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On a side note, why are the Indian nationalists making such a fuss about the Aryan invasion?

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I see it as a perversion of history. It all starts when a new category of scientists, ie linguists realize that Latin and Sanskrit are connected in the hip. The contemporary reality of their times makes them pre supposed erstwhile Europeans came to India. This also helps them develop the savior complex and absolve any guilt of colonizing.

There is more linguistic and genetic evidence of people moving out of India than into India. So Europeans are native to India and all humans before that are native to Africa.

The big reason why people take issue with it now is not the perversion of history though. It is the politics that this perversion has enabled.

There is a state (Tamil Nadu) that resists Indians from other parts to maintain a proud “Dravidian” heritage. These idiots did not see Britishers as any more foreign ruler than rather their cultural elite “Brahmins” (who were elite only because of the acceptable coolie status British rule gave them) as the aryans who came to destroy their culture. They so called Dravidians have a toxic narrative that relies heavily of the dim-lit theory that has gained traction in other parts of India where they are asking for identifying indigenous status of most castes and the exclusion of certain upper castes as invaders. They also extend strange theories of a connection with Africans through a lost continent of lemuria.

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bro rlly drank the rss kool aid entrely

their cultural elite “Brahmins” (who were elite only because of the acceptable coolie status British rule gave them)

this is retardation and im saying that as a tamil

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Maybe look up what British said about Brahmins in south India (madras province) and the Socio economic status in early censuses they conducted

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Alright sure ignore scripture, genetics, iq tests, millennia of social custom. Brahmins only came up because muh britbong collaborators.

That's fucking retarded man. Having an anti Brahmin stance basically robs you of 80% of the productive human capital of all Indian descent peoples. Suicidal to push them out. I'm not Brahmin either just looking at it objectively and without ego.

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I’m not ignoring all that. The British selected Brahmins from 2 areas, Tamils and Bengal. Not from Maharashtra, not from Kashmir, not from Uttar Pradesh and related areas? Why? Because of scripture IQ and other reasons? No because these 2 areas had least resistance and even less by Brahmins in 1857. So after 1857, thr were carefully cultivated. The same time period Maharashtra Brahmins were not cultivated to be serve British and most early independence leaders were from there

So yes they were a deserving elite in the pre colonial times, but in colonial times, they were not elite, they became coolies, and most of them continue to be.

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Okay but who tf cares what happened in the british era? The fact is that these people on average are higher iq and higher in conscientiousness. The highest average iq race in the world arguably and we squander that human capital for woke bullshit.

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Precisely why I call prefer calling them coolie than elite. I have respect for Tamil/Bengal Brahmins who have excelled in many fields but they are also the most woke bunch one comes across