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The only reason I haven't roped is because it's selfish and would traumatize anyone who knows me, which is a lot of people. I've been wanting to do it since puberty started. It's really sad, I was still a little kid and already suicidal.

And many men do get to that point.

Well gee I wonder why.

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yeah but IMO there is no grey area in being suicidal, you either are or you're not, you already would have, or however long it takes to carry it out, like it may take a half hour to get to the top of a building or a bridge. We all think about it. Some do it for attention which you're doing here. No offense. But it's like women with their skittles. Don't do it though, you have a good life.

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Oh yeah, I'm a guy so any time I express my pain I'm just looking for attention, even if it's fuck-my-life bad. But it's valid when a girl does the exact same thing, even over the most trivial issues.

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I have nothing against Popper, but sorry if you feel this way. :(

It's ok to talk about your problems. It feels bad to be told that you're "just an attention seeker", like your problems all don't matter. I feel like that can only make you feel more lonely and isolated, which is sometimes the exact opposite of what you need.