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The more people they push out the dumber the comments get. It has become garbage fire of meme comments.

What most people seem to be missing is how science subs, and I think the scientific community IRL, has followed that same regression trend. Most people assume that science is rigorous, and rooted in scientific theory so it is immune to ideological manipulation; but that couldn't be further from the truth. It is terrifying how stupid the scientific community has gotten.

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Agreed. It’s the ‘I fucking love science’ mentality. These people like the idea of science, because popular science is cool, yet don’t understand what science is or how it works. Science is hard work and mostly disappointing. These people don’t actually like science. They like the idea of science and how appearing to like it makes them feel smart.

It’s similar to how coding became cool. It has been overrun by hangers on who think that casting is probably racist. They plague forums and projects, getting themselves clout through identity and getting low-tech roles, such as forum mods and writing wikis. They of course don’t understand what coding is, and they have no desire to learn to code, so they seek to change it to become something they can enjoy. It’s the standard SJW/hipster method of infiltration, destruction, then moving on to the next fashionable interest.

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You hit the nail on the head, they don't understand what science is. To them science is whatever a scientist said. The appeal to authority fallacy permeates everything. They will mimic a discussion, putting forward poor arguments, until you debunked them all and instead of considering the possibility that they have it wrong they just assume there is some brilliant irrefutable argument that must exist which proves them right just because a teacher, or CNN, or social activist told them so. That they can't think of one means nothing. You might as well be talking to a wall.

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They also probably think Bill Nye is an actual scientist.

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They treat science as an absolute that should not be question. If a scientist says something then thats that, it cannot be questioned. Then they apply those rules to social sciences and put them on the same pedestal as actual scientist.

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I hope you aren't insinuating that math isn't racist.

The very nature of this thread wreaks of violence and privilege from those who have.

If there were a "report this post" in the app you'd be in hot water mister.

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Science never arrives at truth. It looks at all options; stupid, opposing, left field, etc. True science can actually never arrive at fact because it can not settle, it must be open minded to new evidence. If new evidence comes into play, it has to be investigated. There was a bill introduced about a year ago that essentially said opposing opinions would not be federally funded in the US, therefore the consensus would not be challenged (don't know if it passed). That old meme "that word, it doesn't mean what you think it means" comes to mind. Science has been bought and will now say whatever the powers that be say it should say. Sad.

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To be fair, reddit and "science subs" in particular have nothing to do with the scientific community. Basically if you let a bunch of mentally deficient teenagers (or absolutely infantile adults) to LARP about something you will get a typical subreddit related to that RL theme.

That's why actual scientists would probably be banned from r/science in seconds, r/legal_advice is devoid of actual lawyers, r/sceptics would make the dumbest conspiracy theorist to feel like he is the sane one and so on and so forth.

In a way, reddit is a twisted parody of our reality, it's how the most dumb and crazy 0.47% of global population see the world around them.

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If this were not a wider problem you would not see the field of psychology going along with preteen hormone therapy. It is the most heinous crime against children ever created and it is sanctioned purely because the majority are sociopathic ideologues.

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Spez. Fuck that guy.

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I get it my brah

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Censorshop, manipulation, and the general groupthink on reddit.

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Censorship at Reddit, a cabal of political activist mods running most major subs, admins enforcing the rules differently by political position, and the constant threat of my favourite subs being shut down for trumped up reasons.

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Censorship, and that it's become one gigant echo chamber.

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Not just groupthink, but the absolute pervasiveness of the groupthink. To discuss movies or tech or whatever you have to have an alt account or every single discussion some masstager or RES using twat starts a political flamewar with you.

The last straw for me was in a movie discussion. The subject of accusations of sexual misconduct against Max Landis came up. A couple of posters dared suggest that it's not for anyone other than the courts to determine his guilt or innocence, that cancel culture is wrong, that we have no way of knowing the facts of the case and it's stupid to pretend otherwise. Those posters were buried in downvotes and angry manbabies shrieking at them in the replies. I'm sure their direct messages are even worse.

The entire thing just sickened me and I realized even when I went so far as to have an alt account and unsubscribe from all the normal frontpage subs that I couldn't escape them, the social justice cult is everywhere on that site.

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Too much censorship man

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I keep getting banned from subreddits for simply disagreeing with the narrative. And there is no process to appeal these bans.

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Also propaganda lol, it's basically like a microcosm of nazi germany.

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when subs dedicated to baking bread/video games/vaping became political battlegrounds.

Even before the censorship, it was ridiculous how many people would turn conversations (ABOUT MUFFINS) into personal soapboxes.

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10 banned accounts over 10 years.... Mainly for complaining about the moderators.

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Reddit is hot communist garbage full of censorship and woke insanity.

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Constant race baiting every day and obvious bots commenting everywhere. There was 0 discussion value on any subreddit I found and the ones I liked turned to shit.

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They killed Aaron Swartz.

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Censorship. Bots. Extreme left wing content with all other content censored on reddit.

If reddit being left wing is brought up in a thread. There will be tons of comments stating that reddit is central or slightly right. It's so odd. I suspect bots. EVERY single thread devolves into saying Trump is bad and dumb. Every day, same shit.

I have been on saidit for about 16 months. Only made accounts recently. It is by far the superior website. "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH DONT TELL ANYONE!!!!!"

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It's the most hyper-fueled, echo chamber I've ever seen. Even mild criticism or dissent is immediately attacked or outright banned. There is no intelligent discussion. Combine that with the power mods who's career is modding over 200 subs (yeah right), have made it intolerable.

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Psycho, uninformed leftist commie b.s.

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They were banning, and censoring too much stuff. I still frequent Reddit, but I have found myself going there less and less.

What happened to Freedom of Speech!!??

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I didn't leave Reddit, Reddit left me.

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I got banned from an unpopular opinion subreddit because my opinion was... Too unpopular? Yea go figure. I was called fogey, boomer, superior piece of shit...seems like the audience has gotten younger.

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What was your opinion that got you banned?

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I'm almost hesitant to restate it.. But I said Marijuana is becoming as annoying as cigarettes. The presence of it and how it's more of a fashion statement.

I stated how I used to be dependent on being in an altered state of mind to do alot of things like grocery shopping and generally just being out in public.

I went on to say how I started on my journey to be happy sober. That translated, somehow, to me thinking I was superior to everyone who does smoke.

People said things like "okay mom" and outright called me a piece of shit. I, unfortunately, fired back. I should have known better than to argue. I couldn't help it, given the irony of the situation. On r/unpopularopinion you would think that the best posts would be the most downvoted... Not the most guilded. Yet there I was getting torn apart for an actual unpopular opinion.

Someone called me a condescending piece of shit... I called them a hypocritical piece of shit and then I got banned for bad manners. I messaged the mods explaining how I commented that in response to their nearly identical response just to point out their hypocrisy. They told me that other people breaking the rules don't change the rules for me. And that I should report them. I said okay cool. Then they immediately muted me so I couldn't report them.

Now I'm here lol.

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Power-tripping mods and posts/comments being removed for no reason, getting downvoted badly, useless bots, and the redesign (even though you can still view the old site).

I still use reddit but only for very small subreddits that I enjoy looking at.

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Bannings. First it was the whole quarantine nonsense with The_Donald, and other subs that didn't conform to the narrative, then it was the increasing bans in the popular forums (/politics, /news). Oh, and the shadow bans were probably even worse: trying to be sneaky about it.

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Its tightly censored leftist echochamber that has gone nuts. the people there are insane.

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    Reddit is fine unless you go to a political one. I hate that the Donald got banned because it evened out the political compass of reddit. Now its leftist trash.

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    Reddit is a CCP controlled forum that censors with impunity. It is centrally controlled and is a gov. tool used to squash and root out dissent. Fuck Reddit!

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    The madness.

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    Despite using it for 8/9 years I was never much of a fan of wider reddit culture. Pretty much any of the subreddits on the front page I never liked, I never liked wider reddit culture and I never liked the archetypal 'redditor' if that makes sense. What I did enjoy were smaller communities that ignored that stuff or weren't even aware of it. Be that a game sub, sport sub, basically something with a dedicated purpose to an interest and people who liked talking about that. The type of subreddits I enjoyed were the ones where it felt like the average user was there because it was one of the biggest spaces to discuss what they were interested in online, and had no loyalties / interest in most of the rest of 'reddit culture'. /r/soccer back in the day springs to mind - it felt very much like normal people talking in a normal manner about what they liked without and 'redditor' esque elements to it. The conversations you had felt just like what you'd have in real life down the pub or whatever. People would post 'fuck /r/all' on anything that was going to get to the front page to point this out lol. I still enjoy the soccer subreddit but it is much more typical reddit sub than normal conversations now, albeit still (thankfully) far less than a lot of the rest of the site.

    Over time, subreddits would all get too big and have too many users interested in the happenings of the wider reddit sphere and bring that mentality / trending topics to those communities. It's like they were reddit-washed over time lol, and no longer was it just someone looking to talk about their interest on the internet, but it was a redditor looking to post about something on reddit. Their loyalties were to the wider reddit culture and ecosphere and no longer just whatever they were posting about.

    So I never had any loyalty to the site really, and the parts I didn't like only grew over time. Then ice_poseidon2 got banned from reddit and moved here and it was refreshing to see people having normal conversations on the other subs here. I don't post much outside of IP2 but I always enjoy reading people's perspectives and discussion of those perspectives put across in a normal, friendly, interested, engaging manner without the point scoring, muh side vs yuh side, etc. you see a lot on reddit. I enjoy lurking here. If you could remove all the redditors from reddit and it had no wider culture, just interest specific subreddits I would use it more still.

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    I feel like there bots on reddit, every thread sounds the same to me. I also hate it when people thank other people for awards or upvotes, its like a comedian thanking people because they laughed at their joke. The speeches always sound the same, which is tiresome and obnoxious.

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    Honestly if they aren't bots a lot of them may as well be. So many reddit jokes seem to be just parrot something & feel good for being part of an in joke regardless of if it is even funny in the context they're posting it. This extends beyond jokes for general talking points too. The amount of people whose discussion feels like it's limited to this person says x talking point, now I say Y talking point in response and back and forth is annoying and like you said tiresome.

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    I always enjoy reading people's perspectives and discussion of those perspectives put across in a normal, friendly, interested, engaging manner without the point scoring, muh side vs yuh side, etc. you see a lot on reddit.

    I miss this.

    eta: I was censored here on SaidIt without explanation

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    With explanation

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    The constant Anti-Trump garbage.

    They literally can't stop posting about him even though they supposedly hate him so much.

    They obviously have never heard of "any publicity is good publicity"

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    propaganda and power tripping loser mods with hatred in their hearts

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    Reddit is completely ignorant. It's mainstream media.

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    Mostly the people that have no clue how to do research, the name calling and insults, and have no idea or interest in actually debating and having meaningful conversations. It’s like all the Karen’s of the US got tired of Facebook and infiltrated Reddit in the last six months, lol.