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The Rothschilds were also only allowed to marry with the black nobility families, like the Aldobrandini somewhat recently. These nobles were not only more powerful than them but they have a master-slave relationship with the Jesuits since way back.

“The Jesuits … they have the College of Nobles where almost all the eons of the Roman Nobility are educated in the principles of Jesuitism; … In the subterranean Church of the Gesu is a ‘Congregation of Nobles,’ in which are assembled all the Roman Nobility; the Jesuits are their Directors, Confessors, and Preachers, and by this means they have become masters of the Aristocracy.”

  • Luigi de Sanctis (1808–1869; Italian Ex-Catholic Priest of the Madellena at Rome.)

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1906, the Rothschilds are considered the guardians of the papal treasure.

The Rockefellers and their support of anti-Semitic groups.

The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers worked under the Vatican to support the Bolshevik revolution. The Bolshevik Jews were mostly an anti-Zionist group that even persecuted the Zionist Jews that opposed the regime.

Months before the Bolshevik coup, Sister Lúcia dos Santos claimed she had a vision of promise about the consecration of Russia, which would bring a period of peace. It is usually interpreted that this was a call for Russia to convert to Catholicism.

Make sure to visit s/Jesuits for more info and s/NationalistRevolution to help resist the Vatican.

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For many centuries, Jews tried to infiltrate the Catholic Church, and unfortunately, they succeeded. But it was not the entire Church and religion that was affected by them, just a part. What you may be saying about Jesuits is related precisely to what I said. The best proof of this was the participation of Augustin Bea, in the Second Vatican Council, he was a Jesuit and was the main motivator of the council, which made the Church "modernize", open the doors to doctrines of other religions, become more ecumenica (that is, it lost its essence). Augustin Bea was a student of Judaism, and was influenced by Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel.

If you really want to know what the Church, or great Saints, thought of the Jews, study them, read their stories.

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You think a subversive Jew like Hibikiblack would do that? No.

He starts at the very moment a neophyte Jew forged the monita Secreta because Jesuit anti-converso Catholics banned Jews from the order.

I bet Jew hibikiblack, who sourced the CanaryMission, has never once read Greek Christian works, or any of the screeds from saints condemning Jews.

# End Judaism

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The title suggests the Rothschild's allowed the Vatican to take action.

Can you specify the antisemitic myths that caused jews to be mocked by other jews?

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Hibikiblack is a Jew.

I've exposed this years ago. He sourced the Canary Missiom.

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Divide and conquer. Permanent war.

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The third Fatima secret is about religion being fake

Check what John Paul II said about you it.

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