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Cucked Israeli Agency

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By contrast, how many CIA leaders have been Jewish? The CIA is the group with the supremacy over the media too. A lot of people might find strange that despite the ideological differences that the Jesuits had with the Protestants, why would that make them evil? Well, the Protestants thought that the teachings of the Bible were related to their materialist nationalism and they rejected the Catholic views as metaphysics. I'm not sure if their views were correct but they do have a point when they describe Catholicism as a way of monkery and asceticism.

The Jesuits take the basic monkery of Catholicism but up to 11. They are radical supernaturalists that see the material world as a corruption that shouldn't exist. One of the most influential figures in the modern capitalist movement was the Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and he thought of something to "solve" this wordly issue.

Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin conceived the idea of the Omega Point. The part in human evolution in which all become one with the help of science. Pierre was a social darwinist and greatly influenced the globalist movement.

This idea of Teilhard, "The Omega Point" is the true endgame of the NWO. The point in which we become a single entity with Christ with the help of technology. Catholic groups are researching this already, and I've made a post about how Big Pharma, Monsanto and Dupont work together in the genocide plan to achieve this goal along with the CIA.

Catholics interested on research about AI and the soul.

Experts from the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Goethe University, Boston College, and Google will discuss questions regarding AI and whether it can reproduce consciousness, the philosophical challenges of it and what it would mean in relation to Catholic doctrine. (October 2021)

Big Pharma, Monsanto, Dupont and Vaccine Injury Super Compilations (120 Records each) and Jesuit role in the genocide plan.

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Kennedy was Catholic.

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Dude, i know about your attempt to misrepresent the Catholic Church, forgive me but it's a pathetic attempt. Question, do you even know what happened at the Vatican Council II? Do you at least know that after that the Catholic Church was occupied by many (((Catholics)))?

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anti-Semitic campaigns from the Catholic Church

What you say about "anti-Semitic campaigns from the Catholic Church", I consider it to be in historical context. There are thousands of quotes, books, documentaries from Catholics and non-Catholics talking about Jewish behavior, and even from before Christ. Is it the Jesuits’ fault for the Jews’ harmful behavior now? Please...

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Jews are deceptive too. But people shouldn't lose the sight of justice when it comes to judging them too.

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regular people were against jews, popes tried to protect them

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I bet you think Joe Biden is a Catholic as well.

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Yeah, and probably a proud Jesuit in a robe too:

Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci praise the work of Jesuit Refugee Service.

Biden Admin Continues To Fund Palestinian Groups Supporting Terrorists. (Daily Caller, May, 2023)

And Jews are bad too. I just want people to remember a thing about their history over here.

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jews created christianity, took over roman empire