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My experience of male privilege is this: kicked out of the house to fend for myself from the age of 18, struggle to get a career in my preferred field despite a 1st class STEM honours degree, stuck in min wage role, no emotional support, struggle to keep contacts because your value to others is only judged by what you are worth etc I could go on and on.

Meanwhile my sister’s experience: first house deposit paid for by parents, got pick of career with irrelevant qualifications that she underperformed in; now works 3 days a week/18 hours to the tune of £40000, has a comprehensive support network, wedding abroad with family all paid for etc and once again I could go on and on.

Being a woman is life on easy mode, doubly so if you’re good looking.

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Being a woman is life on easy mode, doubly so if you’re good looking.

And now we have a surge in ferociously angry trans 'women', struggling males who think they've found the cheat mode for life.

But they just end up more fucked up by medication and brutal surgery, in a terrible position financially (surgery costs and recovery time out of work), with a 'lesbian' dating pool limited to other blokes who did the same thing. They sacrifice their hobbies and interests and any real joy they may have had in life to fight for the trans movement and obsess over gender/activism, and they're up against a growing backlash against the overstretching of the 'trans umbrella'.

Don't go down that path, it's not the answer.

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We need a Sad Vote option as soon as possible.

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If you are interested in becoming trans, Be sure and GO DOWN THAT PATH. IT IS THE RIGHT ANSWER. And it will piss this asshole off right, left, and sideways, and that in itself will be worth it. Trans people are not as fucked up as immoral idiots who believe they know what's best for you. You can tell by this person's moronic reply, they do not know very much at all about anything. And their hate is their only outlet for interaction online.

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You heard me, goddamn it.

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My experience of being an autist


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I am actually autistic so well done lol. High functioning though so I’ve never seen it as a disability.

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Well that's great for you.

But in that short paragraph, it was pretty clear to me it explains your whole life trajectory so far and worldview. More so than being a man.

Unfortunately, a lot of us just don't fit and railing against certain groups isn't going to help when not being normal is the real problem.

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It’s hard not to become jaded after a while though. To be clear I have nothing against women but certainly from where I’m sat in my corner of the world, white men from working class backgrounds are at a huge disadvantage. This was even shown in a recent independent inquiry but then the results were shoved under the carpet in the media as they don’t fit with the ‘progressive’ narrative that we’re fed.

Forget my personal anecdotes and me not being ‘normal’, that just seems to be the way things are at the moment.

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Do you consider yourself to be from a working class background? No one I know has their parents helping out with paying for nice weddings or deposits on houses. Sounds like your parents are rich af and traditional. Are you white?

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I don’t consider myself to be from a working class background and never said I was. I am white though.

Regardless, that’s not what this thread is really talking about is it? The argument being made is that in today’s western society, women have it easier.

My personal anecdotes aside, even organisations such as the RAF have been caught out lately and are now facing court cases from male applicants who were denied on the basis they were white and male. You would be naïve to believe that they are the only ones doing it.

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So you grew up rich and are complaining that you haven't had things handed to you ENOUGH. Got it. Almost like all those entitled women?

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You’re not very intelligent are you? Forget about the personal attack for a second (you don’t know enough about me to make a convincing argument like that anyway), and maybe address what I was saying with regards to the RAF and discrimination going on on the free labour market?

O look you can’t, because I’m right.

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I know a bit about you because you shared that your parents are wealthy and favor your sister with financial handouts, therefore you have a perception that women have it much easier in life and you, as a white man born to wealthy (albeit neglectful?) parents, are discriminated against. It's not a personal attack.

I think injustice should be called out, I also think you have no right to a pity party.

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Welcome to the world, sweet summer child.

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Fortunately, in this day and age, anyone can be a woman. Just say the sentence "My pronouns are she/her."

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It only works because of pathetic men. Blame them.

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I blame myself for wanting to look at their buttholes.

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You can look at all the buttholes you want. Just never support a whores income.

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In the old days they really did have it a lot worse though, which has become enshrined in the mainstream narrative.

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nah they had it made back in the day too but feminist cunts created revisionist history to justify fucking over sub 8 males

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Define "worse" and define "old days".

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Yeah, that's an important question, because... well, for most of human history, 80-90% of people were farmers. And historians believe there was little to no gender inequality on the farm.

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In the 1970's--only 50 years ago--when your mom was born:

Women couldn't---get a credit card, apply for a loan of any kind, get birth control without their husband's permission, couldn't run in the Boston Marathon or participate in some other sports, couldn't get into military schools--or certain colleges, couldn't receive a direct consultation about their mental or physical health (a male family member had to be present b/c women weren't intelligent enough to understand what the dr was saying), couldn't refuse sex from her husband (or file rape charges if they were still married, even if separated and no longer "together" and he attacked her), couldn't be astronauts, be admitted to an Ivy League college (Yale was the 1st, 1969) couldn't be on a jury, couldn't live with someone of the opposite sex, couldn't get a divorce for spousal abuse, participate in the Olympic games, open a bank account (without their father/husband's signature), couldn't adopt a child as a single woman. They could be fired for being pregnant.

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And soon due to technological collapse they will have only one rule. Do what your local warlord says while being consumed as comfort or starve. This ain't a bargaining game. They had it better than men could collectively sustain because they asked too much and were resentful in their privileges.

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No if it happens it'll be because women stupidly gave up their sacred misogynistic fem trans men who think being a woman is a bimbo stereotype of fake boobs, high heels and make up and allowed those men to take away their safe spaces and rights in the name of communist equity and "compassion" Because, in reality, women were so busy trying to become Like Men they forgot what it really means to Be a Woman

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We agree. This all could have been avoided if females decided to be wives and mothers instead of barren whores. I don't see why fem males should be segregated from barren whores. They're the same thing.

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Yup, you guys are fucking retards.

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they can get rich by taking pictures of their buttholes. It's not fair.

The ability to permanently curse oneself.

You don't want it.

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I would happily charge for pictures of my butthole, if someone was willing to pay for them.

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Someone would show your family.

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That will only last for awhile as there are always someone younger and hotter. They won’t save or understand how to manage their money or it will get stolen from them. They will be run through by 30 and back working in a restaurant because they will never have developed a skill other than sticking shit in their assholes and begging for money.

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What Joan Didion said is true; all humans are either pimps or whores. And in my experience I can tell you, all humans are whores in some capacity. Just because you have boobs doesn't mean it's ethical or very healthy to use them to get money from men. We all know men are idiots and easily manipulated and will throw money at you for even the slightest promise of sex. But in the end, even money won't keep you from being a hollow, empty, shallow, pitiable, and utterly dispicable piece of garbage. That said, I do believe the statement that being a woman is a superpower, but only if you use it to better yourself and not use your body to get what you want from life.