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Vice is trash.

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My ex-wife was a managing producer at VICE before she quit, possibly due to some sexism scandal.

I used to like VICE. I still have a box of their collectible mags from 1996-2005 ish.

Then they started their TV and going Alt-Right. I'd long dropped them by then.

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Going alt-right? You mean becoming vehemently SJW after being purchased?

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No. I mean it was bought out by some Alt-Right guys. Maybe I was misinformed but I mosdef recall that part. Maybe it was worse SJWs calling everyone Alt-Right. I don't know if they've since changed owners again, or if they've swayed message or whatever the case may be. I've not been up on VICE for a long time. By your comment I assume they're SJW now - like most MSM.

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Everything goes to hell really quick in business buy-outs, sorry - I wasn't trying to be abrasive to you!

I'm just not a fan of vice anymore - they have some of the most trashy, degenerate (kids in drag, drug manuals, weird sex stuf that ought to be age-restricted) stuff on their channel... (in the name of tolerance I can only presume).

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No worries. My telepathy is weak behind a keyboard.

I like that it was rebellious, but I didn't like that a lot of it was very trashy and without a point. It got tired quickly but there was usually at least one thing worth getting the mag for. And they just piled up. I always meant to go back and read the music reviews but never did. And then they ended up in a box for 20 years. I can't believe it's been fucking 20 years. Weird.

My ex hasn't changed much at all, though that's not a very good photo.

Double whammy! She's 50+! CRAZY! I'm 48 but never think about it, and now that I am it's FREAKING MY SHIT OUT! I'm too immature to be nearing 50. WTF!?!


I need a drink or something.

Empty cupboards :(

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Yeah, text is almost impossible to nuance... its why I have a no texting rule with my special other.

Pretty crazy to see how long Vice has been at it - I liked their rebelliousness too, but in the last 5 years they've been bought and paid for shills for the new world degeneracy.

Don't bother with the spirits, they will only make the time go by faster!

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I'll just try not to think about it.

A decade of my life was already wasted by my blind faith in the scientism of big pharma and their shill pill pusher doctors with no evidence of any scientific process anywhere. Long story. I'm finally crawling out free of them and with much more knowledge about freedom in all aspects. Suffering the tortures of the damned, there and back I had nothing but time and a modicum of curiosity for better answers. From just 9/11 truther to deep-woke blackbelt full-spectrum truther.

I have a drink maybe once or twice a year now max, simply for lack of opportunity.

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I didn't mean to say don't drink - just trying to not actively encourage when possible.

I know this will sound cheesy or weird - but the key to a life of meaning, is (irrespective of time) the merging of free-will with destiny.

See many religions preach one or the other - even the human mind is conditioned to perceive them as opposites with very little wiggle-room.

This is the fundamental flaw that leads to a life without meaning and whether or not it is done so intentionally is debatable.

It's not about one or the other, it's about the interaction of both - you have free-will to choose your own destiny every step of the way.

As Terrence McKenna once said "It is the union of imaginations, through understanding and into nature" - turning something from a union of ideas from yourself and others into a physical reality, (an act which may have often defied our expectations of reality, but never defied it - an important point many forget).

Essentially, one picks a goal they know is actually possible, whatever it is that means the most to them. The imaginary reflection you see of yourself in the future and what they solved.

From there, every earnest effort is met with a mixture of struggle and success (as is reality) - however, you may begin to notice small things, all around you had never before noticed. Puzzle pieces of information, conversation, start to fit together - and your free-will, creates your own destiny and then you fulfill it. Or don't.

"To be or not to be - that is the question"

or perhaps "Do, or do not - there is no try"

Just like the white-jumpsuit saboteur I can offer no tangible proof but I'll tell you fusing beliefs of synchronicity with spirituality and nonchalance - the universe becomes a moving ocean. You ride on the waves - not just where-ever and in whatever direction you want.


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Wise words. So good.

I enjoyed my animation career and the craft of it, even if most of it was pushing shit on people who didn't need or want it. That part I didn't like. I was finally directing my own projects and even before my "fixing something that wasn't broken" problem I realized that I wanted deeper meaning and purpose in the projects than mere entertainment or marketing.

Without the time to delve deep I would have likely become some SJW director. For example, I really believed we needed a solution for climate change. I even directed some embarrassingly crappy animation (for complicated reasons) for a poor documentary (beyond my control) on climate change. Even if it had turned out to be a great product like An Inconvenient Truth I would have to look back with mixed feelings.

I'm (too) slowly laying the foundation of background information for my future projects to build upon, so the audience may have a ready platform for noobs from which to launch should my edutainment inspire them to seek more information. (But I keep getting distracted by SaidIt etc.)

I have few specific goals in mind and too many interests of educational distractions that directly or indirectly all tie into my big ocean. I just hope I can navigate my destiny to my goals.

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alt-right, are you on drugs? lmao! yes, you're on some good drugs.

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At the time, yes.

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