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Problem with your point is that you believe they care about people dying. This is more of an indication on how the BLM movement is controlled by the Lib deep state.

Some better links:

1) US intelligence knew about COVID-19 one month before the first case Only reported by a couple of outlets.

Israeli news confirmed they warned NATO and Israel in November:

2) America controls WHO, not China

Remember how the Wuhan lab leak theory suddenly became mainstream? US intelligence gave MSM the thumbs up to blame it on China. Note how they all changed tunes within 1-2 months of each other: The WHO's Chief Says It Was Premature To Rule Out A Lab Leak As The Pandemic's Origin July 15 June 22 June 17 July 16 June 2 May 27 Covid origin: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory is being taken seriously May 27 (Stephen Colbert Show, Jon Stewart On Vaccine Science And The Wuhan Lab Theory, June 15)

Gee I wonder why WHO is parroting mainstream 1984 media. Note how Stephen Colbert always shills for the libs and US intel. Before Isaac Kappy "suicided", he accused Colbert of raping children. US/UK/MOSSAD uses child rape blackmail to control VIP's.

3) Biowarfare expert Robert Kadlec joined the Trump admin in 2017 to help release COVID

China started getting the swine flu in their pork industry in 2018, damaging their economy:

The CIA have previously used the swine flu to starve Cuba's population:

Kadlec ran Crimson Contagion, which ended right before COVID-19 started:

The simulation, which was conducted by the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services in a series of exercises that ran from January to August 2019, involved a scenario in which a group of about 30 tourists returning from China spread a novel influenza A respiratory virus in the United States, beginning in Chicago. In less than two months the virus had spread from a single index case (a 52 year-old man returning to Chicago) to infect 1100 million Americans; 7.7 million patients would require hospitalization, and 586,000 people would die from the novel virus.

4) There's a Dr. Fauci and Jeffrey Epstein connection

Epstein works for MOSSAD, who works closely with US/UK intel:

Epstein funded millions of dollars to Harvard's Program for Evolutionary Dynamics that also studied the evolution of viruses:

Epstein's main connection with Harvard was through Professor Martin Nowak, who was the head of the lab:

Professor Nowak and Dr. Fauci have multiple papers together:

So intelligence agencies funneled money through Epstein to Harvard to study viral evolution and worked with the same guy many ppl believe to be responsible for creating COVID.

5) David E Martin's patent analysis shows Fauci, NIAID, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, US CDC, Crucell, J&J, Moderna preplanning and manipulating events before both the first SARS and COVID-19:

6) Moderna patented a key sequence in COVID-19 that causes coronaviruses to be contagious in humans, three years before the pandemic. Sure, it could just be a coincidence and happen by chance like MSM says. That chance was calculated to be 1 in 3,000,000,000,000.

7) An astroturf knew about COVID-19 in October, two months before the first case. His account was made the day after Event 201:

The poster believes it to be a CCP shill, but a mass amount of evidence points to reddit being controlled by US astroturfs:

This is about half of the evidence to the plandemic, which conservatives are trying to blame on China and the Libs when it's actually the globalists stemming from the US, UK, MOSSAD.

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Yeah right.

I'm sure the Chinese released videos of their people dropping down dead in the streets to own themselves and protect American conservatives.

I'm sure they told the world they had solved the covid problem by using extreme lockdowns and tracking people to help out Isreal and paint themselves as evil for the lulz.

I'm sure the fact that the original virus was far more deadly to westerners and Indians than east Asians was all the plan of those old white men who were most at risk.

Makes perfect sense.

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The % of dead people argument has always been a strawman for those on both sides of the debate. The real problem has been the amount of suffering and "long COVID" that has harmed not only people, but also mental health, economies &c (all the while anti-vaxxers prolonged the infection rate by claiming that this should be a political issue, and that we should avoid prevention of infections).

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I'm sure the Chinese released videos of their people dropping down dead in the streets

They didn't. The CIA just got a bunch of Falun Gong or HK dipshits and deepfaked it all, as they always do. If it isn't CPC-endorsed it's probably a kike deepfake.

Alternatively, see point 3.

using extreme lockdowns

It's literally the only way to tackle Jew-Flu. China now has a perfectly functioning economy for the most part.

I'm sure the fact that the original virus was far more deadly to westerners and Indians than east Asians was all the plan of those old white men who were most at risk.

The original virus had a spike protein specifically designed to target Southern Han lung receptors. It's just that Liberal Democracies are absolute garbage at stopping disease spread. See Point 2.

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Muh saad

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I'm sure the Chinese released videos of their people dropping down dead in the streets to own themselves and protect American conservatives.

What does that have to do with the US planting COVID-19 in China?

Pictures/videos of Chinese ppl eating bats and Chinese fainting on the street weren't released by China. They were released by US astroturfs to manufacture consent. Several of the videos have already been proven to be disinformation (e.g. eating bats video was actually in another country).

I'm sure they told the world they had solved the covid problem by using extreme lockdowns and tracking people to help out Isreal and paint themselves as evil for the lulz.

What does that have to do with the US planting COVID-19 in China?

China's the only country in the world to use extreme lockdowns to prevent COVID from spreading. It makes zero sense for them to plant in themselves, incriminate themselves and shut down their own economy.

I'm sure the fact that the original virus was far more deadly to westerners and Indians than east Asians was all the plan of those old white men who were most at risk.

The mortality rate in China was 5-15%. The variant that first emerged in China also didn't spread to most Western countries.

Makes perfect sense.

You provided zero links and viewed none of mine. Facts don't care about your feelings. But sure, shill for Fauci some more.

If you want to make sense of it all, the Anglo-Saxon Mission posted in 2010 gives a plausible reason. The globalists would seed it in China and then let it spread to the rest of the world. Enhanced social media control was also a part of the plan.

It's an hour long, probably too long for your small brain to absorb.

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  • The 180 from “masks are pointless, especially non n-95 masks since they aren’t rated for particles that small” to mask mandates when they realized it was a good tool for control and signifier of obedience.
  • The sudden replacement of conventional knowledge that vaccines are meant to give full immunity against a virus, to the idea that vaccines always have been about lessening the severity of the specific virus that they target. I guarantee that pre-covid if asked anyone anywhere about what a vaccine does you’d get 100% either “i don’t know” or “it prevents you from getting a virus”.
  • The bizarre introduction of the european slang “jab” into american english, making it pretty blatant that the coverage of covid was not organic.

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The sure-fire giveaway that this was a government psyops was the quarantine. Never in the history of medicine have we quarantined an entire population. Even with leprosy, the sick get quarantined. I knew right away that this whole ordeal was designed to kill, disenfranchise, demoralize and control the entire population. I knew suicide, alcohol, child abuse, obesity and heart disease would go through the roof and....well...I was right.

The final straw for me on reddit came after getting banned from a local sub for stating the truth about this global hoax.

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  1. Masks, which even medics and doctors were laughing at because they weren't meeting any standards.

  2. Absolute dissapearance of flu during Covid.

  3. If the vaxx is supposed to protect you, how does the fact that 3rd person didn't take the jab makes you more vulnerable to being sick?

  4. Entire route from "it makes you immune" -> "it makes you a lot bit safer" -> "it makes you a bit safer" -> "atleast you don't suffer that much when you have it".

  5. Governments shitting to Covid rules, while others were supposed to live with them

  6. Complete disappearance of Covid when real problem (war in Ukraine) happened, Covid became non-existant (atleast there in Poland).

  7. After 2nd jab which was supposed to make you safe, immediately there came 3rd and 4th. Why? Who knows.

  8. Some absurds along countries, like in Spain there was a rule that you have to wear a mask on roads, but not in cinemas or restaurants. Same with the fact there was a huuuge female strike and they all got sick right after.

  9. Even after it all became a bit less enforced, there wasn't the "vaxxed will have some privilidges" but it was "not-vaxxed will not be able to live normal life"

  10. Covid raports make it clear, during certain dates like weekend, Christmas Day and other important days, people weren't dying from Covid. Magically when there was a day which was about some government celebration - it was okay to make it, no one gets sick after all.

  11. Vaxx didn't remove you from quarantine.

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1) Regular masks are bad at protecting you from getting the virus. They're good at preventing YOUR water droplets from spreading. Compliance, wearing the mask properly, type of mask all factor into effectiveness. Effectiveness would thus be very situational.

2) The flu is less contagious than COVID. Social distancing, masks and lockdowns would be much more effective on limiting the flu. Hospitals in countries that went through stricter lockdowns, for instance, found that post-lockdown, both COVID and flu cases were down. Examine excess deaths to get a better estimate of both direct/indirect COVID deaths.

3) Vaxx doesn't protect you from getting the virus. It's supposed to make it less severe, but it's effectiveness is questionable since the US sent their vaccines to Israel. Neither nations are trustworthy.

4) The initial Israel results only showed it was effective at preventing severe cases, not make you immune. Like mentioned previously though, the effectiveness is questionable. They probably lied, hence the change in messaging.

6) COVID hasn't disappeared, there are still cases in Poland. 800-900 new cases per day. The same time last year, their cases also dropped during May to October. Also, not tracking cases, especially asymptomatic ones, doesn't mean there aren't any.

7) Big Pharma wants to make money from the virus they released.

8) Spain and the US deep state used to be in cahoots where they orchestrated a fake war in the Philippines. So it's plausible that they would be in line with the globalists.

10) Depends if more ppl were gathering on these holidays. People who were strictly social distancing would likely still social distance on important days. Ppl who liked their freedumb probably didn't really follow COVID protocols in the first place.

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I'm picking these based on how absurd it felt, not on how good evidence they are. Although many of these are good evidence as well. An early one was when I heard David Icke say there is no virus, backing it up with a report of his conversations with Andrew Kaufman, and that the mortality in Europe was (at that time, April 2020 or so) not any lower than in previous years. I'm not saying the former is true, and I'm unsure about the latter, but it convinced me that I didn't have to worry about being infected. Furthermore:

  • simply the degree to which the MSM has always been lying. 9/11.
  • the swine flu farce. I was reminded of this immediately.
  • inflation of death toll
  • dancing nurses. (They would never have had time for that under normal circumstances, let alone amidst a supposed pandemic)
  • trucks that were supposed to contain dead bodies but were actually part of a psy-op
  • empty hospitals
  • Sars-cov-2 at least being from 2018, as material collected from a lake showed (iffy one, because Sars-cov-2 hasn't even been shown to exist)
  • Covid being less deadly than the 2017/2018 flu epidemic
  • Various animals, plants, and lifeless material testing positive
  • Sweden
  • smirking Bill & Melinda Gates
  • the absurd shift of focus toward George Floyd right when anger over lockdowns threatened to unite the people
  • condoning BLM protests, as you mention
  • lack of infections after protests, in spite of all the warnings
  • leaked government reports about how to scare the masses into complying
  • the idea that you have to get tested even if you don't show any symptoms
  • censorship of skeptical content from Youtube, Twitter, Facebook
  • The Great Barrington Declaration
  • suppression of HCQ, ivermectine, and vitamin D
  • using ice cream to lure kids into getting jabbed
  • the CDC no longer counting flu deaths "due to the ongoing Covid pandemic". Supposedly, social distancing eliminated the flu, but not Covid itself.
  • the flu vaccines being continued nonetheless in 2021
  • disappearance of Covid after Biden's election

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disappearance of Covid after Biden's election

I don't get what you mean with this one. Most of the vaccine shenanigans took place after the election. Then omricon (and delta?) I'm still hearing about covid on the news all the time. They certainly have not stopped using it as a means to control.

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Actually I meant after him taking office. There were statistics that showed the supposed cases going to negligible numbers right after he took office. I don't know what the messaging in the MSM was like at that time, though. I only meant to imply it was a temporary disappearance; they bring it back when they feel like it.

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Fauci and crew trying to suppress The Great Barrington Declaration.

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Red flag inconsistencies exposing COVID vaccine hysteria

2013 NDAA.

All skepticism stomped.

Basic income trap.

Censorship only ever hides the truth.

Conspiracy analysts predicted this based on ruling class statements, actions, and pre-COVID practice (Event 201, Lockstep Lockdown, SPARS, etc.).

Culturally engineered distraction, demotivation, disinfo, and division.

Critical /s/terminology to understand:

  • 1984
  • banksters
  • corporatocracy
  • deep state
  • endless class war
  • fear porn
  • fifth generation warfare
  • full spectrum dominance
  • globalism
  • manufactured consent
  • propaganda
  • regulatory capture
  • shadow government
  • Zionism

Freedoms, rights, and protests removed.

Intentionally ignoring damage lockdowns have on individuals, society, networks, and trade.

Legalese weaponized terms and government actions, like "mandates", fool the public into believing they are legitimately legal.

Media, government, and corporations are proven perpetual liars.

Never solutions, only fear and more government for failing harder.

Peaceful protesters met with violence.

Police state and surveillance state rising.

Public confused by endless flip-flopping, hyperbole, hypocrisy, and on-off lockdowns.

Quarantine the sick, weak, and old - the rest is obvious tyranny.

Sickcare for sick slaves = no uprising yet still serving. Robots coming soon.

Statistical manipulation and misinformation is not new.

Tyranny for "the good of all" is not new.

Weaponized $cience claiming greater powers is not new.

When do the Left and Right ever agree on anything except when it's greater totalitarianism.

You can't solve a pandemic with shittier healthcare.