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They hate one another, people who support them, people who don't, passersby.

Anyone! The whole world is an enemy!

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It's enough to make you think they might mostly be mentally unhealthy individuals...

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They don't understand that to most people outside their queer social circles, TWAW/TMAM is just a polite fiction. Some exceptionally well-passing trans people might be accepted as effectively real men/women in most contexts, but that's on a case-by-case basis and much different from what TRAs are pushing (i.e. that any obvious male who says so is literally just as much a woman as your own mother), and even then it only goes so far.

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In my generation, I don’t think it’s polite fiction. I think the whole younger generation is brainwashed.

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There are two issues:

    1. Our sexuality invalidates their identity.
    1. They are straight and we are gay, and they come with entitlement, I think there is a degree of outrage that we will can not accommodate their sexual desires.

I think that is why often the attacks on Lesbians and gay men are ironically very gender conforming. So Lesbians are essentially told to shut up because the person with a penis knows best, followed by threats of violence. Where as trans men seem to go for shaming tactics against weak/pathetic gay men followed by homophobia.

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Yup pretty much. I worry regularly that the straight people who are frustrated (and rightly so) with the transgender movement's bullying rhetoric will assume that LGB people are all on board, too. Which is not true-- those of us who disagree with it get censored, socially shunned, or in some cases, even physically assaulted, with a degree of viciousness even greater than the transgender movement directs at "those gross cis straights".

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I’m starting to feel like there’s this really intricate combination of self hatred, entitlement, and narcissism in most QT’s that they take out on other people. And that they hate others (and blame us for all of their problems) simply because we are what they can’t be, no matter how we treat them or view them.

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The thing is, even if we did see them as a real woman/man, they’d still not have a real vagina or a real penis, and likely still have many secondary sex characteristics that we aren’t attracted to, and that’s pretty important when it comes to having sex with or dating someone. You can accept someone’s sense of identity and still not be attracted to them, just as someone can not be attracted to someone who isn’t trans. I don’t see them as “real” women/men, obviously. I’m just saying that accepting TW as women or TM as men doesn’t lead to an obligation to want to fuck them. That’s just not how attraction works.

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TRAs comments on Twitter are one of the most hateful and aggressive.

If someone else would write similar stuff about i.e. women / race / religion / refugees, then would be cancelled / criticized.

But they aren't.


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A few reasons. They have managed to arrange for themselves to be seen as at the bottom of the oppression hierarchy, the most oppressed people ever, and are thus immune to criticism in the logic of our times.

Related to the first is that TRAs are wildly over-represented in tech careers. Many are programmers, and they have been building ties with big tech companies for years, writing their policies, in addition to designing software to track any comments about gender identity they don't like. One of the earliest TRAs, Riki Wilchins, has been networking with tech companies on this for over 20 years.

TRAs are definitely in control on Twitter and Reddit, and they are currently working on Youtube. I'm concerned that many of the critics of gender ideology on Youtube will eventually be silenced.

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They try to make sexuality be based on gender but that makes no sense either. If the only thing that makes a woman a woman is identifying as a woman then what are people even attracted to? The word woman? The feelings in someone's head? Without a commonality that all women as a class of people there's no way to be attracted to that class of people.

The whole thing basically relies on people not actually thinking about the arguments that are presented.

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And I'd go even further:

Lesbians don't see transwomen as women, and gay men don't see transmen as men, because they DO see them as the sex they in fact are. And if they are men and women, respectively, that means... that they CANNOT be lesbians and gay men, respectively. By definition.

So that's one reason why TQ+s hate homosexuals. For observing their sex, which disqualifies them from the identity to which they somehow feel entitled.

The other reason is... the green-eyed monster. Quite simply, they hate ya cuz they ain't ya. How DARE you go around just being homosexual without the assistance of blue hair dye, and binders, and artificial hormones, and surgery, and pronouns, and bullying people into agreeing that you are! Or anything else, really! THEY have to make a CAREER out of this "gay" business, trying to paper over their glaringly-obvious sex and straightness, whereas you guys just... exist.

And, in so doing, constantly remind them of what phonies they really are.

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It’s assimilate or annihilate with them. Anyone who is a threat to their “identity” or ideology needs to be re-educated and needs re-examine their “preferences”, and anyone who refuses is labeled a bigot, a terf, a nazi, and bullied out of public spaces and jobs. They hate anyone who even questions their incoherent theories or circular logic because they have no sense of self, no sense of what they believe, no real justifications for their behavior.

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What percentage of the activists are straight suburban folk speaking for people that never asked for their help?

edit: yeah... if you have a dick you are not a woman. I don't hate you but you are not a woman.

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If you hate everybody, it basically means that you hate yourself.