through uni. Neither of us were out at the time. I still have a thing for her, and I probably need to get over it now.

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I have used a dating app known as "Our Time", for folks of a certain age. I have had some success, although there are always people, who for some reason, post multitudinous photos that look nothing like themselves.

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In my dreams ;D

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Online, but I think I'm getting too old for it... so I've become a solitary creature.