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This is just fear mongering.

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If you are going to have a title like that. You link to the interview.

Like so:

The Putin Interview


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Gee, you think Putin can do all that? Especially when he runs up against NATO? Where will Putin get all those resources??

He won’t. This is just fear mongering as u/Gravi said.

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I mean he had said over and over he invaded because he thinks the Ukraine should be part of Russia. A lot of anti western types have been projecting their own politics on to him against all the evidence.

However he has not been going on and on about all those other countries being part of Russia, accept maybe a bit of Poland.

Also you left out Russian America from your list.

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Ok let's help him

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Putin's invasion of Ukraine has been less than ideal. What should have been a steam rolling has become a protracted campaign of shelling and bombing, moving inches at a time, resisted constantly and costing them money, hardware, man power and the support of the people. Meanwhile, the US is draining Russia of its military might, embrassing it globally, tanking Putin's popularity in his own country... All from the comfort of their armchair without sending a single man to do any fighting. They toss money and toys to Ukraine and give them a thumbs up from the side line while Ukrainians do all the fighting and dying, like some dude in a multiplayer game letting a weaker dude soften up a better player and just chucking him healing potions he doesn't want to keep him wasting the other players time and taking bits of his health off.

I don't think, given how it's gone, Putin would be in a rush to roll forwards if Ukraine buckled tomorrow.