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The Bolsheviks tried this. They were using it for control rather than depopulation, but it failed regardless.

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Yes it's a very old idea at this point. I've been hearing for decades that every social trend is part of some communist conspiracy to destroy the nuclear family.

In rather critical of such ideas because a lot of the time I feel like these movements are working counter productively towards their supposed "goals" and I tend to think most are emergent qualities of a society that is increasingly lacking in giving people a sense of purpose so people choose unfettered hedonism as a way to try to find purpose in their life, and it fails to produce long term happiness so people end up going increasingly mad trying to search for it. Throw in a good deal of immature attitudes and people getting upset like a child does when someone tells them no and I think you have basically the current situation.

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The Bolsheviks didn't thank Comrade Skeletal. That was their problem.

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Definitely plausible.

I tend to see it as targeting an "enemy" class. In this case that enemy is traditional Christian conservatives. These celebrations are intended to deeply offend/infuriate the target. The objective would be to silence and marginalize- and hope that someone is sufficiently triggered to act out with "gun violence" and create a martyr out of one of the "protected".

Those pushing perversion aren't above sacrificing a few of their pets to further other objectives, like disarming the population and tightening control over society in general.

They are the same people who ridicule freedoms as selfish.

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It’s easier to control your population when they are completely confused internally on the most basic truths

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Just like in the Learned Protocols.

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Whether or not that's an explicit goal, it may very well have the stated effect on some groups of people. What you have to decide then is: do you care if those groups of people on the whole decide not to reproduce? If they do not, then the result is that over the following generations, the populations that do survive will be the ones that are far more based and less susceptible to this political garbage.

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It is completely true the truth is blind to most unfortunately

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And the remaining population will be half-idiots according to the Kalergi Plan.

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Half-idiots vote in the liars that control their education and entertainment.

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The "Elite" has always been in support of Whores.
They also like the gay and pedophile stuff.
The last 3 Democrat presidents may correspond to each one.

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Epstein didn't kill himself.

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Do you think Epstein Island had more kidnapped little boys on it, or more sex-trafficked young-adult women?

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Based on the reports it is the latter.

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Notice it is called little st James

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This is what the Liberal Democrats are doing. Making a destruction of the nuclear family and making white straight men obsolete. Following what the WEF wants because they are puppets with no mind of their own.

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It's presentist hatred of the 'other', concocted by far right propagandists to distract from the actual reasons for the demise of the nuclear family - caused by the Republicans under Nixon and Reagan - so that potential voters for the Republican party will be unaware of history.

Nuclear family: traditionally tied to farming and industry, where one member of the primary household earned enough to support the rest of the family.

The New Deal and WWII developed additional support for this nuclear family, developing the 'American Dream' of the 1950s and 1960s.

All of that changed with deregulation, union busting, and helping companies move overseas, or import cheap labor, by Republicans and under Nixon and Reagan, which resulted in wage stagnation. See the graphs here:

As productivity continued to improve, wages remained low, and families required both parents to work, have less money in savings, and require their kids to work and take loans in order to attend college. Families could not afford to stay together.

If workers shared the profits of a company's productivity, as they did before 1970, there would still be nuclear families.

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Agreed. Ideally they’d like to have whites and NE Asians populate the world because they’re more intelligent. Won’t work because boons in Africa pop out babies like candy from a machine. By the end f this century, most of the world will be boons. It’ll look like South Africa today.

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I can't remember where, but I read that the more dense a population becomes, the larger percentage of homos. It seems like a biological check and balance of keeping a population in check.

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Gaza must be majority gay by now.

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Totally. You see all the "queers for palestine" protests? It's gonna be the new homo capital of the world.


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More likely they want as concentrating on less than 1% of the population so that even though we might know what they're up to we don't have the time or energy to do anything about it because we're all worked up about... A statistically non-existent problem.

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outrage to create special rights - to override rights of the norms/majority

leftists must destroy institutions to gain power

new ammo for all the attention whores

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It's just that they, as with most people, don't lack empathy, and so don't like to see someone go through life being treated horribly for something that's not their fault.

To reduce fertility, the best thing you can do is increase GDP. Not piss about with trying to make life more tolerable for the most vulnerable.

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GDP just helps corporations

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It's the proxy that economists use to compare standard of living.

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Why use that

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Because it can be measured, and it's related.

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If that is their goal, there must be evidence where they explicitly state so. Do you have any evidence like that?

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They never explicitly state that is their goal, but they all talk about depopulation all the time and how strongly they feel about it, despite never giving up their own perks and luxuries that take up more of a carbon footprint than anyone else. There was a recent Taylor Swift/Joe Biden video that brought this up, but I can't find it right now. Instead, take this.

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I wouldn't put it past them. Ultimately, intent is not as important as outcome. If the WEF adopts policies that are harmful to the common people, they must be stopped at every chance.

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As I said on a pretty cool social network: Who knew that the nuclear apocalypse was the destruction of the nuclear family?

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Lump on top of that the mass-importation of the Third World's concupiscient males, and the ensuing commingling of races into a proverbial "mulatto stud farm" -- something that the 1% will assiduously avoid (Gates's BBC-loving daughter notwithstanding) -- and you have the most all-encompassing and comprehensive depopulation and homogenisation program in the history of communism! 🤩