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The first step is not to dictate on what content others should post.

While I agree with the spirit of your message, I disagree with how it was described. If people wish to build subs centered around shitposting, then more power to them, I don't need to visit them. For others who are sincerely interested in high-quality civil discourse and exchange of ideas, then they also can have a sub for that, these two are not mutually exclusive to each other.

The common element is that they both respect others rights to post content that is meaningful to them, regardless of someone else's opinion if it is or not.

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oath. no political control, no censorship. but watch out for mods taking over the system which is what is happening in reddit and how it works. they get in as admins and then boot the others out.

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one thing i like about saidit is they have public mod logs so its harder for mods to get away with stuff

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This is one of the best anti corruption features of saidit. We can't ever stop all problems with mods, even in a perfect system, but at least now we can see everyone's paper trail. This site actually has me wanting to poste, rather than just larking, which is weird. I made maybe 20 comments in all my 5 years on reddit.

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Far better we have optional moderation.

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its fast too. I cant even get on ruqqus its got 503 errors all the time and really slow.

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this site also has 503 errors and ddos attacks but they are getting much better at handling it

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I think ruqqus displaying so much images would tax the servers. They also host images too. Nice features but you need the servers for it, which they dont have.