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Fascism has finally arrived in all it's hideous glory. It's no wonder multiple counties in Oregon want to secede and join Idaho. Fuck medical tyranny and all who comply with it.

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It is communism, not fascism

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Too many people think it's the same.

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They are also trying to make it law that you must use a German accent while saying " papers please"

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Next step - they won't have to ask.
They'll give the vaccinated a glorified token to tote or the unvaccinated a mandatory mark of shame to wear.

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This is the only correct way forward. The honour system isn't going to work.

From my interactions with the anti-vax movement, I strongly suspect that many people who refuse to get vaccinated would also be quite happy to lie about it and not wear a mask.

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Your point? You think people shouldn't have a choice?

Of course people will protect their right to preserve their body as is, aka 'un vaxed', aka organic. By whatever means necessary. The masks don't do shit. It is abundantly apparent, since you're still pushing them- are you a paid liar or just a complete moron?

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You rights don't include making others sick. As you said, people can choose what to do with their bodies. I choose to take care of mine and it isn't your right to fuck that up because you choose not to use the brain that was included with yours.

People who are constantly screaming about their rights have a tendency it seems to forget, others have rights as well.

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How many sock puppet accounts do you have? Look at the low IQ shill brigade screech over criticism of a msm talking point. Just quit now. You losers aren't pulling any sway with your preprepared msm/big pharma rhetoric. Plus these fascist policies are already failing. The fact that paid actors like yourself are showing up here on Saidit proves how desperate your side is, and how poorly you are losing the fight.

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My guy. I've got one account. Just because more than one person realizes just how fucking dumb you are doesn't mean they're all the same person. Listen to the shit you're saying. It's not hard to discredit you. Of course more than one person will think so.

But enjoy your Koch bux. Don't spend them all in one place.

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Don't worry, I'm not the only one around here that smells the stench of shill on your days old account. Or maybe it's the sad smell of a borderline semi functional NPC.

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Yeah, you are.

You're completely paranoid, and on your own about that.

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Like flys to a pile of dogshit you shills are. I'm sure the sock puppet situation comes naturally to a schizo like AN. Take your lithium yet?

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They all are u/greencappy's alts

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My account isn't days old. Dude if you don't like me, just stop responding. You're not saying anything of substance. Try changing my mind with good points if you're so sure of yourself.

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You don't have the ability to force the entire world to take this experimental shot. Stop whining. You do not stand on the moral high ground.

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Yes. Actually the government does. Good luck doing anything after you refuse to take it.

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You are siding with the Empire, fool.

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My rights dont end where your fears begin. Besides if the vaccines work why do you care whether other people do not have it? Allegedly you should be fine right, so jog on.

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It's not fears, it's facts. I'm sorry (though not suprised) you aren't able to distinguish the difference.

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If they were facts, then all of us anti-maskers would be sick and dying.

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I know you don't believe it, but......... a lot of you are.

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I know it isn't true because I travel often for my job, and I discuss things with people from every walk of life. My story is a similar one to others that I hear. My grandfather was accidentally killed out of negligence after getting diagnosed with covid-19, a fucking cold, and my grandmother asked for an autopsy, and was denied one. They didn't care about the other issues he was experiencing there at the end. He was cremated before anything like a cause of death could be determined. My story is only one of many. People who aren't gobbling up the media narrative experience life far differently than those who do.

You can't gaslight my experiences away.

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Anecdotal evidence isn't evidence. Disagreeing with you isn't "gaslighting." That's something a redditor would say. We're all here to get away from that kind of thing. Stop acting like a redditor. It's also not gaslighting if what I said is true. You've insulated yourself into a little bubble and won't let anything in that doesn't agree with the worldview decided to have rather than looking at real world evidence and making a decision based on than.

You can believe what you like, but it doesn't change reality. Anti-maskers are getting covid and dying left and right.

Do you want more? Cause I can give you more.

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Yes, keep giving me more. This is really convincing. /s

I'll trust my own experience, thank you.

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At this point I am just waiting for Darwin to take care of the anti-vax crowd. They've earned it.

Unfortunately there are also people that cannot be vaccinated due to legitimate medical needs, and the children who have not received it yet. My 12 year old just got his first shot.

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If this pandemic had any real bearing, then anti-maskers would be dead in the street. They'd fill the hospitals. Anti-vaxxers would simply have to change their minds, because they'd be sick and dying.

"My twelve year old just got his first shot." You are either raising a sheep, or a malcontent. He will either be a stupid follower like you, or resent the fucking hell out of you after he comes to.

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That's entirely within your rights to say...

But I had Covid-19 and it gave me all kinds of problems. If you are familiar with the symptoms of long covid, I had a whole list of them, such as a pulmonary embolism and a stroke. I am otherwise healthy and have had no cardiovascular issues my whole life. I have had shortness of breath for 6 months. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. As an anecdote, I work with a guy that now has 55% lung capacity due to permanent scarring because of covid.

For what it's worth, our 12 year old made the decision himself with the insight and assistance from 2 parents and a step parent.

So it's your right if you want to not take the shot and risk getting sick. There is a meme going around today of a cop who was anti-vax and said "I have an immune system, I don't need a vaccination". He died of Covid yesterday. The irony is thick but I feel sorry for his family. There have been a bunch of these including politicians.

I'm curious if you feel this way about other vaccinations you get when you're a child. When I was in elementary school many years ago, they didn't allow you to say no. You got the shot, or you weren't allowed to attend public school. This was for MMR and other common vaccinations at the time. How say you?

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I say that you are confused.

When I was a kid, I got a sinus and ear infection. It progressed really fast because I just didn't complain about my symptoms until I was shitting myself every night. The doctors thought I had cancer for an entire month. They almost killed me while they tested me for cancer and did all sorts of odd delays so I could see specific doctors.

I almost died because of their malpractice. What your case sounds like is you were misdiagnosed, mistreated, and will now deal with chronic issues because of it. As you said, we can believe what we want to believe.

The fucking difference is that you want the government to dictate how we live our lives based off of these beliefs of ours. You get to believe what you want because the government agrees with it.

I'm fucked just because I'll never trust those rat bastards again, unless I know them personally. They almost killed me. They did kill my grandfather, and they kept my family from being at his bedside, and they cremated him before a proper autopsy was done. This is why folks like me don't care for bootlickers anymore. We are sick of this non-action and willful ignorance.

How say you?

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They DO actually include that!

I will go around breathing free all I please. YOU go take experimental shots & go hide in your house if you're so afraid. Do us all a favor and don't come out.

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If they include that, then stop complaining about vaccine passports, getting kicked out of stores and restaurants, etc.

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rights don't include making others sick

Except when shitholes like California won't even prosecute intentional spreading of AIDS, and shitholes like Texas don't even dispatch cops for robbery and burglary the same day they splash the arrest of a beautician all over the media, it kind of demolishes the concept of 'public responsibility', dosn't it?

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Your point? You think people shouldn't have a choice?

They should certainly have a choice between masking, vaccination or isolation.

Of course people will protect their right to preserve their body as is, aka 'un vaxed', aka organic.

Ummm. What do you think "organic" means?

Vaccination isn't going to make anyone's body inorganic.

By whatever means necessary.

The necessary means are isolating or masking.

The masks don't do shit.

Extraordinary claim. We know that they are about 70% effective against other corona-viruses for protection of the wearer. They're probably similar for protection from the wearer, for a total of something like 90% effective if both are masked.

And we can estimate from physics that a mask should be about 95% effective through the mask, but leakage around the mask will make that worse.

But I haven't seen this "don't do shit" conclusion from the medical literature. Where are you getting it from?

It is abundantly apparent, since you're still pushing them- are you a paid liar or just a complete moron?

You might need to elaborate on the abundance of this apparentness. Perhaps with an abundance of evidence show it?

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Lmao "They should certainly have a choice between masking, vaccination or isolation."

You don't get to force us to make this choice. Fuck you.

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No only do these medical fascists not have the legal right to force ANYONE to take their experimental gene therapy, but they also don't have the intelligence or ability to implement it. Last ditch attempt by a dying paradigm to maintain control that they unknowingly lost decades ago.

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[...] force ANYONE to take their experimental gene therapy [...]


I'm hope I'm wrong in presuming that this isn't satire.

I shudder to go in, but I'm guessing that it's vaccinations, not isolation or masks that you think is "experimental gene therapy"... ?

Edit: Oh, it's the dibble guy again who doesn't know or accept that 0 and 13 are different numbers of deaths. This line of questioning isn't going to be enlightening. I withdraw the question.

If you think a vaccine is going to alter your genes, you should definitely take the chance. It's not going to make it worse is it.

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Do you think people should be able to kill you, as well as thinking that you should be able to kill other people?

Or is this a one-way right that you have, but other's don't?

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    Fucking prove that I've killed someone because I haven't worn a mask or gotten vaxxed.

    That could be done in some cases.

    Should killing someone only be illegal if there's proof? What if you were behaving recklessly, and infected 300 people directly or indirectly and 17 of them died. Maybe a few of them might have died anyway. And you can't tell which 12 or so you killed.

    Should that be legal?

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    No, you dipshit, fucking prove that I have killed someone. Do that, then you can try and have this discussion with me.

    Until you do that, you have nothing but theoretical questions and scenarios. Innocent until proven guilty. THAT is what is RIGHT.

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    That’s a good point. If someone believes we are innocent until proven guilty, then the “sick until proven healthy” approach (which requiring masks implies) would seem to contradict that.

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    It's the truth, man. I don't understand how people can just assume that I'm sick, or that I'm a danger, when they have no proof at all that I'm sick or a danger.

    Innocent until proven guilty doesn't mean shit in the Empire, doesn't mean shit to the GovCorp. However, the GovCorp doesn't decide what is right. innocent until proven guilty is what is right.

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    No no no no no no no. You're so wrong.

    Listen here, if you're afraid of the 'virus' then YOU vaxx yourself, mask yourself and YOU fucking run and hide from me when I come by breathing & puffing up all the fucking oxygen I please

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    Slightly wonder why you put virus in quote marks. And I wonder if you think oxygen is restricted by a mask.

    Under self-defence laws, if someone suspects you have the virus and are puffing at them, can they stand their ground and shoot you in the face?

    Asking for a friend.

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    Nope you can't.

    Breathe my germs or run. Or trust this miracle vaxx you have.

    You're not worth the time but I'll still bother to address one more thing- you don't think the masks restrict oxygen , but you think they magically stop viruses?

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    You're not worth the time but I'll still bother to address one more thing- you don't think the masks restrict oxygen , but you think they magically stop viruses?

    Is your claim that a virus is smaller than an oxygen molecule?

    Because there's two atoms in O2.

    What do you think a virus is made of?

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    I know they BOTH go through.

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    The virus is about 300 times wider. (~100 nm for the CoVID virus vs ~ 0.299 nm for O2)

    So oxygen will find a lot more materials a lot more permeable.

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    They have poor AN working overtime pushing msm/cia narratives. Go easy on them. The life of a shill must be lonely and quite sad. You can smell the desperation in every one of their posts.

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    I don't have easy mode, but agreed

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    you literally live up to your name.

    you are the NOT that God created to be that which he is not.

    of course that means you are not real, and will fade when the lights come on

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    ... whoa ...

    twilight zone theme

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    islam extremists knocked down the world trade center and now the vaccine is intended to sterilize nonmuslims so that muslims can more easily outbreed and outnumber nonmuslims.

    remindme five years.

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    If you haven’t watched Utopia from Amazon Prime (based on the UK version), you should find a way to watch it online. You’d like it, it’s honestly a good show.

    It’s mostly current truths spun as realistic fiction.

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    How dare you show your face hole in public, let me see your papers!

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    the authorities in Salem are taking the fascist policy route

    look at me! i'm a jew! hoop da hoop da doo! everything i don't like is fascist! haha it's true because it works on you simps. hoop da doo!

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    Fuuuuuuuuuuck. Florida here I come.

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    Just use a fake card. Works for me lol..