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Ask the Swedish, the Danish, the Germans, the Finns, the Irish, and Scottish folks.

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I have a Swedish friend who is one of the kindest people you might ever meet. She never says any of the catty things that most people and I say. But if the topic turns to immigrants in Sweden, or anywhere, she undergoes a change and starts to complain with a sort of nostalgic regret, about all the immigrants in her country and how that country is utterly changed forever.

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    As a man who lived in MENA alongside evil muzzy please name a redeeming "good quality" of this evil death rape cult. Any redeeming quality you can think of. I'll wait and check in to see if you have a reasonable and responsible answer based on some facts.

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      Scandinavian men have more masculine traits than Muslim men.

      Sexual dimorphism is more pronounced in wealthy and free societies.

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      This guy has never met a Paki before lol

      Real talk I'm not against Islam. It's fine in their own nations, but we're White nationalists

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      Why aren't you against Islam? Take a look at Muslim countries and compare them to Christian counties.

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      Islam is right about females

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      I really don't think a nation being one or the other makes a difference compared to things that actually matter like race. Look at Sub-Saharan Africa, tons of both Christian and Muslim nations yet all are trash

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      Mooslims are an enemy of white people and this is another obvious troll post.

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      They're not the "good guys". I hate both.

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      I do not know about you guys, but I feel rather indifferent towards non-Whites and their struggles. I do not view them through the dichotomy of good and bad, but rather that they should know their place and stay in their lane. Get out and stay out.

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      Couldn't have said that better myself.

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      While I don't think Muslims are the good guys, they are correct and aware about JQ unlike many in the US.

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      Despite this being a shillpost you actually do bring up a very good point here. Not a lot of people realize that Neocons trace their roots back to former Trotskyists who decided communism wasn't the dystopian, anti-White nightmare they wanted and saw capitalism as a better anti-White nightmare dystopia. They kept their "permanent revolution" roots however, which is why they still agitated for constant forever wars across the globe to force democracy down the throats of anyone that dared oppose capitalism or the financial/political interests of the US-led degenerated West.