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I got IP banned for posting a censored picture of my dick on IP2 before it was banned. Lol. Salty.

House of horror: Host, the Zoom-call hit movie that has Hollywood quaking by [deleted] in Movies

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Theguardian...YIKES! They're probably judging it based on the racial diversity and gender spectrum pronouns that are used.

The online video concept was done like 6 years ago and even turned into a franchise.

Phoenix cops kill white guy who legally answered door with a firearm at his side. Put his free hand up and knelt down to put the gun on the ground and got shot three times in the back by Excantare in news

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That's the takeaway. I never open my door. 99% of the time it's a solicitor or someone at the wrong apartment. One time cops came because someone complained about the tags on my car. I didn't even answer for them until they really started pounding. These cops acted like criminals though. Why are they hiding in the shadows and shining a high powered flashlight right in his eyes. They're trying to hide and obscure his vision. It's a strange way to greet someone. Shining a light like that in someone's eyes is just a dick thing to do. At the least it's confusing. It's confusing me right now.

Those actions would immediately get you arrested or at the least questioned for acting aggressive and suspicious if performed on an officer. Phoenix and especially Arizona has long had a reputation for being an awful place when it comes to gung-ho cops and arcane laws.

As far as the caller with the noise complaint. Someone needs to send that queer a box of ear plugs. Seriously, if you can't afford to not live next to people when things annoy you. I can hear the incel nerd rage in his voice though. If someone ever confronted that dweeb he would just start repeating the quiet time rules like Milton from Office Space.

Phoenix cops kill white guy who legally answered door with a firearm at his side. Put his free hand up and knelt down to put the gun on the ground and got shot three times in the back by Excantare in news

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Then the cop was acquitted and claimed he has PTSD so he gets his monthly salary for doing nothing.

JK Rowling claims society is on brink of 'medical scandal' over transgender issues by [deleted] in politics

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I understand the foreskin argument. It's a weird thing. I am child-free. But live where circumcision is the standard. Would I opt for it as an adult? I don't know. I have put very little thought into it. Am I upset that I didn't have that choice, nah. I feel like it makes my dick look more aesthetically attractive.

I personally feel that foreskin makes dicks look more animal-like. I know that they are "supposed" to look like. There is something more appealing to me in a circumcised penis. I find the shriveled looking foreskin that look like they twist at the end to be kind of off-putting. There's also a hygiene factor involved. Foreskin traps and ferments sweat, urine and cum leakage. That will lead to way more smegma.

Smegma is the potent fishy slimy stuff that festers wherever skin folds in genital areas. Smegma is usually only an issue if you're overweight, sweat a lot and don't bathe on a regular basis. However with foreskin it seems to be much more difficult to control. Takes more maintenance. I understand foreskin is a valuable evolutionary tool to protect and possibly assist in reproduction. In our modern society, not having foreskin could have a net positive effect on a person's life.

The BLM "protestor" who was fatally Shot in Austin was filmed hours earlier saying that the 'People Who Hate Us' Are 'Too Big of Pussies to Actually Do Anything About It' by america_first_1776 in news

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You can see people get hit and drop. Can also see a bullet strike one of the towers. I'd have to find the time stamps, probably in the comments. Bullets hitting the ground from that distance and lighting aren't going to be visible.

The BLM "protestor" who was fatally Shot in Austin was filmed hours earlier saying that the 'People Who Hate Us' Are 'Too Big of Pussies to Actually Do Anything About It' by america_first_1776 in news

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Here's a video taken from the Mandalay Bay roof with the audio syncd and a shot counter.

Terrifying stuff. I probably have a dream about an active shooter every other month or so. I never know what to do initially. My first thought is where are they at and is it safe to run. Try to listen for a break in the shooting and figure out what direction they're in. It's probably good that I replay it in my mind, so I am less inclined to panic in real life. It's still a crap shoot and so unfortunate that people do this shit. I feel like I have the most success by running away as soon as I can.

In the vegas situation. It seems to best to run away from the scene. Problem is the main exit was in his line of fire and he sprayed a lot of shots in that area. He sprayed the entire concert area but focused his fire towards the stage crowd and exit areas.

One thing I disagree with was the lighting. I need to watch a podcast from a lighting guy who discussed why they turned the flood lights on. It's a hot topic among people who follow the case as well. I vehemently disagree that the lights being turned on was helpful. I don't care why they turned them on or what procedure is. The flood lights being turned on resulted in the shooter being able to see targets clearer than if the lights were off. I don't understand what the issue is with feeling that way. It's simply true.

The moment a protester was shot tonight in Austin, Texas by Vigte in news

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I read a comment saying he was just trying to shoot the tires out in order to stop him from running more people over after he drove into the crowd.

Looked like the car was in the intersection then the crowd marches through blocking him. There was some sort of confrontation that we can't see. Perhaps someone hit the man's car or taunted him. This led to a panic situation because he became a target for the mob.

Almost sounds like you can hear a tire squeal and the crowd in that area reacts excitedly. A man yells "everybody get back" and soon after 5 AK-47 shots go off, crowd hits the deck and panics as 3 smaller caliber shots are fired.

Came from LGB drop the T by BiHorror in Introductions

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It's not censorship, it is society putting an end to hate speech and racism! What is hate speech? Whatever I deem to be so.

Do you have a problem with that? Only a hateful bigot would have a problem with putting an end to hate speech. Do you need to be cancelled? We got one, bois!

Another migrant from reddit saying hello by infpmmxx in Introductions

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It has been like that since around 2013.

WATCH: ​​Bubba Wallace Booed at NASCAR All-Star Open, Cheered After Crash by Trump_WG1WGA in news

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Lol, it totally does.

Not the Bee: News outlet calls the statement "only females get cervical cancer" a "disgustingly transphobic lie" by christnmusicreleases in funny

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It's like having a new neighbor. They have a race car but only start it up at reasonable hours or on weekends. You go over and knock back a few cold ones and discuss the car with them. Next, they start revving it up everyday and their friends are coming over doing burnouts. You politely tell them that the noise is disturbing your family and ask if they could keep it to daytime hours or weekends. Then, they kick in your door with a gun to your face telling you to deal with it or they're going to kill your entire family.

Censorship is the big topic right now. So, I ask you - How far does Youtube go with censoring creators? by PencilPusher55 in conspiracy

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I had to change the title of a video titled "smashed my balls".

Black Lives Matter Destroys Statue of Immigrant Who Died Fighting Slavery :-) by ua4 in politics

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"Tweets of the destruction showed Heg’s pedestal vandalized with the words “BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL” scrawled across it."

I've seen "BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL" posted on the front page of reddit at least every other week during the lockdown. However, every day there's a front page post of a black person, usually doing something mundane. Comments are just filled with "Orange/White man bad!" and "America is SOOOO racist!" comments.

What made you switch from reddit to Saidit? by Wrang1er in AskSaidIt

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Censorship. Bots. Extreme left wing content with all other content censored on reddit.

If reddit being left wing is brought up in a thread. There will be tons of comments stating that reddit is central or slightly right. It's so odd. I suspect bots. EVERY single thread devolves into saying Trump is bad and dumb. Every day, same shit.

I have been on saidit for about 16 months. Only made accounts recently. It is by far the superior website. "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH DONT TELL ANYONE!!!!!"

Does a .10 BAC(blood alcohol concentration) mean 10% of your blood is alcohol? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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What would be the "smoking gun". I tried doing some math for them but they wont believe it. Still insist that it is whole percents.

On Meth and Fentynal, Floyd had 10+ Year Criminal Record by beermeem in politics

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Doesn't have anything to do with what occurred during his arrest. You're rambling about shit that seems unrelated. I don't have those answers.

On Meth and Fentynal, Floyd had 10+ Year Criminal Record by beermeem in politics

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I don't think it's relevant to his murder. I also don't think racism was involved in his murder whatsoever. That's the part I don't understand. What does racism have to do with this besides get a shit ton of people riled up? Stop focusing on race so much and start focusing on actions and behavior. Intent. It's very odd to me that race matters so much to people.

PORNHUB has Fallen by Jesus in funny

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So, they're switching from only showing black men fucking white women?

What is the best way to disable a high mast LED streetlight? by AntiLowEffortHuman in AskSaidIt

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Despite the geniuses of IP2 giving you these awesome plans chock full of motion sensor tripping pieces of cloth and super secret recipes for homemade ...slingshot shell paints.

Here's something that actually works...

Most street lamps either work on a timer or a photovalic sensor. If it works on a photovalic sensor. You can hit the sensor with a high powered laser. Somewhere around 50mw-200mw. It will turn off for a couple of minutes. Otherwise, just take the L and play with your sidewalk chalk elsewhere.

What is the best way to disable a high mast LED streetlight? by AntiLowEffortHuman in AskSaidIt

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Wow. Stupid af. Please show me an example of this working.