How Reddit Was Destroyed: The power now resided in individual subreddits, obviously the most popular ones. There was a power grab to become moderators of these subreddits. Once the default subreddits were controlled, drastic changes began to occur. by Orangutan in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Once they start banning porn (and they will) there will be a great fap exodus similar to Tumblr. That is when things will start to go truly downhill. They already started banning some prostitution porn subreddits. They will begin with the most controversial ones and move down to the vanilla.

"Permanent Adolescence: The Epidemic That Will Destroy America" by HeyImSancho in SundogsPlace

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I'm living in a developing country now and I don't so nearly as much entitled and thin skinned people here. They just want to make money and grow as people. I think the conformable lifestyle of post industrial nations leads to loss of struggle and meaning in life to some degree, thus small problems must be made into large ones to find purpose. I think that maybe the human mind needs struggle in order to grow and feel.

How can we get more people to join this site and more importantly make sure that it has good diversity of opinion? by Themagicalmidget in AskSaidIt

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Yes, this is 100% what I'm saying. I never want to silence anyone.

How can we get more people to join this site and more importantly make sure that it has good diversity of opinion? by Themagicalmidget in AskSaidIt

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I want real free speech, but also with diversity of opinion, rather than just internet self balkanization like is present on every internet forum as of late. I 100% never want to censure you no matter what you say on here. That is why I love that there are no down votes here and transparent moderater logs. I believe discussion of any topic can help people better understand each other and maybe find common ground. I would bet I agree with 50% of your views while deeply apposing others that you hold and that's okay. I will look at the discussion paramid you are referencing. I'm new here and not well versed with saidit yet.

All Eyez On Me by [deleted] in Memetics

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Anyone should do this with any media device they have, at all times when not in use.

All Eyez On Me by [deleted] in Memetics

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Beautiful artwork

Will SaidIt take off? Why, or why not? by Gall0wB00b in AskSaidIt

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This is the first website I've ever felt passionatly enough about to post on so I hope it does. I normally just lurk but I'm trying my best to grow this site. I hate what reddit is doing to the 1st amendment.