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I know a "you are right" reply is useless, but yeah. People who believe masks are doing shit are braindead idiots. I saw a picture of my brother in law wearing a supposed N95 mask and it looked like absolute garbage, didn't fit at all. He works with the disabled.

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not sure about his mask, it didn't fit? Was he just wearing it wrong or something?

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It didn't look right, but obviously I can't put his picture on the internet. Not really sure.

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yeah no need for a pic just wondering, I can believe it was a counterfeit mask like you imply with saying supposedly but he might have just worn it wrong like not over the nose or something, even a perfect mask can't stop a person from doing that.

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A mask can not be made that fits every face. The best we can do is have a stiff frame approximating the face with a rubber seal to make up the difference. No cloth can create a seal. Without a seal you can not stop all the tiny droplets of virus and water that you breath out. That is why people's glasses fog up. That is moisture accumulating on the glasses. Even a perfect fit doesn't work.

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Even with those, it's pointless.

in the military, when you enter the gas chamber with your gas mask you learn the following: - if you lift your mask to touch your face, scratch an itch, or readjust it, your dead. - even if you reseat your mask successfully, your face and eyes will start to burn, not a lot, but just enough to know you don't want to do that again

The truth of it is, masks don't work. Surgeons use them for splash protection. The military uses them along with gloves and a suit to keep them alive for minutes or hours during a chemical or biological attack.

Average people touch a duck ton of things throughout their day. They then lift their mask, touch their lips or nose, rub their eyes, or put something in their ear to scratch it, all direct pathways inside the human body.

** One ** viral particle makes it in, and it will replicate very fast in it's new host.

The reality is that to truly "slow the spread" using NPI's(non pharmaceutical interventions), requires a commitment that 90% people are incapable of, unless they factually know their life is dependent on it, and even then many aren't capable of it, let alone accounting for children or elderly. In such an example, people would go from clean room to clean room, de-contaminating, sterilizing, and then putting on more PPE (e.g. swapping out mask, gloves and eyepro) to venture back out where they need to go. It isn't feasible.

The reality is, everyone knows this is horse shite. It's about which team you are on, what cult you belong to, which idol do you worship.

Two years ago, overnight, people went from shopping maskless in Home Depot and Costco, to "if you don't wear a mask in these places you're literally killing someone".

This isn't about a virus. It stopped being about a virus after the data from the cruise ship came back, well before our "slow the spread" moment.

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ehhh comparing it to gas masks and going into a gas chamber is different

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Those gas particles are much larger than the average viral particle. I suppose we could be talking anthrax or other phages though.

But if wearing the masks makes you feel like a good human, I suppose we know where you're at.

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i'm making the point that govt doesn't really care about us as a certain type of mask could actually help protect us from a virus, while the vaccine doesn't yet they spend on one and not the other

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They tried giving the masks for free. But roaches like you stopped them with your “IS THIS A BIG MASK CONSPIRACY! USING TAX PAYER MONEY FOR FREE MASKS!” Jesus fucking Christ. Do you even think before you speak? What’s the point of opening your mouth if people are just going to shovel your shit back in there?

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n95 masks? false.

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Two years ago, overnight, people went from shopping maskless in Home Depot and Costco, to "if you don't wear a mask in these places you're literally killing someone".

Everywhere I go.. the corpses pile up...

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Its not the governments job to supply you with diapers.

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when people come to realize that this entire covid thing is completely made up, that it is a lie... it will be too late.

just like the jewish people that got onto those trains because they were told that they were being taken to a beautiful place...

same kinda thing.

you is being duped.

big time.

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There was no hollow cost.

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drink it then

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Covid is a crime.

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The masks I see people wearing have huge gaps around the nose. They don't even bother folding the metal strips the masks sometimes have.

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I suppose it doesn't matter since microscopic viruses would flow thru the cloth anyway, going thru that is just as easy for a virus as going thru gaps around a nose.

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it is a money grab.

it is a power grab

and it is obvious to anyone that isn't invested mentally in medical care as their savior

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If healthcare worked, the gov't would provide free healthcare to every american.

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that's why they don't, heathcare works, health insurance doles it out, often denying you needed care

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I think the mask is to remind people to be more sanitary. It is a constant reminder that sits on your face for you to not put your fingers on your face, to stand away from others, and to wash your hands frequently. The authorities often get caught not wearing them because they feel they're smarter than the average person they are telling to mask up.

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It's to remind people to be afraid, it's hard to keep people in "deadly pandemic" mode when people are just going about their lives as usual, no one is dropping dead on the streets, and hospitals aren't full. Also it divides people into classes, the good citizens who follow all the rules and the selfish unvaccinated plague rats who must be shunned.

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yeah you can easily see with your eyes if someone is woke or not, brainwashed or not, normally there's no way to tell what people are thinking just by looking at them, and this isn't like with someone's gender or skin color.

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it's a visual reminder to people that the pandemic exists, people don't realize but it seeps into the subconscious, since hardly anyone knows anyone that died or had a hard time with the wuflu people wouldn't take it seriously if not for masks.

things were back to normal for a few glorious months once the vaccine started as they said you didn't need a mask if vaccinated, and people not vaccinated just lied and said they were not to wear a mask, so they brought back the mask requirement even for vaccine takers or else the covid plandemic would have ended.

being sanitary and washing hands and keeping hands from faces isn't really talked about more since people realized the virus floats in the air as an aerosol not on surfaces

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An electrostatic charge stops the virus?


No such thing in the real world.

Those masks are useless in real world conditions.


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attracts it

like if there is static on your sweater it attracts socks to it

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Its not the governments job to supply you with diapers.

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but it is to supply me with a mandated vaccine I never asked for?

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No no, you did vote for it.

1- Congressmen



0-No voteyoustillhavemadeachoice

Above, is all the say you have in the US Federal government. This is what makes the US a democracy, no wait. It makes the US a Republic. Which means, if the population (of a region) wants to violate your inalienable Rights, the representative should vote to protect the Rights above desires of the population.


Inalienable= Incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred.

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vaccines were on the ballot? that weird post with formatting you had ready before and doesn't apply to my comment

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You vote on election day or you choose not to. That is when you voted on vaccines.

Do you fancy your self a mind reader?

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so I take that as a no it wasn't on the ballot

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The health agencies if the US get tens of BILLIONS each year. They could easily afford to provide every single person a face shield with filtered forced air. It would stop 100% of nasal infections. If this virus was dangerous they would do that.