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From a weight less perspective, exercise is generally irrelevant. Your basal metabolism burns way more calories than any form of modest exercise. So what you eat affects your weight more than what you do. You can do an hour of light exercise and burn off a soda, or just don't drink that soda in the first place.

I say that because a lot of people give up on weight loss because they are unwilling or unable to exercise, and it makes such a small difference anyways.

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    Honestly it's mostly genetics, but that bothers people because we want to be able to control our own direction. Exercise has its part. Although exercise did kill Douglass Adams. Real shame.

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      What I mean is health is mostly genetics, weight is calorie control.

      It does take willpower not to eat when you're hungry. To an extent eating higher amounts of protien kept me full longer so the foods you choose can have an impact. Dieting just sucks though, but sometimes ya gotta do it.

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      You missed the point

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      But your basal metabolism is strongly influenced by what you eat and how active you are.

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      It's mostly gender, height and weight. The Chronometer app has the most accurate formulas for metabolism I've encountered, it was right on the mark for what it prediced over a year of dieting for me. I lost 49lbs.

      Muscles do make a difference, they're calorically expensive to maintain, which is awesome if you want to eat a lot of food.

      My kitten started attacking me and I've lost my train of thought, also am having to defend myself from this cheap shotting bastard kitten.

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      Been using MyFitnessPal for years but I will check that out.

      Was 130 when I started weightlifting. Bulked to 200 over the course of like 5 years and cut down to 160, repeat a few times. Now at about 180.

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      Your resting metabolism is greatly effected by exercise. Specifically cellular respiration and having a lot to do with how many and how active the mitochondria are.

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      Except that excersise and creating more muscle will increase the calories your basal metabolism burns.

      So if you are running 3 times a week you are not just running off x amount of calories in that run. You are also gaining/maintaining muscle that increases your caloric burn through the day, every day.

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      Love it.

      And what you eat determines how much you can do.

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      Neat way to look at it ngl. I'm now at the age where there is a definite shift in focus/priority from looking good to living longer...

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      Exceedingly well done. A masterpiece.