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Why both TiM and TiF are in women prison? Why TiF is not in men prizon then? TiM is woman and TiF is female? Or what is their logic?

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That's what I thought too upon viewing the latest episode. Guess women's spaces are a dumping ground for whoever feels like they belong there.

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There's a fair few interesting posts on reddit about TiF's experience in prisons. They all end up in women's prisons or in male prisons but seperated from the men, usually by choice, because (put on your shocked face) men still see them as women so they're not safe.

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As women TiFs of course they don't belong in a men's prison, however TiMs and the rest of the TRA community are incredibly loud regarding TiMs "belonging" in women's prisons, on the other side there is silence. So the solution is of course, women's spaces are fair game for every single gender identity. Regarding the show, I don't see this new character Reb crying to be put in a men's prison, after all "he" is a man right? And being in a women's prison would surely trigger "his" dysphoria.

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I haven't seen the show, I'm just passing through here, but I think it's telling that both TIFs and TIMs act like misgendering is a life and death matter up until they really are under threat, then suddenly muh validation doesn't matter so much.

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women's spaces are a dumping ground

Well-said. That sounds like officially policy at this point.

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Trans characters are always portrayed as saints in modern media. Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs was the first and last accurate depiction of a trans male character in media.

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Nah. In Transparent, you're encouraged to view the central trans character positively BUT like all of the rest of the family, Maura is extremely selfish and the effects of that selfishness on others are shown.

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Prisons aren't exactly a safe space for anybody. I see the point here but the end valid goal should be that no women go in prison, not that women prisons are better exclusive.

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There are some people who need to be removed from society. If not prison, there needs to be some other (practical) alternative.

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This level of propaganda is nothing short of disturbing.