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I read the comments, the "gold star only" gay men and lesbian women are odd. I have gay male friends who as teens or young adults in the 1970s or early 1980s had sex with women as they had no idea how to meet bisexual and gay men as sexual partners-they were in denial, closeted, or scared and too young to go to bars and did not even buy or read gay/LGB magazines or newspapers to place personal ads or porn magazines, or out of familial/societal pressure dated and had sex with women, they told me how sex with women just showed them how they are not sexually attracted to women at all, any woman. They did not find sex with women nasty but it was basically little better than jerking off or masturbating with someone else's body and they had to think about men, male bodies to get hard, stay hard, and finish.

Another friend is a "gold star" gay and he really dislikes the whole "Ewwww a woman!" Attitude some gay men have.

I guess I would be a "gold star" bisexual as I have never had sex with anyone trans.

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90% of gay culture is either self deprecating humour or just making light of certain things. But non gays (the other letters) come in with this colonizing mentality of trying to invade, infiltrate, attack, victimize themselves and that's the prism in which they view things.

"Gold Star" was just a joke that gays started and then lesbians adopted. It was just a thing to see the progress of the gay community and how quickly they were de-brainwashing themselves over their compulsive heterosexuality and figuring out whether they had any attraction to the opposite sex.

The ones who figured it out quicker or not even being victimized by the brainwashing to have been misled into having sex with the opposite a gold star. That was it.

And what did the bisexual women do? "Those fucking lesbians! And gays! with their EVIL ways! They're oppressing us...the bisexuals! This term doesnt include me!"

Gays and Lesbians even make fun of each other. Gays make fun of lesbians for...being attracted to women. And lesbians make fun of gays for being attracted to men. What did bisexual women do? "Did...did..did you just make fun of US? US??? We're bisexuals! This is evil! Gays dont deserve any rights! We're being oppressed! My feelings!" So much garbage is being generated by bi-het women and theyre a cancer on the community. They know it.

So your understanding of "gold star" is being given to you by the interpretation of bisexual women who have a more sinister agenda when entering "the community". Their function is to encourage as much homophobia as possible until they get their way. And what do they want? For everyone to celebrate them as ultimate victims. It's just narcissists.

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Frankly some bisexual women are just people with BPD who are bi because they have no stict sense of self, boundaries or their own identity and so are disconnected from whatever real sexuality they have. Often they have been groomed and abused to put others needs always before their own sexually and to use sex for personal gain then get pissy when they realise normal people won't do the same.

Amber Heard is a great/terrible example of this type.

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Sexual orientation isn't a mental illness.

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Oh ho ho, that's not what was said. Great job deliberately misunderstanding. You're definitely a political commissar type.

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Huh? You seem to have issues with bisexual women.

I first heard the "gold star" term from gay men who were super angry that before they were out they had sex with women, married women, etc.

I am not sure of your age but if you were alive in the 1970s-1990s or even early 2000s, and in the gay/LGB scene you would know that many gay men really dislike lesbians, want nothing to do with them, and are strangely homophobic towards lesbians. I don't mean in a joking way either.

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I guess I would be a "gold star" bisexual as I have never had sex with anyone trans.

What does this mean?

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It is a joke, and for about 20 years I have heard the false claim from trans/TRAs about "Bisexual is transphobic! You must identify as pansexual or the slur queer, and you must fuck, date, and marry trans people!"

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They're sad, mentally ill people who need help, not to mutilate themselves with surgery and destroy our culture insisting that their mental illness can't be cured unless we agree to go along with their delusion.

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