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The social democrats haven't made any restrictions on immigration. It was the previous government Dansk Folkeparti (DF) that made all the restrictions. The social democrats got elected on an anti immigration platform, basically making DF useless. They got elected but has since not done anything on immigration and has even lifted some restrictions.

The media isn't covering it. The danish right wing anti immigration wing has been deplatformed on social media. Meanwhile the masses think that everything is fine now and that Sweden is stupid on immigration but that Danes and danish politicians are strict on immigration - the problem is that it isn't true.
I was very whitepilled during last election but I really don't know how to feel right now. I can't go anywhere without hearing foreign languages in my city, and it's not tourists. But at least most of them are white foreigners.

Why Swedes aren't worried?
Nordics aren't easily worried and it is still - somewhat - taboo to talk about

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Yes. We will see what the outcome of this policy will be. I've written about it previously on this sub. On paper it sounds nice.

The decrease is a result of a trend starting due to policies made by the previous government. This 4 year long trend has since been reversed after the social democrats took over. I was very white pilled for some time.

Please be aware that dr is a far left media outlet that manipulates exceedingly on this topic. They do the same types of mental gymnastics like "we don't want illegal immigration". Refugees, which the article is about, are minor numbers that don't really move anything. The bigger numbers are family chain migrations and descendants of immigrants.

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Keep electing Democrats and you'll get more illegals and have to pay for them.

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As if Republicans are any better. Lmao!

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Block this user, he contributes absolute zero to the conversation.

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Historically there has been little difference in immigration policies but now that immigration has become such a big issue, liberals and leftists have become enthusiastic pro immigration supporters. Much of their hysteria about Trump was his supposedly immigration restrictionist policies(which never actually existed). So now Democrats are incapable of securing the border because any type of border enforcement is associated with fascist RW politics. Republicans have kept the old status quo in regards to immigration, meaning America is replaced slower and legally while Democrats it is basically open borders.

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Maybe we should boil the frog faster.

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Building a wall isn't going to keep out illegal immigrants.

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It will when you put machine gun mounts and search lights on it and use them.

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Still won't work. Mexicans will just buy a plane ticket and fly to Minneapolis. Republican wind bags will give them a visa.

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