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Cultural imperialism at work,Merkel started this back in 2015.

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HOW DARE YOU have signs only in your own language?

HOW DARE YOU flaunt your white privilege like this?

NOW THAT'S BETTER. Bow to your betters, goy, which is EVERYBODY.

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Germany is such a nice country. So clean. Germans are some of the most polite and friendly people in Europe. It's sad to see them self destruct their own nation like this.

Edit: solid username

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There must be 100 hours of audio recorded on servers of me say "FUCKING ENGLISH!!" when asked if I want to speak English or Spanish when I call some random company. What a fucking waste of time. All announcements in stores, explanations on packages, etc. Jesus just fucking learn English or whatever it is where you migrated to or GTFO. Also, GTFO.

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Jesus just fucking learn English

Spanish speaking immigrants don't reject english or request language accomodations because they are too lazy to learn english. They do it to retain their cultural identity as a group and a refusal to assimilate. Bilingual mexican americans raise their children to be bilingual because being mexican requires being able to speak spanish. Mexicans don't want to be Americans. They want to be mexicans in America.

European immigrants did not do this like the mexicans. The german, norwegian, french, dutch, italian, and so on, all taught their kids english and formed a new cultural identity as Americans. We had a good run!

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Is this real?

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