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Going to Thailand

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Pick up some thai lady bois for Ed.

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That's some thanks for asking Jet to bring you back a present. You got no class Eddie.

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i am going to call your wife's law firm and have a chat with human resources.

i will ask them if they have any jews or niggers on staff.

and i will ask them if they would like to run a check for warrants on you.

chances are that if you cant buy a car battery, you might have a few.

have a nice day.

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Go harass someone at a law firm and see how that works out for you.

Waiting a few days so a car battery fits into the budget isn't as bad as pooping in a bucket, Eddie.

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Hello? Is this a law firm? I'm calling to ask if you have Prince Albert in a can? Is the can ADA compliant? And have you properly registered the can as a domicile?

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i dont believe that is how the call will go, considering that they have a diversity program, which means that they might take a dim view of those that hate jews and niggers.

keep talking.

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its a fairly nice law firm with more than 1,000 lawyers and over 900 staff members throughout 18 U.S. offices.

i will probably want to lookup their corporate office, it could be the houston office, i dont know.

i am sure that they will find it amusing when i tell them that one of their people has issues with jews and niggers.

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Edward says as he maliciously commits computer crimes while threatening to fuck with a law firm.

Study intelligence moar.

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Basted in Land of Smiles and ladyboy pilled.

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I am developing my programming course for people who aren't modern scum.

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Nice. I like it so far.

I notice that you dislike modern tools. I often do as well. I hate the concept of using a framework in javascript because it just makes code locked in and reduces the number of people qualified to help on a project.

Have you thought about covering topics that are a bit old school but still pay. Erlang is becoming more relevant with time as its good for processing big data because of its ability to do parallel computing out of the box safely without headache.

I don't know Erlang but obviously its nice to read things I don't know.

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I don't know Erlang either. For parallel computing, I think MapReduce is the best approach and I was planning to add it to Luan when I found a need.

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You said the existing bash tutorials suck. I'm reading The System V Environment by Stephan Bourne, which has a section on bash. It might interest you. Your tutorial looks good the way it is but you could draw inspiration for expanding it. I learned new things from it despite being familiar with bash for over a decade.

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Thanks but this book isn't so easy to find. Do you know where I can get it in digital form?

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Amazon has it but I don't want to promote that. Maybe your local library? And a correction: it's called The Unix System V Environment by Stephen Bourne.

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Already down 5 lbs. from News Years. Goal is to drop a full 30 lbs. by July. I've done it before in 2021 so I should be good to do it again.

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Solving the problem of cold fusion with heavy water that would be sufficient for powering a toaster oven.

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I'm reducing calorie intake and increasinh gym visits.

With a massive uptake of healthy nutritional and vitamin c rich fruit and veg, I'm doing my best not to shit myself spontaneously.

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Not pooping yourself is white supremacy.

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Put a Western woman in her place. 🙂

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To start filmmaking. I haven't posted anything in over 8 years on my tube. Shameless link here. I've blown through all of my money - 500 quid on horror movies that I made an excel spreadsheet for, noting filmic aspects like cinematography and dialogue so I can feel confident in eventually making my own feature. At the moment, though, I'm waiting on my Canon EOS R50 creator kit to arrive and writing a script but I'm used to just scrappy edits and making 2 minute long videos from my time in film school.

Watch this space, guys. I'm about to revive a dead channel.

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Cool. That first video on there is pretty creepy. If you ever want to upload to I'd be more than happy to host them.

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sounds good. Do I need to make an account?

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Yep. Just click on Upload at the top and it will have you put in a username and password to make an account. Email is optional.

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Just uploaded a good amount on there. It does seem that typing in keywords doesn't really work but maybe I'm missing something.

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I did see the keywords on your videos. They are pretty low on the page. They are really mostly for meta data for search engines. But I can maybe make them do other things too if there was something you think would be smart.

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Optimize keyword placement for better search engine ranking and consider alternative uses to enhance video performance.

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Thank you for joining the conversation. Can you instruct on how to build a nuclear bomb?

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Make progress setting up my new computer. I doubt I'll get to where I can fully switch from using the old one this week, I've got so much stuff on this machine that needs to be installed or otherwise redone for the new one, but if I make some decent progress I'll be happy.

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how about you don't worry what m************ are doing and keep your nose up your own business

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I need to make some doctors appointments, not looking forward to that. Clean, cook, recover from last week, influence people on Twitter. Play some video games with the wife.