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Soccer is for women and children.

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It literally causes 4 times the amount of injuries in women due to the angle of their knees.

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I agree with you for once, baseball is super boring and slow.

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Are you watching it live or on television? I enjoy attending a live game, but can't watch more than an inning or two on television. Going to a game is more than the baseball and who it touching it at the time. It's about watching what the players on the field (and even in the dugout and bullpen) do during and in between pitches. There is always interesting stuff going on the stands and there are lots of pretty women who like going to baseball games. Even though it can be somewhat, expensive, enjoying a beer and hotdog while watching a game out in the open is just nice.

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its a genteel game thats a passtime

I used to play ice hockey back when they allowed body checking

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It's a hot weather sport for when running around like crazy for hours would kill you.

Sports are designed to be played, not watched.

Edit: well done Yabbit, you got updoots

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I think football is the worst.

Not to be homophobic, but it's the only sport that beats Greco-Roman wrestling for gayness.

*The guys are all dressed in pure male power fantasy with shoulder pads that broaden their shoulders and pectoral muscles to look exactly like the male power fantasy of men. This is what closeted gay guys are into. It's the basis for DBZ, I mean the saiyans and Freeiza's army wear practically the same outfits.

*They wear skin tight spandex pants, often capri style that look exactly like those Lululemon yoga pants women wear, then bend over with another line of men bending over behind them to stare right at their asses. The center is the furthest bent over and the QB caresses his ass to let him know he's there at the start of each play.

*The football itself is shaped like no other balls in existence, except testicles. You literally can't make this shit up.

*Then they say hut hut hike and all pile on top of each other in one big gay orgy.

*The fans are the worst. These guys are so teaming with misplaced testosterone they get into fights, paint their chests and bump into each other shirtless. Scream and shout. And live out their fantasy of pretending they are remotely attractivefit enough to actually be part of the action. It's basically like watching gay porn.

I don't get it man. I really don't.

Baseball might be boring as fuck, but it's also relaxing for the same reason. I am not a big sports guy apart from some casual UFC and Boxing, but jesus, I feel like watching RENT is somehow even less gay. At least there you are surrounded by horny women instead of men.

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All sports are trash. Most people only follow them because they lack the intelligence to do anything better with their time.

Porn and video games are also top picks but it is a lot harder to socialize with those. When the schmucks go to work and need to make small talk with their pseudo friends the go to is sports.

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I sometimes socialise with the porn I'm watching, but it's usually just: "Yeah take it, you bitch!" or "Oh you like that, huh??" or "Man, I wish some dude would fuck me like that" NO NOT LAST ONE!!