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If you want to know all the ugly details and counter strategies read Cynical Theories and follow James Lindsay

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I am almost finished with the audiobook and I am convinced it's the most important primer for understanding what the hell has been happening lately

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Woke is anti white anti men anti christian and they also use it as controlled opposition.

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Appropriation, projection, inversion, dissolution of everything of value.

A multi-generational series of programs heavily invested in the destruction of the western world playing out right now?

It didn't come carrying a flag and a bible it came screaming about maladjusted feelings and virtuous resentment.

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Because Christians are super worried about that and point to all the areas in the New Testament warning of Satan trying to infiltrate the church. Hell, the current Catholic pope is basically a Communist anti-pope (yes there have been many in before).

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I don't remember that use of "woke". First time I heard the meme was because of SJWs who thought they are now seeing the real "injustices" in society which are allegedly hard to see, and as always their terminology is exactly (EXACTLY) the opposite meaning of what it is. Anti-X = X. Woke = asleep; stop questioning, start obeying. The antidote is simply to understand the role of religion in humans, and how humans are natural sheep-like animals that will tend to follow a leader, regardless of the usefulness, efficacy, or morality of the leader. No questioning, only fear.

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Just like New Speak, they wish to overwrite the dictionary and shrink the dictionary. Unfortunately there's no point trying to keep up with it. You just have to not use their terms and specify what you mean when talking about the past before clown world or the past before the death of Freedom of Association or the past before feminism, etc.

Another example: if you had a time machine and pulled an American from 1963, they'd tell you RED states with Democrat ones and BLUE states were republican ones. But by the 70's too many immigrants started putting two and two together that the color of Communism is red ... and look how similar all their policies/sympathies were. So the cable networks decided to purposely obfuscate that by flipping them.

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People don't actually 'wake up'. At best, it's generally just becoming aware of a new section of the big picture. If anyone has an idea of the actual whole big picture, let me know. I've moved through the lefties, bankers, jews, billionaires, cabalists, and now suspect the next level I'm not quite seeing might be Satan having dominion over the earth.

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The spiritual warfare is real. I suggest the book "The Prince of Darkness", one of the most influential parts of my college experience.

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And which chosen people are in charge of the corporate media? Which enthno state populated by said chosen people do we give billions to each year for no real reason? Which chosen people attacked the USS Liberty despite being our greatest ally?

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I was thies things you described as woke, but we called it red pilled.

Woke is grammatically sub 60 IQ.

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The ironic thing is that the meaning of red pilled has also shifted toward people holding primarily antifeminist views.

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When one has become aware of the true goals of Feminism they have a choice. Be anti-feminist or acknowledge that you support evil.

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Feminism is not today what it was in the beginning. Today it is slanted to put women above men, in so doing it makes men less than women. I am an antiFeminist because of this shift.

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The point is that it diverts attention away from more important things, such as the people having been lied to their entire lives, money creation process, 9/11 being an inside job, the NWO, i.e. things that can unite the masses against the upper class, if people would but face the reality of it. These are more important things to focus on.

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I 'member.

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All the 20s and 30s "wokesters" rushing out to inject themselves with the COVID vaccine, totally unknown in repurcussions and totally unnecessary for 99.9% of these age brackets are certainly not woke, no matter which definition you use.