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Because the ideal citizen of the New World Order is a husked out enslavable, mass consumer or npc.

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What would you do if you didn't have to go to work?

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Yes, we all thought this when we were your age. Turns out we unfortunately need money. To get money we must do things we do not want to do like construction jobs or office jobs and maybe even blow jobs.

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The mainstream world was tolerable when I was younger. It no longer is.

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I think things are way better. I can have any media or order any consumer good I want at a touch or voice command 24/7. Talk to a person whenever across the globe. Play a video game from a selection of almost every game ever made.

I remember many nights growing up stuck laying in bed at night, unable to sleep. All the channels of the television were off except for something about Jesus and Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf? (Great movie btw) and even those would go off eventually. Nobody to talk to, nothing to do.

I'll grant it's not all better, social interactions have suffered. People used to go outside and do stuff cause there was nothing to do inside and that was good. Now there's too much to do alone or connected only virtually to others.

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We disagree. In the past, I could go to a store and talk to an honest knowledgeable sales person to painlessly make a purchase. I could travel to other countries that actually had different cultures, unlike the modern monoculture that now dominates the world. I have always found video games to be stupid and useless but I enjoyed playing chess and Go when I was younger.

I never liked television, but I read many books which I loved, easily gotten at the public library. And there were people to talk to back then before everyone became a moron. Now there is almost no one worth talking to.

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+1 for fschmidt's response.

What you are talking about are surface entertainments; it's like eating grass instead of steak, potatoes and salad. There's lots more grass to eat, but no matter how much of it we eat, we will remain as hungry as when we started.

You acknowledge that social interactions have suffered, but you don't realize that those social interactions are the foundation of true meaning as we pass through this universe. Interactions with people had infinitely more spiritual, intellectual, and moral "nutrition" in them decades ago. A much higher percentage of people were complete and entire human beings, where talking to them gave you something in return. With the explosion in the "virtual" world came "virtual" life. That isn't even close to real life. Not even close. This is why the various measures of misery are through the roof at this point. Those I feel sorriest for are the children. To grow up in a world where "virtual" is considered the ideal? We're on a path to hell, and they've never had the opportunity to experience the alternative.

You can keep your entertainments. If they all went away tomorrow and we brought back the ability of people to be complete and colorful (non-drug-mediated, especially prescription varieties), I would take that trade ten times out of ten.

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surface entertainment

I'm not watching reality TV here. You can read the great works of literary masters, view famous artwork, talk to incredible people (mentioned that one). Read every patent ever filed. Research whatever you want from the comfort of your own phone.

+1 for fschmidt's response

+1 for fschmidt in general, a person we both know (I assume) through modern technology.

Those I feel sorriest for are the children

I also feel sorry for the lost experiences they will never have too but they have so much more.

but you don't realize that those social interactions are the foundation of true meaning

I think mostly you're just being nostalgic. We tend to forget all the bad things and remember the past overly fondly.

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Social interactions are the one thing it's easy for you to fix. Just start speaking to people. Don't blame society for that.

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I have a healthy real-life social circle, and I have a very happy life, actually. That doesn't change the fact that among the people I see around me in broader society, I witness a large amount who appear to be barely holding on from the stress of our current social arrangements. The posts from Reddit that show up here periodically represent that cohort. For myself, I'm fine for the moment, but being empathetic, I'd like to help those who demonstrate signs of extreme stress and insecurity. When I look at them and what it is that they do with their lives, the elements that I believe to be making them unhappy are precisely the elements which are being put forward in this thread as progress. Doesn't look like progress to me based on the results...

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This is the Post-Modern world. The Modern World ended in 2018.

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Create an alternative space and invite people who agree with you to join you there. Make your own world and do your best to sustain it in the face of the surroundings you accurately describe here.

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Yes, so what are you going to do about it?