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YT is the new TV at this point; top suggestions are always some establishment clown like Jimmy Kimmel or Ellen. They censored search contents, fucked the right side ("related") bar, and of course all the best Conspiracy videos are gone.

The best YT imo was even before this whole new "influencer" thing. With today's cult of personality reaching idiot levels, I really don't care about some "top youtubers" opinion on some controversial topic, because it's starting to smell like old-time-propaganda TV.

I miss the long conspiracy playlists, falling asleep watching that shit, and no globalist SJW ads!

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I had to change the title of a video titled "smashed my balls".

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Unfortunately YT and the MSM have become one in the same because they've learned how to coexist, that means that the content you see on YT will be of the same level of acceptance that you see on TV, basically nothing sexual, some cursing and some unfunny humor. Sure you can find content on YT that's R-rated and could be considered offensive by some but you have to dig for it, you won't see any ads on those channels either which is great for the viewer but tough for the person uploading the videos if they're trying to make a buck.

As far as an alternative goes I have no idea where it will come from or how it will come about. Seems like Spotify is trying to get in the game.

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If I had another option to youtube I'd take.