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Somebody fire that piece of shit groomer.

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There are no "groomers" more than there are "pedophiles" or "genders", just CHILD RAPISTS. All those words are Thought Control through Language. Winning Hearts and Minds one fake word at a time.

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It's scary that they're hiring LITERAL CHILD RAPISTS to work with little kids all day. Truly disgusting :/

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Words of iron.

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How does the word "pedophile" win hearts and minds? It certainly doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling..

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Western civilization will continue to crumble until trannies are again classified as perverted and mentally ill.

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when normality gets a foothold again.

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Not without a Revolution.

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Wait till you realize that LGBTQIA+ is literally the primary propagandistic force of modern Neoimperialism (i.e. petrodollar) and hence the faggots are why you can buy sweatshop-products for uber cheap.

Literally the ONLY REASON why faggots, or any non-normalcy, is pushed, is to fuel the Imperialism that puts the new iPhone on your table. To kill faggots is to kill Western Civilization itself - and guess what: I'm all for it. Gas faggots.

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The teacher, and the principle both need to go. And if the school board sides with the groomers they need to go too.

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It starts at the education level so it becomes the normal. They have infiltrated the education system. Worrying times.

It's the youth they want.

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I suppose they do, but they happen to be very good at it.

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there should be a thorough purification among those so-called 'teachers' (perverts).

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the school boards are ignoring the parents and in many cases simply have the parents removed from the school board meetings.

question: how did we get to this point?

answer: we allowed the corruption into the classroom, because the corruption insisted that they are born that way.

bullshit... this agenda is pushed right here at saidit... i simply commented in the chat that i would never allow my children to attend public schools, and /u/usehername immediately banned me from the chat.. just fyi, the chat is dominated by an organized lgbt brigade mafia and they are not flexible at all. i say fuck them and fuck that.

i am so happy that my children are grown, because if i found out that they were teaching my sons or daughters how to use "strap-ons" or they were helping them to take puberty blockers or hormones or some other bullshit, i can almost promise you that my children would be removed from that school immediately.

teach the children about math and reading and writing and science and leave the sex education to the parents.

from watching the news, it is looking like most parents are fed up with this bullshit.

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Revolution Now ! If you want to save the species.

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Bring cameras into classrooms. That way parents will know what their children are learning.

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They've been exposed, good parents talk to their children, bad parents will never care. Time for Action while we still can.

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Username checks out.

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They brought extermination upon themselves, the community at large that are not flamers will suffer.

We can survive as a species without the 10% freaks.

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If the baby has a penis it is a boy, if the baby has a vagina it is a girl. How fucking hard is that to figure out?

Trannies suffer from a mental illness called gender dysphoria where they identify as the wrong gender because they are lying to others and themselves about their gender due to a mental illness.

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Probably shouldn't label it as a mental illness as everyone has a different, distinct brain. Most ppl are dumb fucks, which is also a mental illness, but we just call them normal people.

I would take an intelligent tranny over your average dumb fuck any day of the week. The dumb fucks are the real ones with mental illnesses and this plague of stupidity doesn't have political affiliations.

But yeah, ppl genuinely confused about their gender is likely due to neurological factors.

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It is more important that a person isn't a subversive rat than that he is smart. If you wanted smart people only, just replace your entire nation with kikes. Maximum intelligence - though will lead to a result not to your liking.

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Something is wrong with their brain if they think they are the opposite gender.

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"Hey homo! Come here!" The Hodge Twins are hilarious.